Happy Mother`s Day (that was yesterday)

To all mothers in the world.. happy mother`s day.. but I don`t really believe in such thing. Seriously... mother`s day is everyday.. you should treat your mom good all year round not just be good in one day and be bad in the other 364 days.. Therefore this day doesn`t bring any special meaning to me.. the only difference is that we children get to treat mom for dinner.. hehee.. nice food :P

Anyway.. a summary of what happened yesterday. Morning i woke up at 7.30am (dizzy and sleepy due to lack of sleep). Yea.. i need to sleep minimun 10 hours a day and i only slept for 5 hours.. :(
Went to church and help sell flowers to silly childrens and father who`s willing to buy half dead carnations for 5 ringgit... hahaa. i din`t buy one even though i sold more than hundreds..
Stop for 10 minutes after to go to mass.. (choir at mass rocks) then continue selling flowers... all the flowers sold out after 20 minutes.. i think me got like a thousand(RM) plus or two in total... wa.. if sell flowers like this everyday i`ll be rich in no time..

Then after that ate breakfast with my cousin who was release from her prison (NS) for like few hours to go church... and eat breakfast again with my family.... Then went back at 12, and get ready for my choir practice at 2. I switch on my pc hoping to play till 2 but while waiting for the windows to load i fell asleep.. hahaha. woke up at 2 and shut down my pc.. hahaha. so pointless.... 2.15pm off to choir.

Choir practice today total sux.. especially the musicians side.. the organ and the drums are drowing the piano (which happens that i`m the pianist) with their wrong beats and chords.. neally died playing.. I won`t blame them entirely cuz it`s my fault that I get distracted easily... but some how i think they should`nt have an organ.. i means it`s no point... there is already too many intrusmenst there!!. we have, piano, violin, cello, saxaphone, drums and we don`t need an organ.. in fact.. we don`t need a drumer... maybe for the opening song and the closing song will be ok with the drums..

Neway.. choir practice ends at 6. Rest for a while, take my bath and went out at 7 to eat at papa chop, mama grils to celebrate mom`s day... food were ok, not excelent though... prepared rock team.. anyway. at 8 rushed to another choir practice *this is for the church one. the other practice is for the concert. Finish everythine at 10 something. came home and watch a show on tv. Happens to be one of my fav show... Dono what`s the name but got something to do we mahjong one. it`s about one man (star by andy lau) who became the best mahjong player and got conflict and stuff. super cool man that movie... haha.. probably because i love mahjong.. kekekeeke...

Finish that movie at 12.. online and coudn`t get to sleep... watch another movie and then only go to sleep.. what a bz day.. :)


-Bl3sSedBe- 2:01 AM  

wow! got thousands by just selling carnations? wei, reject the offer to MMU n start selling flowers!..lol

Leen 10:08 PM  

Oh gosh! Look who's blog is getting longer and longer now!! :Þ Aiyor i'm so busy i have no time to blog!!! Anyway, good luck for choir once again. :)

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