Only 10 more days left to be in Kajang

*Dear musicians of The Witness, The Archbishop was very very pleased with your performance. he says it did not overpower the singing and just plain beautiful. Superb congratultions!!*

That was the sms I receive from my conductor yesterday after The Golden Jubilee Celebration. I was suprise I didn`t see him at the closing ceremony.. He probably had fainted and sleeping at home cuz he didn`t sleep for the pass 2 days due to the youth festival. Anyway... congrats to you too Greg for being a superb conductor :)

Phwew.. today`s the first day that I woke up in the morning and realised that I have nth to do. No need to practice piano, no need to attend anymore choir, no need to attend anymore meetings... I felt that I`m so free... Well, It`s about time that I`ve to plan for my new life in Malacca. I`ve only have another 10 days (excluding today) to stay in Kajang before I begin my Uni.

Ok.. what should I do? Here`s my plan,

24th (which is today) - check out info online on the residential areas
25th - list down everything I have to buy, do, pack.
26th - travel to lowyat to check out the price of what I need to buy for my new pc.
27th - Organize and plan a class reunion party
28th - O2jam gathering at OUG.
29th - Last Sunday mass in Kajang :( probably will hangout around church and church friends
30th - Travel to Malacca to finalize and book a place to stay.
31st - Buy any necessary clothing, shoes and etc etc.

1st - Mom`s birthday, clean my house, room and pack up those junks i have
2nd - Go to lowyat and buy my pc.
3rd - Class Reunion Party
4th - Pack everthing that I`ve to bring to malaccca!!
5th - Bye bye Kajang.


Leen 10:59 PM  

*sobs* seem so soon that u will be leaving town. YET another one to leave! *lol* So how often do u plan to come back? I heard a few ppl from convent also going to mmu. Either going, or went.

Alex 12:48 AM  

probably once a month or whenever there`s a long hols.... i think i`ll be bored there

Anonymous 9:13 AM  

Excellent, love it! » »

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