yeap.. it`s `that` day again.

Today`s valantine`s day. A day that have little or otherwise, meant nothing to me. I would normally put it as another normal, ordinary etcc, day. But today, it`s rather a terrible day.
The story begins like this,

Once upon a time, (which is this morning) there once life a boy (yeap that`s me) with another boy, and another boy, a gal, and another boy, and another girl.. alright. cut the story short..... This morning i`m suppose to go to KLCC with nick and a group of friends. Nick woke me up at 7.30 which is when i was still soundly asleep. I was then `force` to get up and went to town early with him to play warcraft (dotA) in the cyber cafe nearby. We played until about 11 when we are suppose to meet up with the rest of the people at ktm station. We thought we were late cuz we left the cyber cafe exactly 11am. However it turns out that `somebody` which i refuse to name them, turns out to be late.. not 10 minutes, nor 20. It was 2 hours. And to make the matter worst, they came down from taxi, straight away get their tickets and didn`t buy for us and board the train that come just in time they arrive. So they left back nick, me and a few more friends behind.... after we waited them for like 2 hours.

I was so fed up I really don`t felt like going to klcc with them anymore and wanted to go mid valley instead. However nick convince me to go to klcc with them and also said that they booked the tickets for movies d. So after we finaly reach there, they say they didn`t collect the tickets, and we have to queue up ourself cuz they last minute decide that they don`t wanna watch the movie anymore. So when we get to the cinema, all the ticket`s for that afternoon were sold out.
We then went back to kajang.. barely half an hour since we arrive klcc.

We reach back kajang and play computer again... so it`s still the pc that saves the day... end of story... the end.


Leen 11:24 PM  

Alex! Happy Valentine's Day, ok? And don't be sad or anything about anyone, just enjoy ur day and live life to the fullest, ok? :o)

Leen 12:26 PM  

hey alex, i still don't know how!!! i view ur html source and i didn't understand a single thing!!!!!!!!

Alex 11:32 PM  

aiks..maybe if you go read the manuals, or help guide you`ll understand better

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