I have decided!!

Today I travel all the way to Malacca to find a place where I`ll live for a very very long time... (hehe.. 5 years is extremely long to me). This time, I drove a van there as my family is coming alone so need a big vehicle. I meet up with Aaron at the Restaurant Jejantas located at Ayer Keroh. Then both of us proceed to the Emeral Park a.k.a Pangsapuri Bukit Beruang which is located opposite MMU. The only room left is a triple sharing where one apartment have 4 of those room. The apartments there has no living hall, no kitchen and 12 person staying in that stupid confined place. The only pros are the room is quite big and it`s extremly near to the university. However, the place is stuffy and freaking hot.

Next stop, we went to University Apartment which is a 10 minutes walk from MMU (to me 10 mintues is freaking far!!!!!!) The apartment has a decent living room and kitchen, less occupancy (6 person) lower density, better facilities, swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, pool and snooker (yes!!!) and also have a very nice design. The cons are, the room is super small and the distant is pretty far. And I`ve to pay the eletricity and water bill myself. The rental cost are the same as Emeral Park which cost about 180 bucks.

But after weighing the pros and cons, my family and I have come to a conclusion which is to stay at the University Apartment. Hopefully it will be a right choice.... (and i know it will be cuz there is a pool table there!! and u can play for free!! heheheheheheehe.. so happy so happy)


蓝玫瑰Emily 1:26 AM  

WOW u drove all the way from here to Malacca???

Alex 11:56 AM  

yea.. second time d... :)

Leen 8:18 PM  

:) U must be getting more and more excited as the day draws nearer. anyway, tmrw how? at night u going inferno? i call u yah!

Anonymous 3:59 AM  

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Anonymous 5:39 AM  

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