Life in SJ

As planned, I went to Low Yat plaza, alone. :'( on thursday to look up on my pc. I had quite a nice deal eventually but made the wrong choice... sigh* And i really felt guilty cuz some shop owner persuaded me and explain everything to me for like half and hour and I went to another shop to buy. Felt so bad. Well hope I won`t do the same mistake again next week (yeah.. I`m going there again)

After that, I met You Er at sg wang. But it was already 4.30. Can`t hang out with her cuz I already make an appointment with Albert to play pool at 5, and knowing how long you have to wait for that stupid ktm to arrive,(grumbles grumbles) so I just said Hi and off to Subang Jaya. Upon arrival, I went straight to Asia Cafe to play pool. The scores are ; Alex 7, Albert 3. Hehehe.. i won.. but the cost of the game... RM 20... aiks!!!

It was already 8 went I finish the game and Kian Liang and Jon join us for dinner... actually more appropriate, I join them for dinner since I`m a guest.. wakakaka. I`m suppose to follow Albert back home but I felt I haven`t enjoy enough so I stayed there. Hehehehe. (even though I didn`t bring any extra clothing). Nvm la.. can get from them.. wakakakakaka. Then as off today, I met up with Addie and play pool.. again. hehehehehe.... and then she went to class and was all alone. Kian Liang then called and say he was in club 7. So I walked all the way from asia cafe to club 7 and saw Claire. So I teman her back all the way to Inti (which is opposite Asia Cafe), take a tour at her college and walk back to club 7 which by that time, Kian Liang wants to go back to his college already and I walked back all the way to Taylors again (which is also opposite Asia Cafe). *this is life without car :(


Sparks 11:40 AM  

Wahhh...alex is Leaving kajang soon...I'll miss kacauing you around HFK church.Your presense will be greatly missed..

Alex 11:59 PM  

lol.... how.. `touching`

Leen 4:45 PM  

Hey there! u were at subang? *lol* U know on friday i had accounts test, and i reached late cuz exam starts at 11.30, so i parked my car at asia cafe for rm8! (cannot find parking) Then at 1.30 when i was leaving asia cafe the parking there i saw albert drove past..with a few guys in his car. were u one of them? *lol* So how's subang area? sucks yeah?

Sparks 12:58 PM  

Yeah,I know.It is 'touching' in a sense isn't it? Lol..anyways,may God bless you in many ways possible.

By the way,that Helen Lee suggested to me that I take up the confirmation name of Alexandre..hee hee hee.Then my initials will become M.A.Y.Y.P.What do you think?

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