I`m confused!

Since I`m officially jobless from last Friday, life has been slow going once again. I sleep what ever time I like, wake up whatever time I like, play game the whole day and keep on eating whenever I`m free. (sooner or later I`m going to be a pig :( oink oink ) Well, March has passed.. it`s time I really have to decide where I have to go. (for studies) Alright.. the nominations are ; (drum rolls)

1 - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. (UTM)

pros ; a) well noted for being the best technology school in Malaysia.
b) tuition fees are way cheaper compare to private universities.
c) have all the coolest facilities in their labs

cons; a) it`s super super far (located in skudai, johor)
b) it`s a govenment uni (piority will always be given to malays)
c) it`s pack with malays (still the problem about malays)

2 - Univeriti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)

pros ; a) quite well known for it`s e&e engineering
b) it`s very near!! (just 15 minutes drive)
c) easy to find work after graduate (cuz company will straight select students from

cons ; a) it`s fileed with malays ( sigh.. i`m such racist)
b) even the lecturers are mostly malays ( just like malay teachers, you know what i
c) tuition fee`s are quite costly (around 75k)

3 - Multimedia University (MMU)

pros ; a) lot`s of non-bumi (finally!!)
b) high chances to get scholarship (yipee)

cons ; a) quite far (located at Malacca)
b) not quite notable for engineering. quality wise it`s just so-so
c) tuition fee`s around 55 k (ok ok la)

Can anyone give me a helping hand on where I should go. Hopefully some ex graduate from these uni will give me some comment. PLEASE HELP HELP.. I`m going crazy


Leen 8:46 PM  

Well,my cousin sis did mechanical engineering at uniten, and she had pretty good results so she got full scholarship or something. i recalled my aunt telling me that. (i think my aunt knows ur aunt as well.classmates, lol) and anyway, her bf got partial scholarship. those loan kind. cuz results good. :) u can always go n check it out!

Anonymous 5:08 AM  

Excellent, love it! » » »

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