Crisis and dilemma.

It`s been pretty long since I`m hit by problems and crisis. Since I`ve finish my crucial year.. basically I`m just relaxing and no worries at all. And all of a sudden, I have a few things to worry about. Firstly will be my spm result. Can`t believe that 3 months have pass and the results will be out in another week. And I have a bad feeling about this. A couple of days ago, I had a dream about it. Can`t really say a nightmare but then it`s a reminder of an incident 2 years ago. In my dream, I dreamt that I scored 10A1 1A2 and 1b3 while everyone got 12 A1. *i know it sounds illogical cuz most of the people took 10 subjects. Anyway, it` s not that i`m not satisfied if I get 10A1 and 1 A2 but it`s just the fact that everyone else got 12 A1 and my A2 if EST for ch***t sake. No I`m not a sadist. It`s just a feeling you can never understand. I felt it before back in 2002. A day I`ll never forget. It was my pmr result day. Everyone was fill with the spirit of anxiety. And then, one by one, they receive their result. And all gotten straight A. Even those who only get 3 A in trials. Turns out almost everyone in my class gotten straight A... almost everyone except me. Imagine. And I`m one of the only 6 person who get straight A in the pmr trials. So you can imagine when every teacher, every friend came and ask why I do badly, and I couldn`t explain.

And if this problem doesn`t burden me enough, I have another problem. Tomorrow it will be my friends birthday. Coincidentally, it`s another friend of mine`s one year aniversarry of her death. So i`m pretty much in dillema whether I should celerate my friends birthday or attend another friend`s prayer. Someone please help me.....


Leen 9:44 PM  

hey alex, don't be so sad ok? well it's been a year since the thing happened, and it's all fated.. it reminded me so much about how time flies u know? well i hope u won't be in a dilemma or something. enjoy life while u can. and yeah. enough bout results? i think it's killing us both. i am very sure u will do well and u won't screw up. :o) thanks for being like, the only one who reads my blog and actually taking the time to leave a comment. i treasure that very much. take care and god bless!

Sorceress 10:27 PM  

Don't worry, alex. As long as you have studied no matter the result nobody will blame you (lol). Anywayz, before i got my own upsr result i remember dreaming about getting 5e! but turns out that it's the opposite.........

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