A series of unfortunate events.

No no.. it`s not a movie title. It`s what really happened to me today :) As of 7.30am, I was rudely awaken by a noise of something droping. Oh. i just accidentally kick of my air con remote control off my bed. It`s then i decided to forget bout it (don`t care whether it`s spoiled or not) when my phone rang. It`s Vivian, waking me up to go to church. I barely slept five and a half hours!!! I was so sleepy that i don`t know if i`m holding my phone the correct way.

20 minutes later, I was in church. Went with a car.. yipee.. my grandma going to come back tonight. Until then, I can use her car. I`m suppose to go to UNITEN to register at 11. By the time I attend mass, go eat breakfast, and cut palms (for palm sunday tomorrow) it`s already 11. (Not to mention that the palms have super sharp and pointed ends and everyone who cuts them got poke like hell.) I then went out one of my friend to UNITEN. Half an hour of driving i reach there at last.. only to find the office is close today. DAMM.. and i taken a day off just to go to this damm place. Oh well.. forget UNITEN, i then decided to go MMU instead. I accidentally pass by that campus last time when I was lost in putrajaya looking for Alamanda.

Anyway, I went all the way and found LimKokWing University but MMU is no where to be found. After a while I gave up searching and decided to head to Mines for a movie. It was then we got into another wrong road and got caught up in a jam for the next 55 minutes (and i desperate to go to toilet that time). At that point i was getting leg cramps cuz my car is MANUAL for god sake. 55 minutes steping on the stupid clutch.. my car is 16 years old. u can imagaine how hard the clutch is. :(

I didn`t make it to mines anyway cuz half way i turn off to federal highway. Can`t stand being in the jam anymore.. it might take us another hour to reach mines. So.. as i continue with my journey, I decided to go mid valley as I`m already in federal highway. It was then i took anoter wrong turning and got into bukit jalil. * a mistake cuz normaly i travel to sj using that way. Neway i took a u-turn and no big deal. However, when i`m about to turn into the correct road, a lorry from behind block my way and i miss that damm turning. And the current road leads me to the town center.

Well.. miss mid valley, nvm go time square. And guess what, I miss another turning!!! *what`s wrong with me today!!!!! Then i took a big round, where i pass by putra world trade center, klcc, kl train station and then we get to Time Square.Then i got trick into entering the parking which cost rm 6. And not to mention i have to drive 6 floors up for a free parking space. It was then finaly i got off the car and went to watch Hitch with my friend. We left about 5 pm. The trip back was quite ok except for the fact that i took another wrong turning (even in my own town) and as a consequences, i have to pay an extra toll and ended up in cheras.

We decide to play DotA when we finaaly reach Kajang, and that also, I didn`t manage to play a game because of distruptions. Today is SO cursed!! and i totaly hate trafic jam. SOMEONE GET ME A AUTO CAR!!!!


Sparks 10:41 AM  

Oi..curi title..:p nvm.Good luck on your furthering of studies. :)

Leen 9:50 PM  

so long u didn't blog! what la! haha anyway how r u doing? meant to say thanks again for the meal at chong kee the other day. hehe. tsk tsk u must have better luck next time on d road! :)

Alex 12:12 AM  

haha.. not my fault i so long didn`t blog..you know i come back like so late d and so tired.. no energy to blog d.. and i`m still super confused on where to study.. sigh!!

silvermancer 10:11 AM  

hmmm...try taking lrt next time la..wont miss so many turnings....kakakka.

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