The year of rooster clashes with those who of rabbits. Be warn...

According to some realiable sources (which turns out to be a newspaper), This year of roosters will somehow be a bad year of fellow rabbits (like me :P ) and somehow i refuse to believe it. Well, I`ll try not to believe it lol since it`s clashes with my religion practices :) But anyhow, I found out something ( on my own accord and not from horoscopes predictions) that whenever I play blackjack, I`ll lose. It`s something new for me because I never lose on gambling b4. Any kind. Except on rare occasions like my game with my uncle at austrialia (may 1999), my game in my aunt`s new condo at kl (feb 2001) and lastly lost at my own house on the end of december (2002).

However begining of this year, I lost RM 10 to one of my freinds and another rm 10 yesterday. Even though i manage to recover my lose somehow after a long 2 hours of slow painstaking wins, I`m still left stumble on how bad my luck have been this year for black jack. All I remember was I alwasy get a picture whenever I don`t want it and doesn`t get one when i needs it :(

Well bad it may seems. I do have one secret weapon left. It`s because black jack is not the only game i know :P mwahahahahahaha


Sparks 12:10 AM  

Happy Chinese New Year! I only know one game,and I'm very good at it.Bwa ha ha!.Got lots of untung this year.>200 :p

Hey,it's a little hard to give you the comics,when are you going to teach bible studies with mr.francis oh?

Leen 3:11 AM  

hey! that was a REALLY short one there! hehehe yeah i think it isn't that good when it comes to gambling ya know cuz i lost like rm20 or something today. *sigh* and congrats on ur new phone!!! :o)

Alex 1:00 AM  

I know lot`s of games.. almost all type of gambling :P mwahaha...but i only like those games that use a little bit of ur brains such as mahjong, tai de (big 2) or jerami. Games like poker and blackjack so boring la.. that`s like total gamble. only luck. no skill. (except for facial expression skill).

p.s : i don`t know if i`ll be helping mr francis for his class.. I just might pay a visit one day for the fun of it. :P

Leen 3:27 PM  

hey alex! how do u make ur blog so nice, got music and the background so different from the one they are offering?? like i see a lot of ppl's one very nice lah. except mine. *sigh*

Leen 3:28 PM  

and what is HTML tags??

Sorceress 10:05 PM  

Hi Alex! Too bad You losed at BJ on Wed....Can't say I'm sorry..Muahaha...
Even the lucky Rooster couldn't help u ...

Alex 10:11 PM  

lol... i actually won that day... didn`t win much though.. shh.. i did`nt tell anybody....

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