I`m confused!

Since I`m officially jobless from last Friday, life has been slow going once again. I sleep what ever time I like, wake up whatever time I like, play game the whole day and keep on eating whenever I`m free. (sooner or later I`m going to be a pig :( oink oink ) Well, March has passed.. it`s time I really have to decide where I have to go. (for studies) Alright.. the nominations are ; (drum rolls)

1 - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. (UTM)

pros ; a) well noted for being the best technology school in Malaysia.
b) tuition fees are way cheaper compare to private universities.
c) have all the coolest facilities in their labs

cons; a) it`s super super far (located in skudai, johor)
b) it`s a govenment uni (piority will always be given to malays)
c) it`s pack with malays (still the problem about malays)

2 - Univeriti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)

pros ; a) quite well known for it`s e&e engineering
b) it`s very near!! (just 15 minutes drive)
c) easy to find work after graduate (cuz company will straight select students from

cons ; a) it`s fileed with malays ( sigh.. i`m such racist)
b) even the lecturers are mostly malays ( just like malay teachers, you know what i
c) tuition fee`s are quite costly (around 75k)

3 - Multimedia University (MMU)

pros ; a) lot`s of non-bumi (finally!!)
b) high chances to get scholarship (yipee)

cons ; a) quite far (located at Malacca)
b) not quite notable for engineering. quality wise it`s just so-so
c) tuition fee`s around 55 k (ok ok la)

Can anyone give me a helping hand on where I should go. Hopefully some ex graduate from these uni will give me some comment. PLEASE HELP HELP.. I`m going crazy

The Lord is Risen today!!!

It`s Easter eve and tonight, we`re going to celebrate Easter vigil. It`s not a Easter mass, but a mass for all catehumans where they will be baptize and confirm and receive the Holy Eucharist all at once :) Anyway, this morning start of with another event. It`s my school`s Hari Kecemerlangan. A day where they honour all the best achievers in my school. And this year.... it`s special.

Special not in the sense that I`m there, hehehe, :P it`s special because our year have once again prove that we were the best our school have :) Our school broke a record with a student scoring 14A (not me, his name is aqtar) and another student scoring 11 A (me me!! that`s me!!) 3 student scoring 10A and 6 student scoring 9A. To celebrate such event, they line up all the uniformed cadets in a row from basketball court all the way to the hall and salaute us as we walk pass (thank god I don`t have to do this to my seniors last time :P ). In addition, we were accompanied by 'kompang's lol.. such a grand entry. The lime light of the day would definetly be Aqtar. (since he scored 14A ) The teachers and speakers keep praising him like God. Haha.. Probably the most ridicullus thing the school can think up is to play a profile of him from 6 months until his his current age. But it was a nice documentary I would say :) (praises given to the kkwp who work hard to do the clip)

At night, our church celebration were equally grand, or better still.. MUCH MORE GRAND. Once again, the church is full house with about 3000 + or devotees filled every seat there is. I`m in the choir as usual and it was seriously pack. There were definetly not enough place for choir members. Maybe they should reserve more and have more mics :) The choir was fantastic today, with all 3 languages singing all 3 languages songs. It`s interesting you know.. to see english speaking group singing tamil and chinese songs and so do other language speaking group. It`s a fantastic day with a fantastic group of friends and all thanks to our fantastic God who made all things happen :)


Last day of work. So happy.. but yet a little bit sad.. For once. i think i quite enjoy the work *even though it`s boring at times. Seriously, I`ve gain lots of experience throught this work. (btw, for some of you who don`t know what I`m working as, I`m a Property Sales Executive). Since it`s my already my final day, let me write down a typical working day schedule;

09.00 am : wake up and get ready to go to work
10 .00 am: should be in train station ready to go to subang for work
11.30 am : arrive at subang and set up my work place
11.45 am : start working
15.00 pm : tea time cliques next booth (note i don`t usually have lunch. if I have lunch means i don`t have my dinner.. so meal times are not fix)
21.30 pm : Off work
23.00 pm : Arrive home (safetly :P )
24.00 pm : zzzzzzzz

I know it sounds boring.. but considering the fact that I`ve working exactly in front of speedy and all i do is chatting with ppl around and watch movie (ps i watch kung fu hustle and incredibles more than 10 times there ) it`s quite fun actually. :)

A series of unfortunate events.

No no.. it`s not a movie title. It`s what really happened to me today :) As of 7.30am, I was rudely awaken by a noise of something droping. Oh. i just accidentally kick of my air con remote control off my bed. It`s then i decided to forget bout it (don`t care whether it`s spoiled or not) when my phone rang. It`s Vivian, waking me up to go to church. I barely slept five and a half hours!!! I was so sleepy that i don`t know if i`m holding my phone the correct way.

20 minutes later, I was in church. Went with a car.. yipee.. my grandma going to come back tonight. Until then, I can use her car. I`m suppose to go to UNITEN to register at 11. By the time I attend mass, go eat breakfast, and cut palms (for palm sunday tomorrow) it`s already 11. (Not to mention that the palms have super sharp and pointed ends and everyone who cuts them got poke like hell.) I then went out one of my friend to UNITEN. Half an hour of driving i reach there at last.. only to find the office is close today. DAMM.. and i taken a day off just to go to this damm place. Oh well.. forget UNITEN, i then decided to go MMU instead. I accidentally pass by that campus last time when I was lost in putrajaya looking for Alamanda.

Anyway, I went all the way and found LimKokWing University but MMU is no where to be found. After a while I gave up searching and decided to head to Mines for a movie. It was then we got into another wrong road and got caught up in a jam for the next 55 minutes (and i desperate to go to toilet that time). At that point i was getting leg cramps cuz my car is MANUAL for god sake. 55 minutes steping on the stupid clutch.. my car is 16 years old. u can imagaine how hard the clutch is. :(

I didn`t make it to mines anyway cuz half way i turn off to federal highway. Can`t stand being in the jam anymore.. it might take us another hour to reach mines. So.. as i continue with my journey, I decided to go mid valley as I`m already in federal highway. It was then i took anoter wrong turning and got into bukit jalil. * a mistake cuz normaly i travel to sj using that way. Neway i took a u-turn and no big deal. However, when i`m about to turn into the correct road, a lorry from behind block my way and i miss that damm turning. And the current road leads me to the town center.

Well.. miss mid valley, nvm go time square. And guess what, I miss another turning!!! *what`s wrong with me today!!!!! Then i took a big round, where i pass by putra world trade center, klcc, kl train station and then we get to Time Square.Then i got trick into entering the parking which cost rm 6. And not to mention i have to drive 6 floors up for a free parking space. It was then finaly i got off the car and went to watch Hitch with my friend. We left about 5 pm. The trip back was quite ok except for the fact that i took another wrong turning (even in my own town) and as a consequences, i have to pay an extra toll and ended up in cheras.

We decide to play DotA when we finaaly reach Kajang, and that also, I didn`t manage to play a game because of distruptions. Today is SO cursed!! and i totaly hate trafic jam. SOMEONE GET ME A AUTO CAR!!!!

Result Day. a.k.a Dday

Finaly, after 3 months of waiting, it`s here. It`s finally here!!!! Sad, worried, excited? I have a little bit of everything. It`s an undiscribable feeling which i have no idea whether it`s a negetif or positive feeling. Anyway apart from all the crap, I have a wonderful day today. *that doesn`t means i have a wonderful result.

Well.. the day start off with me waking up (obviouly) with nick still sleeping.. sigh* i don`t really feel anything speacial. I was expecting to tremble or at least be exicted.. but na.. god knows what happened. Then at about 8.45, I went off to school. Upon reaching, i got some info from kian liang that i might get A for bm (eyes opened).
So when I approach the teacher... i was told i was black listed from taking the results.. (eyes opened bigger) but in a split second i knew what`s wrong.. I forget to return the SPBT books (books that the school lend to me during form 5 last year)

Very well then. I went home and took all my books and goes all the way back to school. But before there. .i told my mom about me `might` getting A for bm.. And she told me that if i get A for bm i will definetly get A for everything else :P/ Anyway .. back to the scene, i arrive back at school (for the second time) So finally.. i can get my resultsl. SO the first thing i ask teacher is whether i got A for BM or not.. She goes like `tahniah alex.. anda dapat semua A!! kecuali bm` sigh*

So I got like 11A. 10A1, (yipee) 1A2 (k lar) 1 b4 (boo... espeacialy bm. BOO!!) Well.. i don`t know whether I am happy, or sad. I`m not sad.. but definetly not happy.. i mean hello? b4? and note that bm is the first subject on the spm slip. Totaly spoilt result!!!! sigh... but i still got the title of school 2nd best student ( apart from aqtar who got 13A1 and 1A2)YOu know what.. he nearly got the title of the best student in selangor. The best so far is 14A1. And he got A2 for BM.. stupid annoying crap subject.

Well. lot`s of sad stories this year.. especially the fact that each school`s top scorer in trials didn`t manage to get even straight A. All have b3 for their est.
So probably my screwed up result isn`t really screwed up after all.. :P

Tired physically but mentally relaxing.

This weekend, I spend most of the time in church. On Saturday, my church hosted their first open Parish Pastoral Assembly (PPA). It`s a gathering which invites everybody to put of heads together and to revieve the past, presence and plan the future for the church. It was then I found out that we have more than 3500 people in our church.. but guess how many turns out for the assembly.. a mere 180. Well... not bad la. considering that a majority of the 180 gave support to it.. :P

Then on sunday, Rueban who when missing for Ns since Dec came back.. My gosh.. he is like so much darker. I mean SO MUCH!!!! probably looks like a chindian more than a chinese d. Pity pity.. I think I`ll die if i`m have to stand so much under the sun.. thankfully i`m not chosen for this crap. But herad that he enjoy it very much (except they only get like 6 hours of sleep everyday)

After mass we have a youth meeting today (yeah another meeting). And we have dicusss quite a lot of things and form a commitee for a youth camp. I`m in charge of publicity and music. Well. i`m still quite blur on what am I suppose to do.. but since the camp is like in july.. so i guess i`ve plenty of time to figure out. I see there is a lot of nice plans coming ahead for this year. How privelege being a youth :)

Well.. soon after the meeting... we lepak in church and then our priest saw us and came over. So being the kepohcy that we are.. we are the priest where is he going and he say he`s going to the hospital to visit a dying patient. And i was suprise when one of us ask that if we can follow. The priest say he don`t know if he`ll get a heart attack seeing us. (such a joker) But he brought us there anyway.. it was putrajaya hospital. We nearly got lost on the way there as the last time i`ve been in there is like 4 years ago. However.. somehow a little bit of my memory helps and we get there just in time before the visiting hour ends. We walk out the hospital joyfully ( and the patient didn`t die of heart attack)

After that... some how the new shopping complex came to our mind (what do you expect in a car full of teens.. and a priest :P) . Most of us never been to Alamanda.. and the priest say why not we go.. Well.. why not.. since we never been there.. so we spend the next hour rounding in putrajaya on how to get there. We passed by 3 bridge, the dataran putrajaya, the mosque, the complex perdana, cyberjaya, mmu, lim kok wing, hospital serdang, UPM and finnaly we reach there. Sigh.. I know.. we`re like so lost. We went to have pizza when all of us are pushing the soups to each other as there are only 4 soups and 5 of us. It was then the priest tells us another joke.*

*In a chinese dinner of 10 people, there is only one prawn left at the end of the meal. Everybody is pushing it to one another and suddenly there was a blackout. And in split second, there was a loud shout from one of them and the eletricity came back. There.. was one hand one the prawn...... with 9 fork ON the hand.

All of us laugh... and then it was out turn to have the last piece of garlic bread..... from what we`ve learn... never use ur hand to take food... and all of us have a fork ready in our hand. :P The priest then took us back and i reach home just in time to see samurai X (yipee.. my favourite cartoon) I doze of after that.. considering i only have slept 6 hours yesterday and 5 hours the day b4. Sweat dreams everybody. :)

Crisis and dilemma.

It`s been pretty long since I`m hit by problems and crisis. Since I`ve finish my crucial year.. basically I`m just relaxing and no worries at all. And all of a sudden, I have a few things to worry about. Firstly will be my spm result. Can`t believe that 3 months have pass and the results will be out in another week. And I have a bad feeling about this. A couple of days ago, I had a dream about it. Can`t really say a nightmare but then it`s a reminder of an incident 2 years ago. In my dream, I dreamt that I scored 10A1 1A2 and 1b3 while everyone got 12 A1. *i know it sounds illogical cuz most of the people took 10 subjects. Anyway, it` s not that i`m not satisfied if I get 10A1 and 1 A2 but it`s just the fact that everyone else got 12 A1 and my A2 if EST for ch***t sake. No I`m not a sadist. It`s just a feeling you can never understand. I felt it before back in 2002. A day I`ll never forget. It was my pmr result day. Everyone was fill with the spirit of anxiety. And then, one by one, they receive their result. And all gotten straight A. Even those who only get 3 A in trials. Turns out almost everyone in my class gotten straight A... almost everyone except me. Imagine. And I`m one of the only 6 person who get straight A in the pmr trials. So you can imagine when every teacher, every friend came and ask why I do badly, and I couldn`t explain.

And if this problem doesn`t burden me enough, I have another problem. Tomorrow it will be my friends birthday. Coincidentally, it`s another friend of mine`s one year aniversarry of her death. So i`m pretty much in dillema whether I should celerate my friends birthday or attend another friend`s prayer. Someone please help me.....

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