It`s been a nice weekend

For the first time in one month! no choirs on saturday and sunday night! Life`s been great.. Woke up on 2.30 pm on saturday afternoon after sleeping for exactly 12 hours.. amazing... well.. it took a toll on me, I couldn`t sleep until about 4am.. and i need to get up for church in the morning.. sigh.. well.. blame it on the excessive sleep :P

Anyway.. today I went to play basketball, something that I`ve nv done for quite sometime... exercising is an uncommon thingy for me now.. I`ll get tired even walking up and down the stairs :P It`s been a nice game... and amazing a gal came and play with us... kinda laugh to death when she tries to guard nick.. haha.. keep on joking on she grabbing the wrong ball (oppss. 18 sx.)

Then later we went to play DotA ( a game that i`ve mention earlier in my previous posts). And one of the most remarkable thing happened today... the gal beat all of us.... yea. it`s true... but seriously it was a nice game... you go gal!!


Leen 1:36 PM  

Hehe i think i know who the "gal" is. Hehehe. Hey alex, good lah u, enjoying life now!! :( By the way, i've not really seen u play any sports.. :Þ

Sparks 4:40 PM  

THAT was funny..don't usually see Alex using those sort of talk.That's what makes you special@differant from other boys.In every conversation with the others MUST have something bad one. :)

Tracie 8:52 PM  

what gal?!what gal?! *bounces on feet*

Alex 12:08 AM  

lol.... (alex looks somewhere else)

Tracie 3:47 PM  

haha..nvm!I have my sources.:P

Anonymous 11:57 AM  

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