The Lord is Risen today!!!

It`s Easter eve and tonight, we`re going to celebrate Easter vigil. It`s not a Easter mass, but a mass for all catehumans where they will be baptize and confirm and receive the Holy Eucharist all at once :) Anyway, this morning start of with another event. It`s my school`s Hari Kecemerlangan. A day where they honour all the best achievers in my school. And this year.... it`s special.

Special not in the sense that I`m there, hehehe, :P it`s special because our year have once again prove that we were the best our school have :) Our school broke a record with a student scoring 14A (not me, his name is aqtar) and another student scoring 11 A (me me!! that`s me!!) 3 student scoring 10A and 6 student scoring 9A. To celebrate such event, they line up all the uniformed cadets in a row from basketball court all the way to the hall and salaute us as we walk pass (thank god I don`t have to do this to my seniors last time :P ). In addition, we were accompanied by 'kompang's lol.. such a grand entry. The lime light of the day would definetly be Aqtar. (since he scored 14A ) The teachers and speakers keep praising him like God. Haha.. Probably the most ridicullus thing the school can think up is to play a profile of him from 6 months until his his current age. But it was a nice documentary I would say :) (praises given to the kkwp who work hard to do the clip)

At night, our church celebration were equally grand, or better still.. MUCH MORE GRAND. Once again, the church is full house with about 3000 + or devotees filled every seat there is. I`m in the choir as usual and it was seriously pack. There were definetly not enough place for choir members. Maybe they should reserve more and have more mics :) The choir was fantastic today, with all 3 languages singing all 3 languages songs. It`s interesting you know.. to see english speaking group singing tamil and chinese songs and so do other language speaking group. It`s a fantastic day with a fantastic group of friends and all thanks to our fantastic God who made all things happen :)


ling 7:31 PM  

alex, u mean they really showed a clip of aqtar??? haha. sounds funny. like he's a historical person or smtg.. heheh!

Leen 9:03 PM  

Wow sounds very grand only ur prize giving day? :) Congrats!!

Alex 10:19 PM  

yea.. they did.. you know.. something like in memory of a decease person.. the last time i saw something like this was during Felicia`s funeral.. haha.. the only difference is that last time it`s filled with cries and sadness.. this time joy and laughter :)

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