What happened this week.....

Another week has pass...... It`s now the end of the month. All of a sudden.. I realised.. that I`ve done nothing this month... And this week especially... It`s seems so plain and meaningless. I`m starting to miss school.. where everyday..I`ve something (or rather someone) to look forward too... I miss my days playing truant and play basketball during breaks between classes.. I miss being in tuition class where I do nothing except being a nuisance and disturbing others...

When I was in school.. I always looked forward life after school.. How is it being in an adult life. But somehow... I think i`ve grown up to fast... I`m stuck in a world between teenage and adult.. I mix with the adults.. have the same mentality with them.. But what i really really one.. is to be back with my friends of my age... to see faces of persons i know...

This whole week have been pretty boring.. except for last sunday where I went marathon with a few church friends in KL and attending choir practice... I basically spend my time at home playing game, watching tv, eat and sleep. (broing boring). This would probably been an ideal life for certain ppl.. but not me... But if you ask me now what i want.. I couldn`t tell you.. I don`t really know what I want now.. or what I`m going to do in the future.. I was so confident on what I`m going to be a a few months ago.. but right now... I`m cluess... totaly blur... can anyone pls help me to get back to my oldself?

p;s : I`m serious... someone pls help me out......

A world of my own.

Day 10 of my work.. yes!! finally.. i get a break!!! I didn`t get a off for 10 days and now... I can finaaly wake up as late as I like :) happy happy.. As I work up.. however.. it doesn`t seems that happy after all... there is no one to tell.. no one to go out with.. no one even bother whether I`m still working or not.. Then.. it`s about 12 pm a sms came in.. kian liang call me to play badminton!!.. yeah!!!.. someone does realised that I exist.

So.. I rush from my aunts house in kl to come back to kajang to play badminton. Jon and Albert was there also.. it seems that these 10 days have make me much fatter and heacier... and i tend to get tired easily... Must be all the fried food I`ve been eating lately. So.. it`s been quite a while since I saw them.... To be exact.. since the start of their college life.. They are such lucky buggers.. they can start studying now.. while I still have to work..

I`ve been wondering how`s life in college life... some have say it`s nice, some vice versa.. So these 3 guys have been telling their experience.. sounds so nice... but I still can`t imagine it. it`s like a total different world to me... Their world is with all their friends of the same age.. while me.. I have to face all the uncles and aunties. The only person i talk to is my aunt and my aunt`s friend. What a life................

All about work work and more work.

Phew!! I`m finally home from work!!! It`s been 6 days since I went to KL to work! Staying at my aunty`s house. Can you actually imagine!! me!! away from home!! 6 days without computer and without piano!!! This is actually the first time for as far as I remember not going online for such a long period!! 6 days!! imagine.... and I have to leave again tomorrow!! sob sob

Things seems to be a little bit quiet for me.. Without my pc, and my house phone, I almost lost touch with all of my friends.... It seems that all have been bz with their own life.. even I receive much less sms nowadays.. It just shows how little friends I have.. Actually to be honest.. I can`t really think of 1 friend that will really be there when i really need them...

Well apart from that.... my work was pretty fine actually.. cuz i don`t need to do much. I`m curently working as a property sales agent. The project I`m doing now is located at Hulu Langat, somewhere near cheras. It somekind of service apartment concept (except that this is actually just a room instead of an apartment) where you buy and let the company manage and the company return you with some money anually... pretty good for investment (anybody interested or wants to know more about it can call me.. 012-3689082.)

Edu Fair!! (yea. again!!)

I woke up at almost 8am today.. barely late from going to church which starts at 8.15. Was a rush going there. And did i tell you I wasn`t at home.. I`m at nick`s house cuz I didn`t went back last night because of choo`s bday party. The bigger mistake was I forget to tell my parents about it... And my mom didn`t slept the whole night because of me.. :( felt so guilty especially when i woke up and saw 13 miss calls from home.. all at around 3-4 am.. and i was soundly asleep....

I met her at church and apologize.. amazingly she was`nt angry at all... I think she should get use of me for not reporting to her in everything I do.. espeacilly when I`m going to start work and I`ll be off here and there.. However.. i promise them that i`ll try not to forget to call back again.. (i mean.. yesterday was my first time.. :( i`m innocent.. sob sob. )

After church,Nick and I when to have breakfast and then off to cafe while waiting for time to pass cuz I promised to wait for pig (sze ping) until 1.30 to go to the edu fair at pwtc together. She have to go that late because her church finishes at 1. Coincidentally, our church choir mistress told us that we have practice at 12.30. So we (Nick and I) cabut from the cafe at about 12.20 and head back to church.

Turn out to be the practice was delayed 1 hour due to unforseen reasons.. but the since Adel (the choir mistress) have the key to the church.. We start jamming ourself (in another words.. shock sendiri) one person can have one mic and i played the piano... since the pro musician all haven`t come yet.. i can still crap on it while nick and the Adel and one more guy sang..

Neway... when the choir practice really started, it`s time for me and nick to leave.. so we left quitely as a mouse and sneak out of sight ( i wonder what will adel say when she sees us next practice). Well.. Edu fair is just like every other edu fair I went except this time I get much much more informatin on scholarships...while accompanying nick to ask around for his animation courses. They are a few college that is really a good choice for designing.. Top of the list is the most expensive university of lim kok wing (nothing to do with uncle lim at genting) follow my the one academy (also quite expensive) and of cuz.. the all time popular cenfad colege (the leading design college)

Well... not really my cup of tea.. I`m only interested in engineering and maybe a tiny bit of business. So.. before anyone ask me what`s my plans for my tiertiray education.. here is it ;

1st choice - To study under the Malaysian Airline System Academy as a trainee aircraft engineer. Duration of training : 5 long years. (but the salary will be worth it :P)

2nd choice- To study electrical & electronical engineering (e&e) either in University Tenaga Nasional (Uniten), University of Nottingham (UOC),Multimedia University (MMU), Kolej Tunku Abudul Rahmar( TAR college) or INTI college in which all of them must come with a full scholarship.

3rd choice- To take diploma in e&e in any of the local U (preferbably USM of UTM)

4rd choice- Take an American Degree Program in e&e that will transfer to University of Melboune or Sheifields University.

Last resort- Form 6 la.. where else.. sigh.

*optinal quest - if i achieve a straight A1, I might me considering to apply for Harward, Oxford, Cambraige and M.I.T (haha.. i know i`m dreaming. but luck favours the prepared :P )

I`m going to start work soon!!

Yeap.. you heard it right... alex the lazy, the silly, the piggy, and the couch potato boy is finally going to start working.. (how sad) The doom`s day begin on next tuesday as of 11th of January 2005. And apart of that I`m going to start my driving class soon (officially cuz I already know how to drive thanks to my grandmother who teaches me). Now..sounds like alex is finally starting to get serious...

If you really think so.... then you are getting it all wrong.. he`s still the same. He still eats, sleeps and online and play game. And even when he`s driving.. he makes tonnes of silly mistake i.e reverse the car without clouch, moving without putting down the hand hear, going downhill on free gear... hands on the lap and not on the steering wheel and blah blah blah....

However, he did some `charity` today by helping out his mother doing peanut cookies. His mother is currently making them for sale. Despite the fact, he`s did the work in a very UNserious manner, throwing the dough everywhere, making the cookie the shape of a shit, and eating some of the newly bake cookies.

So i`n conclusion... Alex is still perfectly normal and in a stable condition. Any changes would make him haywire. So if anyone notice any `seriousness` in him.. pls contact 012 3689082 in order to keep world peace. Ur cooperation is highly unapreciated.

(note: this blog is writen by Alex on a third person`s view basics and the cookies are really on sales.. big tin for rm 17 and small tin for rm 14.50. Anyone interested pls call the number given above)

It`s a happy day :)

I think it`s been a while since I do some other thing besides sleeping and being lazy. As of today.. many will start studying, some already start working, but as for me.... hmmmm... i dare say i still love my job as a potato couch. Lol.. I have seems to found a passsion in blogging.. it is like sharing my life with everyone... (however secrets are not being expose in this website.. rest assure) Notice that I have make some changes on the sides bars on the website. There is now a chat box (hehehe.. chat chat) and also a media player featuring the song "welcome to my life" which is a perfect song and it fitted this blog perfectly. (speacial thanks to Tracie who gave me this idea about the wmp thingy)

Today`s conversation with certain ppl suddenly sparks an old memory of me. Some how some where and for some reasons.. we began to talk about pokemon. Hahaha.. think of me as childish.. so be it.. i am :p Well.. it`s all started when daryl put a cute little pichu on his msn display. Then we talk about how we use to be obsess with pokemon trading cards a few years ago.. (hahaha. i`m not playing them now anymore) Suprsingly.. i found out today that another of my freind is still playing it.. hahaha.. he`s our school`s very own head prefect of 2004.. :P ( i can talk bad about him cuz he doesn`t online and doesn`t know about my blog.. mwahahahahha).

Well... nothing to be ashame of.. i still love those cute little creatures very much till now.... have to admit they are adorable (ew.. sounds so girl-iesh). Let me tell you a little bit about me and this pokemon trading card game. (btw. if you think i`m being stupid and childish... don`t read on.. no one is forcing you too :P) It started when i`m in form 1.. hahaha.. young and innocent when one of my neighbour introduce me with this game.. My first thought? you got to be stupid to waste money on some kind of stupid cards... Hahahaha. not to mention it`s pretty costly.. Then i came to play in his house (yea.. `that` game) and i got hook.. lol.. From then on... I started of by spending about 200 in buying the cards. ( i know it sounds a lot.. because it IS A LOT!!!)

However, during form 2, another friend took me to bangsar where weekly tournaments are held.. so then.. i get to meet more other ppl for plays the game and i start trading cards with them (and don`t think are only kids there.. the oldest player is about 47 and the average is about 15.) I start off as a beginner.. always lose and being bully. hahahaha. but i manage to multyply my cards by trading.. 1 for 2.. 2 for 4 and so on.....

Months pass and i become familiar with the value of cards.. and how the game tactics... i begin to join national tournaments (yes.. they do have national tournaments but i didn`t win though.. hahaha) and my cards seems to become more and more.. I begin to make money out of this game.. buying and selling my cards (like stock exchange) and etc etc.... and not to mention.. my cards keep on getting more no matter much i sell them.. hehehehehe ( make note.. i didn`t steal anyones card.. only being stolen.. tonnes of time * got musuh dalam selimut*)

By the end of form 3.. i was winning the tournament there almost everytime i go..... And that is the time. i begin to find the game boring cuz chould hardly find a challenge and so on.. and i finally stop planning when i was in form 4. However unlike most of the ppl.. i didn`t regret playing cuz i earn back 600 from 450 i spend throughout the 3 years. Plus.. i manage to collect every single pokemon which you watch on televison.. aw.. those adorable cuties.. (ahem ahem) Well.. anyone can still challenge me if they want.. i still kept most of my precious cards.. some which still can be sold for at least 50 bucks for one card during this time.. and i have deck around... be warn.. you shall suffer... hahahahaha..

A new future, a sad past, and a silence moment of agony.

Alas...2005 have come. and 2004 have past.... This year is probably the most memorialable new year for everyone people from all over the world celebrates with a mourn. They were no countdown, no shouts of joy, and no spectacular fireworks in the capital.. However, people toast to a brand new year privately in their homes.. and that is something which i did on the start of 2005.

In spite of the minor celebrations... again I gaze in the darkness ( too dramatic).. and i pondered upon my self... What should i achieve in 2005. It`s about time to think about my new year resolution. After cracking my brains for a while.. this is what i think i would like to do ;

1) Be more independant.This includes making my self be able to wash my cloths.. clean the house, cook a proper meal (mee and fried food are not counted), and being able to work to support my living.. this is going to be tough.. but I will try.

2) Spend less time on my computer. I curently spend most of my time staying in front my computer.. And I have figure if this sydrome persist.. my eyes going to spoil, my electric bill go higher, and if will neglect all the things that i shouldn`t have.

3) Forget the things that are suppose to be forgotten. No elebration on this one...p&c

Well well.. these are the top 3 things that i would like to keep in mind to continue my journey in life for this coming year and for the years to come. There are some of the old resolution which i still fail to achieve years after years.... let see;

a) Improve my handwriting. ( I tried!! i trief!!)
b) Stop being lazy (too lazy to try lol)
c) Talk less (hope i make some progression)
d) Be smater than the top student in my school.. (too late to try.)

Phew.... i guess that`s about it... i wonder what this year will turn me into.... hmmmm :)

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.