Result Day. a.k.a Dday

Finaly, after 3 months of waiting, it`s here. It`s finally here!!!! Sad, worried, excited? I have a little bit of everything. It`s an undiscribable feeling which i have no idea whether it`s a negetif or positive feeling. Anyway apart from all the crap, I have a wonderful day today. *that doesn`t means i have a wonderful result.

Well.. the day start off with me waking up (obviouly) with nick still sleeping.. sigh* i don`t really feel anything speacial. I was expecting to tremble or at least be exicted.. but na.. god knows what happened. Then at about 8.45, I went off to school. Upon reaching, i got some info from kian liang that i might get A for bm (eyes opened).
So when I approach the teacher... i was told i was black listed from taking the results.. (eyes opened bigger) but in a split second i knew what`s wrong.. I forget to return the SPBT books (books that the school lend to me during form 5 last year)

Very well then. I went home and took all my books and goes all the way back to school. But before there. .i told my mom about me `might` getting A for bm.. And she told me that if i get A for bm i will definetly get A for everything else :P/ Anyway .. back to the scene, i arrive back at school (for the second time) So finally.. i can get my resultsl. SO the first thing i ask teacher is whether i got A for BM or not.. She goes like `tahniah alex.. anda dapat semua A!! kecuali bm` sigh*

So I got like 11A. 10A1, (yipee) 1A2 (k lar) 1 b4 (boo... espeacialy bm. BOO!!) Well.. i don`t know whether I am happy, or sad. I`m not sad.. but definetly not happy.. i mean hello? b4? and note that bm is the first subject on the spm slip. Totaly spoilt result!!!! sigh... but i still got the title of school 2nd best student ( apart from aqtar who got 13A1 and 1A2)YOu know what.. he nearly got the title of the best student in selangor. The best so far is 14A1. And he got A2 for BM.. stupid annoying crap subject.

Well. lot`s of sad stories this year.. especially the fact that each school`s top scorer in trials didn`t manage to get even straight A. All have b3 for their est.
So probably my screwed up result isn`t really screwed up after all.. :P


Leen 10:19 PM  

Hey Alex! First of all wanna say congratulations for getting such wonderful results for ur spm! :) See i told u that u can do it! There u go!!! ;) Anyway, thanks for the noodles, leong cha and abc as well. It was great. All i wanna say is, don't think so much bout it anymore. U did well. Way better than so many other ppl. So, be happy and enjoy!!!

Sparks 12:01 PM  

Congratulations!!I knew you could do it! If you're going to inti or new era my mom is teaching my sms?

Alex 12:01 AM  

thanks for all ur support.. guess i shouldn`t be sad about my result after all huh :) neway.. hope to see you guys soon.. work sucks..

Tracie 8:53 PM  

Wow!Congratulations alex!U did fantastic!:)

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