My Piano is Fix!! finally. but my pc mouse is spoiled :(

After around 6 months, finally the tuner (piano tuner) came to my house to tune the piano and replace the broken strings. 4 of my piano strings broken.. and my concert is just around 3 weeks away.. luckly he fix it soon, i couldn`t imagine myself practicing with broken strings piano for this big event. Lot`s of effort have been put in, (not to mention high budject). Been practicing in SIC, kelana jaya, SFA cheras, st John cathedral for meeting and the practice tonight will be held at CKA, Taman Tun Dr Ismael (it`s near 1U) Neway, for those who wanna come to the concert, ur most welcome. It`s on the 22nd of May at bukit jalil.I heard it`s only rm 10.

Apart from my piano that`s fix, my mouse on the other hand spoiled, Imagine using a computer without a mouse. Lucky for me, I`ve manage to control my pc using my handset *thanks to bluetooth technology. oopss. got to stop here, suddenly it`s raining heavily.. got thunder and lighting some more... *groomm...(thundering sound)

Mexico, India, China.

Upon hearing these country names, you might be thinking that I`m going on a vacation or etc etc. But before even think of a vacation, let me remind you that this 3 country are among hundreds of country where millions of it`s citizens are still starving for food, searching for a roof on top of their heads, and something to wear. When I read the news paper today, it was fearturing about the poverty of Mexico. Around 60 million, i repeat, 60 million of it`s people are living on an EXTREME poverty. That figure and facts are not made up by me. It`s on the newspaper. Imagine, 60 million ppl, that more than the whole figure of Malaysian`s population.

Ok, what do I mean by extreme poverty. In reality terms, extreme poverty is where parents threw their children out of the house because they can`t support their living anymore, where children performs by the trafic lights and begs for money, young girls perfoms live sex show with 4-5 guys in a club, people fight for a piece of bread, humans cover them self with one sheet of newspaper during winter, etc etc. The scary truth is, this are not movies... it`s reality. And we are still grumbling when our mom`s food doesn`t taste nice, where we can online for more than 24 hours (applies only for me), where it`s too cold or too warm, my gosh... how lucky we are compare to them.

And the government aren`t doing anything. It`s becausae all this children doesn`t even have a birth certificate (who cares about that piece of paper where they don`t even have a piece of bread). In that case they don`t have any voting power. To the government, there are not even a number, there a zero-citezen, no value and disposable. And yet, here we are, not appreciating our gov, grumbling that we hav to go to school where our education is nearly f.o.c. and telekom malaysia even assures us that we are not only a number.. hmmmm..

Well, that`s extreme poverty, what about those that are just living below the poverty line. In china, young adolences carries 40kg of coals, walked thorught the mountains and only earn usd 0.125 per trip. that`sl ike 60 sens per trip for all the hard work. For those who are schooling, parents cried because they have no idea how to pay for thier next semester. I just don`t know how these people can survive. Nature plays are cruel part. And we sometimes wonder where is God in all this cases. Hello?

Choir practice was terrible!! (for the musicians only)

Today's choir practice marks a record for the most people ever gather for a practice.. Almost of the district in the Kl ardiocese send some church member to join in the choir. In total, it comes up to about 70 ppl. But according to Greg (my choir conductor) there is suppose to be about 100-150 ppl i total. (aiks). Neway, everybody was in a tense mood especially me, sophia and greg. Basically it`s because Sophia and I have to play our pieces today and Greg have to synconize the large choir in one go. Here`s how to equation goes ; noobie pianist + noobie singers = disaster. Greg is definetly not please with this equation and he have 7 days to solve it before the bishop comes and inspect on us next week!!.

Omg, omg! bishop`s coming next week? that was how Sophia and I reacted. Both of us are far from ready, and when we tried to play today. It was a major castrastrophy. The choir sang in one beat, we play in a totaly different bit and the conductor was furios... he even shouted once.. (this is the first time we actually seeing him losing his patience) However he didn`t manage to use his favourite verse " katave" (god know`s what it meant. heard it`s a kadazan language) becuase there were nuns there. They`re from the madonna height`s home of abuse children. Yup, 8 girls from that home is joining the choir. Some of them were raped, beaten etc etc. Really pityful you know..

And you know what, they can sing without their scores!! the only thing is they have stage fright which causes them to sing at the wrong pitch. But besides that they`re pretty sweet singers. For the rest of the choirs, Gred `ordered` them to drop their scores (something like `drop your weapon`) and they all surrender the papers on the floor.. The reason for so is because the choirs were too busy looking at the scores then focusing on the conductor and they went way out of beat. So you can see them trying to peep at the scores on the floor with their eye looking down.. hoping that the conductor didn`t see them peeping. bad luck.. Greg saw it well and walah.. another round of yada yada yada.

The only song that came closed to what you might here like the choir in Vatican city (during pope`s funeral you might here them) was the room upstairs where the choir sang in perfect harmonization. It really feels like you`re in heaven when you heard a song like that. Duting pope`s funeral, I nearly cried when listening to the choir sang at vatican city. That choir consist only of men and boys.. and my gosh.. it sounded like angels singing. Imagine if our choir can sing like that... phew. how i dream of it. :P

Anyway leen, as promised.. we`ll do a little bit of roman numbering lessons here. If you wanna say numbers from 1-20, it`ll be like this,


do you see how the patent goes. There are basiccaly only 3 letters involve, I, V, and X. I stands for 1, V stands for 5, and X stands for 10. And the order of how it`s written decides the value of the number. for example, IV, is number 4, and VI is number 6. Why? It`s because when I is writen before the V, then you simply minus it. 5-1 = 4. if the I is written after the V, then you plus it, 5+1 = 6. simple as that. if there is two I after V. then it`s 5+1+ 1 = 7. As simple as abc.. hehe... but certain number can be really long.. especailly when it comes to like 38, XXXVIII. lol.. terrible huh. :P

hehe... this is my first long long blog.. hope you enjoy reading it.. i sure didn`t enjoy typing.. it`s tiring.. wakakaka.

White Smoke! White Smoke... what the??

Yesterday morning... early in the morning.. somewhere around 12.30 am, I receive a sms. Here is how it sounds ; "white smoke! white smoke! see astro". My first impression was.. what the hell? Which place is on fire until it`s on astro! and how come white smoke!. and the more ridiculous thing is that I don`t even have Astro. *grumbles. Seconds after, I start to remember my sunday school class lessons. Ok.. it`s story time,

Once upon a time... ah crap.. Get straight to the point, The smoke thingy is all about the Pope. Some of you may know.. while some of you may not know. After the Pope pass away, the Cardinals will elect a new Pope. They will be then be isolated and won`t be allowed to talk to each other. Then they will have to write down a name (future pope) inside one ballot. All this ballots are collected and then the names are cafefully counted. If the votes doesn`t exceed 2/3 of the voting cardinals, the ballots are burned in damped straw so that the smokes that comes out from the chimney is black in colour. If the votes exceed the majority 2/3, they are burn with normal straws so that the smokes will be white in colour, thus a new pope is elected.

As all of you might already know (unless you don`t see the news or read newspaper), our new Pope will be Pope Benedict the 16th. And do you know, he`s already 78 years old.. i wonder how long can he take over the office.. May the lord shower His`s blessing upon our new leader. Some Pope pass away ready soon after they`re elected.. some as soon as 3 months... aiks... But i`m sure God has his reasons.... :)

There`s got to be more to life.

Life nowadays is all bout choir. Since my college is starting in june the 5th (48 days more to go), I`m still totaly jobless. The only thing that is in my life now is the coming youth concert during the golden jubilee celebration on the 21-23 of may. One by one all my friends are starting their college. A couple of my friends begins their college today (UCSI). Some will began in may.. and mine.. still 48 days to go.. really can`t wait :P

So during the past weekend, My friends and I went out to midvalley on saturday to celebrate b4 they start their college life. The first thing we did there was to buy movie ticket.. we`re going to watch samara (sze ping freaks out). For those who don`t know what`s samara.. it`s basically the ring part 2. It`s a very nice horror movie... not in the scences that it`s scary. but it has one of the best story line for a horror movie. Well.. later on we went to bowl (where i screwed up my game.. imagine.. only 78 marks.. damm).

Low, Nick and I later on went off early to rush home to kajang to play basketball.. my gosh.. it`s been ages since i played that game. And as a result.. my body ache for the next few days. sighs*
Then at night... I went for vocation vigil. Vocation means the calling to join the religios order.. Well, it`s just a night where ppl gather and prays for vocation. In simple terms.. we gather to pray for more priests :) suprisingly quite a number of youth turns out.. hehe pontential priests. Haha.. our parish priest has ask the elders to pray for their children (not other peoples children) to become priest.. hehe.. wonder wil god ever calls me to be one. hmmm hmmm :P

Yipee... SMKJB is no more an estate school anymore :)

Well.. today our school should be proud :) We (including me!!) had been featured in the utusan melayu newspaper front page for the education section. Haha... for those who can afford it, you can buy the newspaper.. while for those who can`t, you can search the web page, here`s the link

I don`t know whether the link will still be valid after today.. i hope it does :) Anyway.. just wanna make a note... because the newspaper have done a few mistake (stupid reporter). First of all.. they are much more than a few girls that scored higher than 8 A, for example sook chin scored 10A, yee loon 9A, tulasi 9A, yee ping 8A and eli didn`t get 6A she got 8A. (newpaper wrote wrongly)

Well.. in a nut shell.. just wanna congratulate all who have done well and contributed to the school in 2004. Hope that the school will do better in the future.. and don`t forget that spm 2004 will always be the best in the school :)

p;s ; one more mistake.. the teacher never really contribute much to the students sucess.. the newspaper is just crapping again.. blek :P

I have decided!!

After long of battling on which uni to go.. I have finally decided that I`ll go to Multimedia University. The reason??? seriously. i have no idea... But some how I like the places there...I drove all the way to Malacca. It`s super duper far!!! With an average speed of 110 km/h i`ll take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to get there. And not to mention the toll cost rm 14.. ONE WAY!!! and i haven`t even plus the cost of the car`s oil. However the trip they was quite worthwhile... the place seems to be quite neat. it`s a very quite town... with nothing much to see and nowhere to go.. good place to study.. at least i`m sure i won`t go round clubbing and stuff. lala~

Anyway. I didn`t summit my form there and then cuz I still need some time to think about it.. that was until the night after i get back from mmu I`ve decided.. how stupid.. now must send back the form all the way there. It was then only I read the forms and gosh.. i need to do so many things... example, go for medicle check up, go take x rays, go take picture, find the headmaster or a division A officer, find a financial gurantor... so damm mafan. . not to mention i have to go to the post office to buy post laju.. anyway.. it`s for the future.. so no choice lor.. have to do anyhow.

well. it seems that I won`t be staying here in Kajang any longer. I have approximately 2 months to finish all my business here.(the intake is on the june 5th) Coinceidentally, I do have something to do for the next 2 months.No.. it`s not working.. I`m not going to work for the next to monts... or more accurate, not working for mankind... i`ll be working for god. I will spend my next 2 month to concentrate on the coming church choir for the youth concert on 23 may. I`ll be the pianist so I really really really need to practice... (playing in front of 5k ppl.. gosh.. think of it is giving me goosebumbs) I really need to brush up my piano skills considering the fact that I never had a proper lessons b4 and the last time i think i took my grades was 7 years ago!! aiks..

Rotting at home :(

It`s been 3 weeks since I started rotting at home doing nothing except eating, sleeping and onlining :) Well... there is a little bit of activity here and there. For example on tuesday I and a few friends of mine got interviewed by press from utusan melayu. The teacher in my school called the press cuz our school got 14 A, 11A and a few 10A (and the schools think that it`s their effort to prosuce such good students.. my foot!! ). Well.. upon arival, i put my box of throphys ( just a few if compared to Aqtar who have like.. one cupboard of them) on the chair and went in the principal`s office :) then while we wait for the reporter to come we got interview by our school own magazine.. then we have to write down this and that.. sigh...

Before the reporter arrive... the teacher tell us not to forget the school.. to thank the teachers etc etc.. and also give positif respond on how to score well... which means no stuff like sleeping in classes, play game at midnight and blah blah. lol... to be truth. that`s how i survive form 5.. i think without all this I might have died before I actually take the exam. After the interview... i decided to play badminton with my friend... something that i`ve never done for the past few months.. Can`t believe after a long time i didn`t play, i totally sux at it. And worst still.. my whole body ache after that and as of today.. i`m still feeline the pain.. sob sob. some body give me a nice body massage.. please *wink wink*

Read if you are able to read :)

A couple of days ago some one ask me a question what type of girl I would prefer to spend my life with (lol since I`m single) So I sat down and think for a while and came out to quite a nice list of qualities ( not quantities :P ) How should I describe a perfect `her`. Hmmmm.. let me put it in a orderly chart. (points given for each specific feature)

Physical appearance
height(cm) - 155-160 (8p) 161-165 (10p) 166-170 ( 5p) 170 and abvoe (-10p)
weight(kg) - 40-45 (8p) 46-50 (10p) 50-55 (5p) 56 and above (-10p)
complexion - brown (8p) fair (10p) dark (5p) black (-10p)
hair - shoulder (8) long (10p) short (5p) no hair (-10p)

add. features-friendly, playful, loving, sweet, cheerful, funny, forgiving, caring, kind, etc (10p)
intelligence - smart (10p) not that smart (8p) dumb (5p) over smart (-10p)

Computer - online > 3 times a week (10p) online once a week (5p)
don`t online at all (0p)
Games - o2jam (10p) dotA (8p) any other games (5p)
don`t play game at all (0p)
Sports - Badminton (10p) basketball (8p) any other sports (5p)
don`t play sports at all (0p)
Music - Piano (10p) Guitar (8p) Violin (8p) any other (5p)
don`t play musical instrument (0)

Haha.. can`t believe I can actually come up with a chart.. Well to sumarise all, a perfect partner be cute, not taller than me :P, not heavier than me (imagine if i need to carry her if she`s heavier.. aiks), prefarbably fair (not as pale as ghost though) and have long hair :). In addition she should also be friendly, sosialble (can get around with my friends), kind, smart but yet able to play games (if they don`t know or don`t wanna know what is o2jam and dotA then they are out of my list). Active in sports especially badminton and most importantly love music i.e singing or playing the instuments. Well.. i know that it`s quite imposibble to find a gal that fits in everything... but who knows... one day I might found her.. hahaha. Well... the truth is... all i wrote it`s just crap.. hahaha

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.