I have decided!!

Today I travel all the way to Malacca to find a place where I`ll live for a very very long time... (hehe.. 5 years is extremely long to me). This time, I drove a van there as my family is coming alone so need a big vehicle. I meet up with Aaron at the Restaurant Jejantas located at Ayer Keroh. Then both of us proceed to the Emeral Park a.k.a Pangsapuri Bukit Beruang which is located opposite MMU. The only room left is a triple sharing where one apartment have 4 of those room. The apartments there has no living hall, no kitchen and 12 person staying in that stupid confined place. The only pros are the room is quite big and it`s extremly near to the university. However, the place is stuffy and freaking hot.

Next stop, we went to University Apartment which is a 10 minutes walk from MMU (to me 10 mintues is freaking far!!!!!!) The apartment has a decent living room and kitchen, less occupancy (6 person) lower density, better facilities, swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, pool and snooker (yes!!!) and also have a very nice design. The cons are, the room is super small and the distant is pretty far. And I`ve to pay the eletricity and water bill myself. The rental cost are the same as Emeral Park which cost about 180 bucks.

But after weighing the pros and cons, my family and I have come to a conclusion which is to stay at the University Apartment. Hopefully it will be a right choice.... (and i know it will be cuz there is a pool table there!! and u can play for free!! heheheheheheehe.. so happy so happy)

Perfect Weekend

Woke up at 8.00am on sat morning (yawns). Got to rush to kl and reach mid valley by 9 to meet the EX clan and go to the O2jam gathering together.(won`t decribe what happened there cuz most of the people I know never even heard of O2jam. Spend the whole day there and only back at kajang at 8. Then kian liang called me to go dota at 8.30 :) Played 2 hours at the cafe and reach home at 12.

This morning woke up at 8.00 again.. *yawns.. again lol. Went to church, then went to yu hua for some carnival held by persatuan kanak-kanak i think... dono la.. it`s just some donation carnival where the food sux and freaking expensive.... rm7 for one nasi lemak, rm 3 for one cup of drinks, rm 15 for one simple photo frame.. etc etc...

After that stupid carnival, Xavier, Rueban, Angelina and Claire came to my house to play monopoly.. lol... It`s been years since I played that game..I really love the game.. hehehehee.. (with that laugh you can assume that I won today`s game.. heheheehe...) And at night, I went back to church for choir practice (last choir practice.. sad sad ) and I kena bully by a few girls for keep on pulling my hair and kick my slipers away.. Well.. that`s it for this weekend.. let`s see what will happen for the rest of my last week here in Kajang. :)

Life in SJ

As planned, I went to Low Yat plaza, alone. :'( on thursday to look up on my pc. I had quite a nice deal eventually but made the wrong choice... sigh* And i really felt guilty cuz some shop owner persuaded me and explain everything to me for like half and hour and I went to another shop to buy. Felt so bad. Well hope I won`t do the same mistake again next week (yeah.. I`m going there again)

After that, I met You Er at sg wang. But it was already 4.30. Can`t hang out with her cuz I already make an appointment with Albert to play pool at 5, and knowing how long you have to wait for that stupid ktm to arrive,(grumbles grumbles) so I just said Hi and off to Subang Jaya. Upon arrival, I went straight to Asia Cafe to play pool. The scores are ; Alex 7, Albert 3. Hehehe.. i won.. but the cost of the game... RM 20... aiks!!!

It was already 8 went I finish the game and Kian Liang and Jon join us for dinner... actually more appropriate, I join them for dinner since I`m a guest.. wakakaka. I`m suppose to follow Albert back home but I felt I haven`t enjoy enough so I stayed there. Hehehehe. (even though I didn`t bring any extra clothing). Nvm la.. can get from them.. wakakakakaka. Then as off today, I met up with Addie and play pool.. again. hehehehehe.... and then she went to class and was all alone. Kian Liang then called and say he was in club 7. So I walked all the way from asia cafe to club 7 and saw Claire. So I teman her back all the way to Inti (which is opposite Asia Cafe), take a tour at her college and walk back to club 7 which by that time, Kian Liang wants to go back to his college already and I walked back all the way to Taylors again (which is also opposite Asia Cafe). *this is life without car :(

List of things to bring, things to buy and things to pack up.

As planned.. today I`ll will sit down the whole day planning on what to buy,bring and pack. Ok here goes:

Things to bring;

1) 3/4 of my total clothing at home.
2) Toiletries - i.e shampoo, facial wash, toothbrush, soup and cotton bud.
3) Vitamins and health supplement (not that I wanted to but I`m sure my mom will force me)
4) Guitar
5) Bunch of CDs
6) Bluetooth.
7) All my important documents like certs and stuff
8) Bible.
9) MP3/Flashdrive
10) Computer -including printers/webcam/ head phone and etc etc.
11) 3 pairs of shoes and 1 pair of slipers
12) Badminton Racquet
13) Handphone charger. (very important. always forget.. hehehehe)
14) Hand`s free.
15) Blanket, pillow case, bed sheets etc etc

Things to buy;

1) A new computer.
2) A pair of sport shoe
3) A pair of black shoe
4) One black trousers
5) A new bag.

Things to pack up.

1) My diaries (yeah.. got more than 1.. :P )
2) All my collections of yo-yo, pokemon cards, coins, key chains and toys.
3) Photo albums
4) Memorialble magazines and articles.
5) Unwanted Cds and electronic gadjets.

Hmm.. seems quite a lot of things to do..... hahaha. bz days ahead...

P;S. I dono what bag to buy.. who can teman me go shopping??

Only 10 more days left to be in Kajang

*Dear musicians of The Witness, The Archbishop was very very pleased with your performance. he says it did not overpower the singing and just plain beautiful. Superb congratultions!!*

That was the sms I receive from my conductor yesterday after The Golden Jubilee Celebration. I was suprise I didn`t see him at the closing ceremony.. He probably had fainted and sleeping at home cuz he didn`t sleep for the pass 2 days due to the youth festival. Anyway... congrats to you too Greg for being a superb conductor :)

Phwew.. today`s the first day that I woke up in the morning and realised that I have nth to do. No need to practice piano, no need to attend anymore choir, no need to attend anymore meetings... I felt that I`m so free... Well, It`s about time that I`ve to plan for my new life in Malacca. I`ve only have another 10 days (excluding today) to stay in Kajang before I begin my Uni.

Ok.. what should I do? Here`s my plan,

24th (which is today) - check out info online on the residential areas
25th - list down everything I have to buy, do, pack.
26th - travel to lowyat to check out the price of what I need to buy for my new pc.
27th - Organize and plan a class reunion party
28th - O2jam gathering at OUG.
29th - Last Sunday mass in Kajang :( probably will hangout around church and church friends
30th - Travel to Malacca to finalize and book a place to stay.
31st - Buy any necessary clothing, shoes and etc etc.

1st - Mom`s birthday, clean my house, room and pack up those junks i have
2nd - Go to lowyat and buy my pc.
3rd - Class Reunion Party
4th - Pack everthing that I`ve to bring to malaccca!!
5th - Bye bye Kajang.

The Witness!!

Finally after months of effort on the choir and the time spend.. it`s the time of performance.... The night is finaaly here... The highlight of the golden jubilee youth`s festival, THE YOUTH CONCERT!!!! *crowd cheers. Do you believe that God have a plan for everyone.. I seriously do.

6 months ago, when SPM has over, everybody was bz thinking which college to go. I myself have a few offers from colleges who had offered me scholarships. But somehow, I`ve declined them all... Some people say i`m stupid etc etc.. However, I believe that there is something more in the months to come :)

True enough, 2 months ago, I got introduce the be a participant in the witness, one of the main event in the youth concert. Then from a participant, I became the pianist and then caught up with the main comiitee events meeting. All the sudden I`m become part of the golden jubilee. And my life revolve in it.

After much planning, the day arrive and the concert was a blast..... The Witness have been sucessfully and welled performs. Not perfect.... yes I have to admit that, but it was well done. There is a few bloopers though that I can mention with can provide you all with a good laugh.

Blooper #1 - for the song *make me like you* - The leads singer accidentally lose control of his voice and eventually sang a higher tone than the girls!! And the pianist (which happens to be me) got too caught up with his playing until he forget where he is and he was stun for 2 bars before countinuing ( luckly i was told that no much ppl notice that.. :P )

Blooper # 2 - for the song *life giver* - The pianist (yes me again) got a wrong cue wrong the conductor and started the song before everyone got on stage.... The conductor nearly fainted but eventually thinks work out well some how......*praise the lord.

Blooper # 3 - for the song cruxifiction dirge* - the lead actor who is playing Jesus, made a U-turn before the lights went out. It`s like he suddenly become strong again after being whip and crucified.. lol... and, the person who is using 2 hammers to make the sounds of nails being nailed to jesus hands misses the knock and nearly got into the cymbals of the drum. Imagine Jesus being wack by a cymbal....

All these silly mistake are not really noticible unless you are part of the crew. A meeting was held right after the performance to evaluate the quality of it. And all the elders gave 2 thumbs up! Well done guys!!!

Time Machine!!

Have you ever wonder what`s time is all about. How it can be so untoucheble and unchangeble. Time is something that facinates all of us. It`s always too much when you don`t need it, and it`s never enough when you need it. What is time? Does it comes across ur mind that instead time is tickling away, it is you who instead goes throught time.

Am I confusing all of you? I hope I don`t.. wait till you hear all the teory related to time from how gravitiy and electromagnetic wawes manage to influences time. Well i`m not going to yack all of them here. cuz i don`t fully understand my self.. It have always been a dream for me to engineer time.. yeah.. time engineering.... I want to manipulate time. Not so much to change the past, but to infact understand more about how it might help the mankind.. imagine saving the world from a major castrophy... giving alarms days before earthquakes and tsunami happens.. etc etc...

Anyway, speaking of the pass, recently I`m really miss last year.. I don`t know why year 2004 was so significant to me.. but everytime i close my eyes i began to think back bout the pass... well.. guess I`ve to move on!! time`s tickling, or rather, we`re walking throught time. *even though we`re sitting down.. wakakaka)

speacial note to leen & tracie : yes i do miss sitting beside and opposite both of you.. hahahaa. always get loads of sweets and chocs from you all!!!

Tired Tired!!

This weekend is definitely tiring but yet fun :) Friday night I was grumbling and whining cuz I can`t join the rest to play dota due to choir practice.. It`s musicians night. sigh* However, after choir practice, I and a few of the musicians went out at play instead. hahaha.. at 2am. I felt guilty though cues I didn`t fetch sophia back. I made her call her fiancee to fetch her instead... Thousands apologies Sophia. Anyway, we went playing and it`s pretty cool even though I lost the match. Finish everything at 5am and eventually reach home at 5.30.. lol.. and guess what.. my sis is awake... wait.. more appropriately, just woke up. hahaha :) She have exams. pity pity.. I kinda forget how it feels like to be stress out by exams.. sigh. I just miss those times :

Well.. Saturday was quite peaceful... went out to play game in the afternoon and stay at home at night.. for once I`m at home during night time :). Slept at 2am and woke up at 7am to go to church.
Gosh.. I was dead sleepy.. and my pimple all sprouting like mushroom... damm... anyway.. still went ahead and go to church.. thought of sleeping after church. Then when I reach church, I realized that I have committee meeting for the youth camp at 12... The meeting was stressful cues we`re facing a crisis.. the cost is too expensive.( I can`t disclose the amount.. p&c). we have no idea how to cut down the cost d... probably we`ll change a venue.. see how then.

After that pathetic meeting, I reach home and though of sleeping, that was until I have to leave to St Anthony`s church at pudu for my concert rehearsal.. sigh*. And worst of all.. they don`t have a piano there.. I played using a keyboard.. Terrible.. try experience it yourself.. play a classical song on a keyboard. The choir finally done after 4 hours. With so much of repeating and errors. and it`s supposed to be the last practice d... performance in exactly 1 week!!!..

So, imediately after I finish this choir, I rush back to kajang church to attend my church choir.. gosh. I got to be crazy... Well.. it was must relaxing there. cues I`m not the pianist.. no stress.. hahaha. just sing.. it was cool.. I really enjoy singing.. rather sing than play instruments. And now.. I`m dead tired... zzzzzzzzzzzz *Alex fell asleep.

School time memories :)

I got this surver from friendster.. pretty funny when u get to read this survey posted by someone else.. hope u guys will enjoy too... and don`t ask who`s my crush is, i think most of u already know it and for those who doesn`t... i won`t bother answering.. so.. zipped it.

kindergarten (1)
What were you like: small, round and cute. :P
Who was your teacher: don`t care at that point of time.
Who was your best friend: don`t remember the name.. hahaha.. used to call him tai lo. that`s all i can remember.
Some random memory: got cheated by teacher by saying that who ever finish their work can go play ground. (teacher lied)

kindergarten (2)
What were you like: stil round.. probably squarer a bit
Who was your teacher: still doesn`t care. teacher always tipu budak kecil.
Who was your best friend: i think i became the tai lo. haha .so everybody`s my best friend. lol..
Some random memory: jumping inside one small swimming pull while tripping eveyone who`s in the pool with me. :P

Standard 1
What were you like: a boy with short pants and white shirt. eyeer*
Who was your teacher: ms chai
Who was your best friend: not in school. it`s my neighbour. named jason.
Who did you have a crush on: hello?? only standard 1!!
Some random memory: I got no 15 in class?? what the heck!! &*&%$*(%*($

Standard Two
What were you like: super playful.. can jump around the school nonstop.. lol
Who was your teacher: pn Aishah
Who was your best friend: still the same neighbour
Who did you have a crush on: didn`t noe the meaning of crush yet.
Some random memory: see who`s aeroplane flys longer. (i won :p )

> Standard 3
What were you like: young and wild.
Who was your teacher: pn tan! (sounds like pondan. wakaka)
Who was your best friend: still the same guy.
Who did you have a crush on: lazy to answer. no crush until form 3
Some random memory: asking the examiner for answers during pts exam. lol

Standard 4
What were you like: hyper active.
Who was your teacher: one malay guy teacher. super cool :
Who was your best friend: none. that guy shifted away. lol
Who did you have a crush on: i`ll skip this ques till form 3. haha :)
Some random memory: bully a trainee teacher until she cried and refuse to teach. aiks*

Standard 5
What were you like: growing sideways.
Who was your teacher: miss clara
Who was your best friend: no best friend ever since. so i`ll cancel this question too :)
Some random memory: trying to memorize the script 4
choral speaking.

Standard 6
What were you like: super fat. god knows why i eat so much.
Who was your teacher: pn norita. maths worst than the mine at that time.
Some random memory: jumping up and down when i got straight A s for upsr :)

Form 1
What were you like: short and fat. seriously.
What was your favorite class: maths. don`t like the teacher.. too strict.
Some random memory: heliping my friend to sort out his class cuz teacher miss placed him from the first classed to the 3rd.

Form 2
What were you like: stop growing sideways. a little bit taller.
What was your favorite class: hate all the classes.
Some random memory: fix other ppl`s kh project but can`t assemble mine. dono why it`s not working. :(

Form 3
What were you like: haha.. thin and tall (cuz felt sick on one occasion. lost 10kg)
What was your favorite class: geo. cuz no teacher at all.
Who did you have a crush on: one gal i met from ice skating class.
Some random memory: kacau everybody that studies for their pmr.. i.e : take away their books. etc etc.

Form 4
What were u like: much taller!! yipee! 170 at the age of 16!!
What was your favourite class: physics! fav sub.
Who did u have a crush on: hmmm.. dono can consider or not... better not say anything.
Random memories: puting all the weirdest answer for bio exam. example, makan berkhasiat- gula-gula, m&m. etc etc.

Form 5
What were u like: i`m still 170. what the! how come!!
Whats ur favourite class: none. i sleep in every class
Who do u have a crush on: someone from a school nearby.
Random memories : last year in school. loads of memories.. but the happiest would be the days i represented Selangor for the national science quiz in Sarawak.. everything`s free!! buffet every meal.. yum yum :)

-the end-

Happy Mother`s Day (that was yesterday)

To all mothers in the world.. happy mother`s day.. but I don`t really believe in such thing. Seriously... mother`s day is everyday.. you should treat your mom good all year round not just be good in one day and be bad in the other 364 days.. Therefore this day doesn`t bring any special meaning to me.. the only difference is that we children get to treat mom for dinner.. hehee.. nice food :P

Anyway.. a summary of what happened yesterday. Morning i woke up at 7.30am (dizzy and sleepy due to lack of sleep). Yea.. i need to sleep minimun 10 hours a day and i only slept for 5 hours.. :(
Went to church and help sell flowers to silly childrens and father who`s willing to buy half dead carnations for 5 ringgit... hahaa. i din`t buy one even though i sold more than hundreds..
Stop for 10 minutes after to go to mass.. (choir at mass rocks) then continue selling flowers... all the flowers sold out after 20 minutes.. i think me got like a thousand(RM) plus or two in total... wa.. if sell flowers like this everyday i`ll be rich in no time..

Then after that ate breakfast with my cousin who was release from her prison (NS) for like few hours to go church... and eat breakfast again with my family.... Then went back at 12, and get ready for my choir practice at 2. I switch on my pc hoping to play till 2 but while waiting for the windows to load i fell asleep.. hahaha. woke up at 2 and shut down my pc.. hahaha. so pointless.... 2.15pm off to choir.

Choir practice today total sux.. especially the musicians side.. the organ and the drums are drowing the piano (which happens that i`m the pianist) with their wrong beats and chords.. neally died playing.. I won`t blame them entirely cuz it`s my fault that I get distracted easily... but some how i think they should`nt have an organ.. i means it`s no point... there is already too many intrusmenst there!!. we have, piano, violin, cello, saxaphone, drums and we don`t need an organ.. in fact.. we don`t need a drumer... maybe for the opening song and the closing song will be ok with the drums..

Neway.. choir practice ends at 6. Rest for a while, take my bath and went out at 7 to eat at papa chop, mama grils to celebrate mom`s day... food were ok, not excelent though... prepared rock team.. anyway. at 8 rushed to another choir practice *this is for the church one. the other practice is for the concert. Finish everythine at 10 something. came home and watch a show on tv. Happens to be one of my fav show... Dono what`s the name but got something to do we mahjong one. it`s about one man (star by andy lau) who became the best mahjong player and got conflict and stuff. super cool man that movie... haha.. probably because i love mahjong.. kekekeeke...

Finish that movie at 12.. online and coudn`t get to sleep... watch another movie and then only go to sleep.. what a bz day.. :)

The poorest week!!

Every year about this time, I`m dead poor. You know why, first of all, it`s first of the months... means bills to settle, tuition fees to pay (but that`s last year.. hehehe). And the thingy is... 3 persons birthday all in a week... So I`ll wish all of you happy birthday today and just scrap of all the presents.. haha ( i wish )

First of all, It`s Rueban`s bday on the 3rd, Nick`s on the 4th and Jon`s on the 5th. Oh ya, mother`s day this year is on the 8th. Then it`s Sophia`s bday on the 12th, my grandma`s bday on the 18th , then I noe of 3 persons birthday on the 22nd!!!! What`s so nice with May.. all must born at this time.. lol

By the way, I need some help on what I should get for my mom on mother`s day and wht presents formy grandmother.. it`s so hard buying presents.. headache headache.... wish I`m Malaka d. hahaha.. can escape everything.. :P

It`s been a nice weekend

For the first time in one month! no choirs on saturday and sunday night! Life`s been great.. Woke up on 2.30 pm on saturday afternoon after sleeping for exactly 12 hours.. amazing... well.. it took a toll on me, I couldn`t sleep until about 4am.. and i need to get up for church in the morning.. sigh.. well.. blame it on the excessive sleep :P

Anyway.. today I went to play basketball, something that I`ve nv done for quite sometime... exercising is an uncommon thingy for me now.. I`ll get tired even walking up and down the stairs :P It`s been a nice game... and amazing a gal came and play with us... kinda laugh to death when she tries to guard nick.. haha.. keep on joking on she grabbing the wrong ball (oppss. 18 sx.)

Then later we went to play DotA ( a game that i`ve mention earlier in my previous posts). And one of the most remarkable thing happened today... the gal beat all of us.... yea. it`s true... but seriously it was a nice game... you go gal!!

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.