Party, parties and the part of 3 friends.

On friday (the 3rd day of chinese new year) , Jon held a party. A party with delicious food, astounding display of fireworks ( i recorded it on my NEW phone.. kekeke) and of cuz, friendly peoples. A lot of people came that day, including friends that I didn`t get to see since spm have over. Little do I realised that we have all started to take our path towards different directions.
But I`m glad that this party have united back all of us once again. (btw.. I almost gotten back my RM 10 which I lost to Jon on the new year day *1st jan*)

Then on Saturday, about 10 of my classmates went to visit each others house. We all started in my house where I was late for an hour and a half. Curious why am I late in my own house? I fell asleep in nicks house the day b4 and couldn`t ge up until 10 pm where all of them suppose to meet at my house at 9.30. By the time i reach home.. it was already 11. But luckly none of them complain. Phew. I didn`t gamble the whole day cuz I couldn`t stop winning for tai de. So it was quite unfair for me to win their money. So I just play without money. Turns out I didn`t won every game. I actually lost one game (out of how many game.. i couldn`t remember.. but i was a 2 hour game)

And at night, it was Joanne (leong)`s turns to held a party. This party is infact not a new year party. It`s a birthday party cum farewell party for 3 people, Joanne, Melissa and Tracie. They are futher their studies in Austrialia. Farewell then :)

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