Tired physically but mentally relaxing.

This weekend, I spend most of the time in church. On Saturday, my church hosted their first open Parish Pastoral Assembly (PPA). It`s a gathering which invites everybody to put of heads together and to revieve the past, presence and plan the future for the church. It was then I found out that we have more than 3500 people in our church.. but guess how many turns out for the assembly.. a mere 180. Well... not bad la. considering that a majority of the 180 gave support to it.. :P

Then on sunday, Rueban who when missing for Ns since Dec came back.. My gosh.. he is like so much darker. I mean SO MUCH!!!! probably looks like a chindian more than a chinese d. Pity pity.. I think I`ll die if i`m have to stand so much under the sun.. thankfully i`m not chosen for this crap. But herad that he enjoy it very much (except they only get like 6 hours of sleep everyday)

After mass we have a youth meeting today (yeah another meeting). And we have dicusss quite a lot of things and form a commitee for a youth camp. I`m in charge of publicity and music. Well. i`m still quite blur on what am I suppose to do.. but since the camp is like in july.. so i guess i`ve plenty of time to figure out. I see there is a lot of nice plans coming ahead for this year. How privelege being a youth :)

Well.. soon after the meeting... we lepak in church and then our priest saw us and came over. So being the kepohcy that we are.. we are the priest where is he going and he say he`s going to the hospital to visit a dying patient. And i was suprise when one of us ask that if we can follow. The priest say he don`t know if he`ll get a heart attack seeing us. (such a joker) But he brought us there anyway.. it was putrajaya hospital. We nearly got lost on the way there as the last time i`ve been in there is like 4 years ago. However.. somehow a little bit of my memory helps and we get there just in time before the visiting hour ends. We walk out the hospital joyfully ( and the patient didn`t die of heart attack)

After that... some how the new shopping complex came to our mind (what do you expect in a car full of teens.. and a priest :P) . Most of us never been to Alamanda.. and the priest say why not we go.. Well.. why not.. since we never been there.. so we spend the next hour rounding in putrajaya on how to get there. We passed by 3 bridge, the dataran putrajaya, the mosque, the complex perdana, cyberjaya, mmu, lim kok wing, hospital serdang, UPM and finnaly we reach there. Sigh.. I know.. we`re like so lost. We went to have pizza when all of us are pushing the soups to each other as there are only 4 soups and 5 of us. It was then the priest tells us another joke.*

*In a chinese dinner of 10 people, there is only one prawn left at the end of the meal. Everybody is pushing it to one another and suddenly there was a blackout. And in split second, there was a loud shout from one of them and the eletricity came back. There.. was one hand one the prawn...... with 9 fork ON the hand.

All of us laugh... and then it was out turn to have the last piece of garlic bread..... from what we`ve learn... never use ur hand to take food... and all of us have a fork ready in our hand. :P The priest then took us back and i reach home just in time to see samurai X (yipee.. my favourite cartoon) I doze of after that.. considering i only have slept 6 hours yesterday and 5 hours the day b4. Sweat dreams everybody. :)


Sparks 11:59 AM  

Hey..I didn't know you like Samurai X

Lulu 7:55 PM  

Haha it's at least better than mentally stressed like me...

Anonymous 2:42 PM  

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