List of things to bring, things to buy and things to pack up.

As planned.. today I`ll will sit down the whole day planning on what to buy,bring and pack. Ok here goes:

Things to bring;

1) 3/4 of my total clothing at home.
2) Toiletries - i.e shampoo, facial wash, toothbrush, soup and cotton bud.
3) Vitamins and health supplement (not that I wanted to but I`m sure my mom will force me)
4) Guitar
5) Bunch of CDs
6) Bluetooth.
7) All my important documents like certs and stuff
8) Bible.
9) MP3/Flashdrive
10) Computer -including printers/webcam/ head phone and etc etc.
11) 3 pairs of shoes and 1 pair of slipers
12) Badminton Racquet
13) Handphone charger. (very important. always forget.. hehehehe)
14) Hand`s free.
15) Blanket, pillow case, bed sheets etc etc

Things to buy;

1) A new computer.
2) A pair of sport shoe
3) A pair of black shoe
4) One black trousers
5) A new bag.

Things to pack up.

1) My diaries (yeah.. got more than 1.. :P )
2) All my collections of yo-yo, pokemon cards, coins, key chains and toys.
3) Photo albums
4) Memorialble magazines and articles.
5) Unwanted Cds and electronic gadjets.

Hmm.. seems quite a lot of things to do..... hahaha. bz days ahead...

P;S. I dono what bag to buy.. who can teman me go shopping??


蓝玫瑰Emily 9:45 PM  

wow~~ haha good list..i could just go according to it next time when i go overseas ;p

hey..Alex..all the best to you ya!!

take care!!


Leen 1:14 AM  

Hey! How bout getting a quiksilver bag.. or nike? Haha i think they look good. :)

Sparks 11:37 AM  

Wow, can you still Do those Pro-yo tricks of yours? I still remember seeing you in church when you were 12 showing of your yo-yo skills with that funny glove..Lol..

Tracie 12:19 PM  

my goodness...the amount of things you're bringing..might as well shift your whole room/house over!:P good luck packing!

Alex 11:59 PM  

bring my whole room? i wanted too.. lol. but don`t think got that many space there....

p:s. i think i still can do some of the tricks.. but i lost the gloves d... lol..

Anonymous 11:30 AM  

Best regards from NY!

Anonymous 8:32 PM  

Enjoyed a lot!

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