It`s a scam!!!! (well.. i say it`s a clever business tactic)

Tesco, Giant, Macro.... I just realised that those are not supermarket. In fact... it`s more like a shopping complex... I mean, you can find shops like bum, sushi king, chicken rice shop, body glove, gurdian, watson... etc etc... Those aren`t suppose to be under the trademark of tesco nor giant nor marco.. Anyway... that`s not the story today. But it had to start with an introduction right :P

Ok.. My aunt and I was just about to leave tesco, our last shopping mall today and we are going to shop for car!!! yes.. it`s true.. we plan to pay the downpayment today for a new Honda City... yum... so happy!!.. However, we was then approve by 2 girls. (one old and one young) They gave us some scratch card. At first.. we were very reluctant to accept it cuz we fear we have to pay for those cards. But then they gave us free of charge saying every tesco customer ought to receive it... And we took it and open the cards and mine wrote terime kasih. It means I didn`t win anything.. But when my aunt open it.. it stated that we won something... but dono what.... So they show us a newspaper cutting about this scratch card winning awards and the prizes.. They told us we would get either a proton perdana v6, kancil, motor, a sauna, tv 43 inch or cash 3000, 5000 or 8000.

So they brought us to their office. The manager then tell us that we have to buy they product pakej before we can see what we won. The product is about 5000 plus but he say there is a 50% discount..At that moment we though that this is all a cheat, scam etc.... But then we were convince by them because they show us strong proof from newspaper and past winners... Besides, as long as we get any of those winning (except for sauna) we can sell them off and get some money to buy the honda city.. or better still, if we get a perdana v6... lol... But we didn`t hope for it.. even a kancil will do...

My aunt then when to cash out some money and buy after all the persuasion... We scratch the card and then found out that our nightmare came true... we only won the sauna system... And we spend about 2850 buying their products... Well not to say it wasn`t worth it. It`s because the product we bout with the 50% discountes price from 5700 and thye are a home teather system, a water treatment (something like diamond`s) and a water base vacum cleaner.. And of cuz we receice a free sauna worth 2888... But somehow we felt cheated because we spend almost 3000 on stuff that is not really important and we scarificed half our deposit money of the car... So now... we can`t get our dream car before new year... Have to earn more money :( .. stupid company... and for all you know... they might even cheat and put every single prize is s sauna (it`s becuase the sauna is made by their own company.. meanwhile all the other prices is from other company)

So guys.. never do the same mistake as us.... if you need the money for someother stuff.. don`t waste it on somehting not important.. Right now, we are trying to sell away some of the stuff that we bought... you can buy any of the 3 item at 40% discounted price except for the water treatment (it`s because we want to use it). The price is publish at the newspapers or you can look for it in summit. The product`s company is Shinkawa. (from Japan). Or you can also call me and ask for the prices ur self.. We are really hoping to sell the sauna set as the condominum we are staying has a sauna already.. so it`s of no use to us.. We can sell it cheap... Anyone wants it!!! please buy it from us... WE NEED THE MONEY TO BUY A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leen 8:32 PM  

lol thanks for ur comment alex! :o) i haven't been chatting to u for quite some time already, and don't worry, i won't forget u k! wow ur blogs are really long. hahah i usually write short blogs but lately it's kinda long. well i am still very much a kjg-ian ok? even though this time is small, and sad at times. hehehe...but i've lived here for 17 yrs d lah. eh btw, happy chinese new year! and hope u r doing good with ur job!

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