See warcraft in everything?

One of celcom`s most sucessful advertisment is the `see football in everything` where is shows how everyday life can related to football. However, I`m not much of a football fan but I`m so stuck to that warcraft game that Nick force me to play almost everyday with him have made me see warcraft in everything. Like when I`m helping my mom to cut tapes and nick paste them.,... we`re racing and keep on saying who`s tower is going to explode first (ps.. if you don`t know anything about warcraft.. you probably won`t have a clue of what i`m rattling about)

Anyway.... life is more to games these days as my work haven`t officially start. The bank still haven`t approve us to do our sales there.. so all we have to do is wait. I`m been rotting away here at home (with nick.. yeah, he`s with me almost all the time since he stop his work and parkson and joined me) So we spend time playing warcraft 3 playing the map of dotA (defences of the ancient) pretty cool game I must say.. suprisingly, the craze have spread to a few of our girl-friends. It`s really wonderful to see a gal actually join us and our gang to play dotA in cyber cafe. Hope more will be joining.. that would make the game much more enjoyable... the more the merrier.

Today seems to be a very warm and nice day. And everything seems to goes well so far. I lost my dental appointment card since my last appointment. So I have not so much of a clue when is the next appointment. This morning, I`ve decided to go to the hospital to find out because I have a feeling that the apointment is either today or thursday. I eventually woke up late this morning (duh... you should have known what time i sleeps every night) Then I took my bath and as I was leaving, my grandma offers me a milo. Even though i was late.. but i sat down quietly and drank. Then as i was walking out of my house, a phone rang, and it`s from the hospital. The dentist is away and the appoinment is postpone to next wed. Yipee.. i don`t need to go to the hospital to find out anymore. lala~


Sorceress 11:10 PM  

YOU really should sleep early....and don't start killing your enemies like in Warcraft.

Leen 6:25 PM  

Hi Alex. Aw how sweet of u, i know i could always always count on u whenever i need someone to rely on. :o) Well what nightmares are u getting man, u r gonna get like 12darn A1s and go off to become Malaysia's greatest aeronautical engineer or something with MAS. I should be the one getting nightmares, k? ME!! At least u got ur online games to release ur stress on right. But i have nothing, u know? Aw don't worry la, surely u will be able to do it man. See even my comment is so long. :oÞ Well take care!

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