Last day of work. So happy.. but yet a little bit sad.. For once. i think i quite enjoy the work *even though it`s boring at times. Seriously, I`ve gain lots of experience throught this work. (btw, for some of you who don`t know what I`m working as, I`m a Property Sales Executive). Since it`s my already my final day, let me write down a typical working day schedule;

09.00 am : wake up and get ready to go to work
10 .00 am: should be in train station ready to go to subang for work
11.30 am : arrive at subang and set up my work place
11.45 am : start working
15.00 pm : tea time cliques next booth (note i don`t usually have lunch. if I have lunch means i don`t have my dinner.. so meal times are not fix)
21.30 pm : Off work
23.00 pm : Arrive home (safetly :P )
24.00 pm : zzzzzzzz

I know it sounds boring.. but considering the fact that I`ve working exactly in front of speedy and all i do is chatting with ppl around and watch movie (ps i watch kung fu hustle and incredibles more than 10 times there ) it`s quite fun actually. :)


Leen 10:21 PM  

Hehe finished work ar finally? Good now u can sit down and really decide on where to study!! :Þ *sigh* i don't wanna go back to college....

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