Badminton frenzy

Wee... I`m starting to get back into badminton. It`s been so long since I have the motivation to play badminton seriously... The sudden hype is probably due to the fact that I`ve witness a lot of good players around MMU.. I wish I could train up and be as good as them.. if possible, better.

Yesterday, I had a post morterm meeting for the last badminton tourney I organized. After settling all the issue, we went to eat steamboat.. foc. Sort of like an appreciattion dinner :) ate till bloated.. It`s really fun cuz the new friends (committee members) I`ve found are really nice :)

Then this afternoon, I called some of my SPB friends to play badminton.. everything seems to went quite wrong at first.It`s 2 pm and it rained heavily when we wanna leave. Then, we reach there, the court at the dewan is closed. I called and the person in charge say the court will be open at 3pm. That was another 45 minuntes away. We waited and waited till 3... still no one.. then at 3.30, we got fed up, and left to kipspot badminton hall. Went there and was told that there were no court left. However, the person in charge told me beforehand that the court is available. Ga, we have no choice but the leave. Then at 4, we went back to the dewan. It`s open this time, but the guard say we have to book at some other place. After negociating, the guard allow us to go in.... and we played till about 6... It was enjoyable even we have to tolerate with all the unwanted obstacles. However, I was expecting the players to be better than this... hmmm.. cuz I really want to improve and the only way too is to play with better players... hmmmm... need to double my effort..... gambate

The irony of skipping a day`s class

Bus tickets sold out, no cars availbale, no means of transport to get back to malacca. Suppose to be back on monday night. Since there`s no transport, I have no choice but to stay one more day at home and skippeds tuesday`s class.. Terrible terrible and horrible choice to make. On tuesday morning, I had calculus. And to top it all, I have quiz on that day. I skipped my quiz.My calculus marks was realeased.. it was horrible!!!!! 79/90..... 6 marks our of those is due to mis reading of the + and - sign... and she minus so much marks!!! It seems from the very beginnning all my mistake on maths are signs related..... when will I be relieved from this cursed!!!!!! I hate losing marks like this .. (and my quiz marks will be low cuz I skipped one of them) OH no... my calculus sub is doomed!!!!

All I want for christmas.. .is you

My christmas started rather late this year. Usually by 15 of december, I`ll be jumping for joy, decorating christmas tree.. singing carols.. going to church and practice choir for christmas... however this year, I couldn`t be in any part of those. I`m stuck in MMU until 23 of December. However, there is still chance to catch up for this year christmas.... Still have 2 days to go before 25th...

On friday night -23, I made it back home in time for the christmas musical play which my church`s youth ministry had plan and organized since a few months back. I`m really really happy it turned out well.. In fact, it was more than well... The cheer at the end of the shows confirmed it. Briliant and fresh ideas were put into this play. Stuff like converting biblical verse and sing it out in the melody of Phantom of the Operas soundtracks, putting dance in between plays, modifying the original nativity... it`s just wonderful.... Yet, what impress me the most is the when I see all number of children participated in this play. The children and parents are very supportive of it I guess that the secret recipe of the play`s sucess. A taste of the christmas`s joy. It`s sweet.

On 24th, christmas eve, started this beautiful morning with choir practice... been months since I last attend choir practice.. After that, I went ahead and do my christmas shopping... bought tonnes and tonnes of stuff..... 2 big plastic bag full in total... (the really huge kind of plactice bag... something like the size of a garbage bag). The only prob is I`m riding a bike.. aiks... Halfway shopping, my friend came and I joined them for movie... After that, I continue my shooping spree. Bought a wallet for my dad, a wooden house to keep keys for my mom, coffee for my grandma, jigsaw puzzle for my cousin sister, a cd game for my cousin brother, pringles for another cousin brother, a coin bottle for my brother... and lastly,, the best one of all... a cute dog (soft toy) for my sis.... It`s really really really really cute.... was so heart broken when I handed it to her... I want it for my self!! Then at night, I went to christmas vigil at church.... It was as usuall.. nice and joyful.. Nick and daniel came over to my house after the mass and stayed for a while b4 I send them home around 2am.

Christmas day is finally here. This year, my family decided to go back to hometown. Went there and read about 4 doraemon book and watch power ranger with all the little cousins... hee.. then came back at night and go to Nick`s christmas party. Like last year, food was apetizing, even though I had dinner at hometown, I still at a lot at Nick`s house. Can`t resist those lazanias, sheperd`s pie, grill lamb, bbq chicken.. yum yum..... Went dotA for a couple of hours after that. Had a whale of time tonight. Christmas is fun.... What I like about this Christmas is that I get to spend it with my family (very sad that Adelene didn`t spend it with me). Apart from that, the food never runs out..... yummy food every time of the day. Anyway, let us not forget why we celebrate christmas in the first place, to commemorate the birth of christ. So, in simple words, let us not wish merry christmas and instead sing Happy Birthday Jesus :)

The exams are (nearly) over!!!

My last midterms for this tri semester is over.. I can now at least relax abit and enjoy my christmas. But let`s talk a little about the paper shall we. On thursday, I spend my time doing my assignments.... it`s really amazing.. u know.. me, studying.. It`s bizzare....anyway, I`m glad I did, becasue I slept too much in class for calculus. As a result, I`m really confused about the solving methods and questions.. The paper that night was indeed tough.. I`m pretty much sure it`s going to be hard to score for everyone.. as for me... I somehow manage to find the answer after I tried very very hard.. At first when I saw the question, I was really clueless... then I look and tried and tried, it suddenly came to my mind.. and I manage to answer all the ques.. I believe it`s a small miracle for me.... It was indeed, the toughest maths paper I ever solve.. but yet, I finish it in half the time.... It`s really a miracle.

Then on friday, my 2nd physics exam. This paper only test chap 3 and 4.. which is the most easy chapter this sem... But yet, after takling the terrible calculus paper, I was expecting something of this standard... Then at 3.30, the paper stands right in front of me.. I opened it and like.. wtf $%*($&%$*(%&$*( IT`s NOT A FU**ING PRE-U paper... I swear that a form 4 can take this paper and pass or maybe even score a full marks if given one extra formula.. It`s reallyt form 4 physics.. in fact.. it`s easier than form 4 physics... gosh.. to tricky question, all direct and 1 mark questions.. just multiply to quantity to make it 20... arrH!!! this is stupid... Degrading the standard of physics...

*i bet the lecturer purposely set this paper easy as nearly half the student failed their first midterm.

enough said.. mid terms is over.. and finals is up in 2 weeks.. gambate!!

Smash Master 05/06

Oh yeah... it`s finally over.. 2 days of non stop hardwork, running up and down, umpiring and line judging... gosh.. it`s crazy... but it, I pulled it through. It`s been a great experience.. directing event.. heee. Sort of enjoy using my power as a director. mwahahaha.. calling ppl to go here and there.. wee!! it`s fun even though I`m not playing for the tournament. Speaknig about playing, I`m glad I didn`t join.. The players there are inhuman.. (exaggaration as usual). Seriously, there is a number of national, state and distric player. The smash are scary. The shuttle shoots out faster than my eyes could see... I wonder how they can keep up with those speed....

Then there is one guy, Tan Ying Zhong, who`s like this super gifted badminton player.. He joined all the events he could, Men singles, doubles and mix doubles... and win.!! Throughtout the 2 days, he`ve been playing almost non stop... total madness.... I wonder how a person can have that much of energy... wish I could play like him.

The tournament ended with a two tumbs up from the presidentof badminton cup and my division head... only a couple of minor errors such as the roof leaks, the schedule got reschedule, the prize is missing.. (eh doesn`t sound that minor anymore huh).. anyway.. it`s ended.. and everyone`s happy.. I`m happy for sure.. Now, I can finally rest in piece.... zzzzzzz

Last prep for the big day

Yea, tomorrow will be the first time I`m directing an event at a university level. The tournaments preparation has finally come to an end. The pairings are set, the players are confirmed, everything is ready to go..... Just went everything seems to be working out well, I had a little disagrement with one of my committee. All the while, he has this very angry attitude which I`m still able to tolerate. Today, he gives his usual pointless statement and I ignored him and told that we will not listen to that point. He got really angry and ask me to shut up and fuck off. I then ask him what`s his problem. Do he has something towards me. Is there anything you want to say... he then threathen to wack me. I try to clarify with him what`s the problem... He still maintain his anger. Then the president of the club ask me to leave first. I walk off quietly. Angry and dissapointed at my self for able to settle this matter. How am I going to to lead tomorrow with this kind of member... some one tell me.. am I a lousy leader? maybe I shouldn`t be the director after all.......

My first intervarsity debate.

I really can`t believe I`m doing this... I`m going for my first intervasity debate... it`ll be my first time debating after many many years, and I dare say that my performance will be as bad as how malaysia`s football did in the olympics. My debate club president encourage us all, (mostly noobs) to go for this debate to get some experience... that`s what (iv)s are for. Noobies go and get trash, and learn debating the hard way, just like everyone else. So here goes, after a couple of debate preparation, I finally able to speak without losing my heard out and search my messy paper where I misplace my points. However, I still have one major problem, I can`t elaborate my points well which always cause me to end my speach before 5 minutes. I`m suppose to speak at least 6 minutes plus and ideally, use all 7 minutes.

So, the day finally arrive. Day 1. Shedule for 3 rounds of debate today. Woke up late at 6.45 am (45 minutes late) whereby my alarm snooze aproximately 5 times. Was really really tired due to lack of sleep. First round start around 11am. Since the format is British Parlimentary, 4 teams, each teams consist of 2 people, I face mmu cyber, IIU and a swing team in round one. The motion was, "this house will ban violent game. My team were the opening opposition. I manage to speak for 6 minutes plus... was really happpy. Even though we got whoop in by MMU cyber, I`m still happy. The people in MMU cyber are really really good... they are rank among the best teams of debating in the country and around Asean. We got 3rd this round. What really made me happy is that the adjuricator say that he had hard time placing us 2nd and 3rd. Wow, never though could have achieve this in anyway on my frist round. It really brought my spirit up... I later was told that the MMU cyber team, who got first this round, was the team who won first place in Aseans. Meaning they are the best team in the whole Asean. No wonder we got trash.

Round 2 was disasterous .The motion was " This house believe that environment should be a precondition for develpoment aid. Ouch, debating about politics policy, not my cup of tea. However, I prepare a couple of points and hope that the debate will go well. However things went way different from expected. We got closing goverment, and our goverment team screwed up the motion. Since both me and my team mate are noobs, we can`t readjust to the new sudden motion and I totaly screwed up. We got last this round. I think we did so badly that if there is a 5th place, I`ll galdy accept it. I was totaly depressed after that. Another debate like this, I wouldn`t want to debate anymore. Stupid opening gov... make our life miserable. Hate hate them.....

Round 3. I finally cheered myself up after Jon reassure me that these cases happens all the time. I wash my face and get ready for the next round. The motion was released and everyone cheered. It`s a humour round... (at that point.. i was like huuh??) What`s a humour round? Took me quite a while to realised that humour round is a round where you have to sparks jokes and debate over a funny topic. The motion for this round was "THis house will free santa`s elves". I mean? santa... lol... so, there were lots of laughter this round with baseless arguments that involve, harry potter`s house elves, oompa loompas from charlie and the choc. factory.. yada yada... and the outrages statement of Santa are sexually deprived and the elves couldn`t satisfy him. (gosh... ) We didn`t know what position we secure this round cuz it was a silent round (meaning the result is hidden) but I knew I did well. I actually manage to speak with full confidence and this time, not just crapping.

Round 4. I shouted with joy as I learn that the team that screwed up the motion in the 2nd round was facing us again, and this time, I`m ops and they`re gov.e`re going head on.....Then, we saw our adjuricator. The rest gave a pity look on us because that adjuricator is known to give MMU malacca a very hard time and he suck to the max. He doesn`t know how to judge for nuts. Didn`t take their word seriously though cuz we`re too happy that we get a chance to trash that stupid team. W The motion was " This house believe in using drugs on children that have behavior problems." I manage to rebut every single point and everything went out fine.... The result was out. We got 3rd this round. WTF? Worst to worst we could have got 2nd... but 3rd? omg.. that`s totaly ridiculous. The adjuricator told us that we present a hung point which I later ask every other ppl who says that it`s not hung. gosh.. he gave the team we hated 1st where they did badly... omg!!!!!!!!!! I went back and tell the rest of my mates.. They say that this is not the frist time and that stupid adjuricator should really eat his shit. Super bias just because he`s from mmu cyber and he gave mmu cyber first where they really really sux... i don`t care... we deserve first!!!! sigh....

With that... ends my first iv debate. I would like to debate just one more round, with the title : this house believe that Wiper (that stupid`s adjuricator) should be tortured to death. I as the goverment will come out with these points. He doesn`t know how to judge, he doesn`t know the rules, he suck ass and he`s fat!!! ( i dono why fat is included in this.. but yea... he sux so much that every attribute he has is a major negetif point). And with all that, I`m proud to propose. Tq.

The week everything went wrong

I had lots of issues going on recently. That`s why I haven`t blogged in a while. Currently under going a lot of stress and nearly had my second emotional breakdown. (luckly Adelene is there to support me). I had more stupid quizes, I couldn`t stay awake at classes, I overslept and miss clases, I don`t understand my subjects anymore, I lost my calculator, I hand in late my application for facilities which then resulted in lack of it...... As the weeks went more hectic, my emotional tolerance went down. Last week, I practicly shouted and piss everyone off with little or no reason at all. Then one of my friend came and told me to evaluate myself. I haven`t done this a long long time. Not since form 4. I guess it`s time to shy away and think what a jerk I have become over these few months in university.... Alex is now lost... until the time he finds himself again..

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Yea.. wished I had 'those' kinda friend. Today, I made an arrangement with my friend to go back to malacca. He said that it`s ok and I`ll get a place in his friends car to go back to malaca. Everything went well until 5pm, he sms me and tell me his friends car full.... Now, I`m stranded. I`m stuck at home having little or no means to go back to malacca. The last bus that leaves Seremban is at 7pm. If I hurry now I might make it but usually, the last bus`s ticket always sold out. I don`t wanna take the risk of going there and coming back home for nothing. Most of my other friends already left and went back to malacca already this afternoon. Only one of my friend left, but she stay in Klang and wouldn`t pass by kl. I guess the only thing I can do now is to sleep early and board the first train that leaves kajang and the earliest bus that leave serembam. Life sux....... especially if you have to get up at 5am just go back to school...

My best friend`s wedding.

I plagerize the tittle.. duh :P.. well.. Yesterday, I attended a wedding ceromany. What`s special about thie wedding compare to the rest is that this is the first wedding I`m attending where the bride and groom are my friend. (not my best friend.. I just plagerize the title... for fun :P ) Anyway... it was really really beautiful. I`m closer to the bride :). Knew her just about 3 quater of a year. Went through a serias of musical training and stuff on preparation for the big concert in May . She is quite active in church and now currently the choir mistress for my church`s choir. So for her wedding, the whole choir came and sang for her... and all the songs were happy and jolly.... hee.. for once... a wedding ceromany does seems meaningful rather than the usual I do you do procedure. I wonder who`s next to married :) hee.. can`t wait to attend another friend`s wedding :P

A very hectic week

It seems that it`s been donkey`s years since I last blog. I`m currently now handling 3 blogs and updating all of them is a very tiresom task. Well to sumarize this week`s journal, I`ll start from Sunday.

Sunday - I plan to go church then to mp with Adelene at 10am. Woke up late. It`s 12 pm already. Didnt manage to go church and didn`t manage to buy the tickets either as all the ticket sold out. Went back from mp empty handed and the spend the whole day watching other movies in the comp.

Monday - Class starts again. I did my first tutorial ever. It`s suprises everyone who saw me doing it. It suprised me too.. Well, the lecturer forces me to do or not I`ll lose marks for assignment. Sigh.. bloody physics lecturer. Nexus meeting`s on the night. I`m suppose to be in Sigma but some how dragged to do work for nexus.. wouldn`t mind though... :)

Tuesday - Class at 8. yuck.. so early.. and the whole day I couldn`t see Adelene because of a serias of unfortunate time table clashing. Had d&d session during the night. Didn`t even went cf. Had a sudden badminton meeting. Have to organized a event called smash master.. in 2 weeks!! Note* english teacher gave us some chocolate today.. hee.. she`s the best.

Wednesday - Had calculus quiz.. It was rather easy. Thought of having a d&d tonight after voices but didn`t manage to get all the players together. Voices was fun. However it was Suresh ( our 'trainer') last session with us. I wonder will voices still be the same without him.

Thursday - Discuss a shit load of badminton stuff. Apparently lot`s of logistic problems couldn`e be solve. Venue, time, players and the worst of all, no budget.. what the hell.. how am I to organized a tourny without cash in hand. Bugger. I`m suppose to make money from the tournamet with no budget at hand.. Rather do it outside and earn money for my self.
After that rough meeting, I had a terrible, in fact the worst physics quiz ever. Not to say I don`t know how to do at all.. I finish my paper first. but then lend it to others to copy. When I want back my paper, time`s up and I wanted to do a last minunte admentments. And suddenly, the lecturer decided to cut everyone marks that passed up late. 1 mark per second. I passed up at the 2nd second. There goes 2 marks.... oh btw, did I told you that the max marks is only 3 marks. Go figure.....

Friday - I bloging this stupid blog whinning who screwed up my life is.. I`m going to mp to try to watch harry potter.. again.. and if this time I don`t get the ticket... i`m going to.. i`m going to... I don`t knwo what i`m going to do but it`s definetly not something good.... *horns appear on alex`s head*

New lecturers.... for better or for worse?

Classes started on the first day it self. Calculus and Physics and english everyday of the week. Gosh.. calculus and phyisc together!!! 4 hours of overloading my brain trying to cramp in everything into my brains. It really tiring... especially at college level when things go very very fast. And it gets worst if you are sitting right at be the back (as a result of arriving late as all the good seats are taken up). You could hardly see and hear what the lecturer says or write.. really terrible.

For this sem, I have Mr Kang as my physics teacher, replacing Mr Azman Awang. Apart from Mr Kang`s bizzare way of pronouncing his language and his over stress 's', he teach quite ok. At least he knows his facts even though he makes a few mistake here and there.. Some said that he`s one of the best physics teacher in this University.. Sigh.. Suddenly I wished I had my secondary school physics teacher.

Then for Calculus, I had Miss Heng. She`s a ok teacher herself, but compare to my last lecturer Mr Chong. gosh. you can`t compare.. Miss Heng class are quite boring.... Nearly died of sleepiness a few times.. but then.. oh well. I can`t have the best lecturers everytime right :) or can I? (pray pray)

Then for english.. finally I had an interactive English teacher.. Her name is Siti Kadijah.. She`s always full of energy... making sarcastic statement and make funny jokes. And best of all she ends her class early but yet we learned what we`re suppose to learn. Superb :) Hope my english will improve with her around :)

Must do well for this semeseter... gambate alex.!!

A new sem, a new life, a new aim

I`m back in malacca d!! yipee...! after 6 weeks of hols.. I survive the nightmare!! not exactly that horrible as it sounds.. but the last holidays are a little too long.Woke up at 8 am today. Claire came in the morning to give me my very belated bday present.. guess what? it`s a pink pig.. and i thought i survived 5 years of pink`s syndrom. I was feeling very sleepy and tire... To add oil\ to the fire.. I need to shift my stuff back to malacca. Shifting house is tiring. To bring back only my stuff.. (that also not everything i owned) I need a couple of ppl. Have to bring 2 bags of cloths, two box of pc stuff, my files, my cards, and etc etc.. pening man... My mom help me clean the house today.. All the dust seem to have collected in my house as if for ages. And apart from that, I`m too tired to clean.. feel very very sick and sleepy... yawn... There is so much stuff to be done.. iron my cloths, unpack my cloths, clean the house, clean the bath room, set up my comp, fix the motor bike... gosh.. this`s a tiring day.

Well.. all set for my up coming sem.. I do hope I can maintain my result this sem.. really really hope.. Hmmm.. maybe I should set up a guildlines for my self.. Here goes.. ; Alex`s top 10 need to do list for semester 2 ;

1) Keep awake in class.. ( this is probably the hardest one to do)
2) Read at least 2 novels. (must read memoirs of geisha and da vinci code)
3) Save enough money to buy a new motherboard.
4) Fulfil my job as Content Head.
5) Watch Harry Potter and Narnia
6) Help my church mates to prepare thier christmas activity.. (even though i`m at malacca)
7) Study (or at least try studying) for physics... *never been able to study for physics..
8) Clean my apartment every now and then.. at least once in 2 weeks
9) Go back every 2 weeks... *if that`s possible
10) Lastly... go to church every sunday... *yea.. i skipped once or twice while in Malacca... the church`s too far!!

4 more days to go.

The long-never seems to end- holiday is finally in it`s final week. Another 96 hours I`ll back in malacca.. yipee :) can`t wait.. But I don`t anticipate the work and classes that comes after that. sigh... There is still tonnes of preparations and works awaits me.. Hmmm..speaking about preparations.. let me see what I have to do this few days before I leave malacca..

-pack my cloths.... duh
- reconnect my mom`s internet service
- pack my pc
-pack my cd, charger, cards, piano scores, documents, camera (just listing down everything in case i forget...
- fnish my guidelines for all 33 article for sigma
- prepare for sem 2... stationaries etc etc
- type out a christmas play script for the church.
- watch as many anime and movies I can. (just finish rurouni kenshin)
- cut my hair :(
- oh ya.. must remember to bring my racquet and skipping rope :) hee

Hmmm .. I guess that`s all gua... everyone need me to bring anything over to malacca? Can kindly tell me.. I wouldn`t mind being a transporter once in a while :)

Sleepy... yawn...

These last 2 day I didn`t sleep much.. yesterday i woke up 6 am to go jogging with my church friends. I think this is the first time I ever wake up so early to jog.. Never fancy jogging anyway...
Went to sg long and jog at a hill..... It was rather a tall hill.. Tried sprinting up but couldn`t even reach a quater and I`m half dead... A lesson to remember... never sprint uphill.. it fu**ing tiring...

Spent the rest of the afternoon resting my poor little legs and my eyes.. didn`t slept much.... During the night, I went to church and have a youth meeting in Elena`s house... (scarificed dota for these :'( ) Then we headed off to mines to watch Exocism of Emily Rose.. another movie!! yipee... and guess what.. it`s my first midnight movie.. hehehe. and it`s a horror movie.. creepy....

I was very very sleep after the movie was over.. but the rest decide to yam cha. sigh.. no choicec.. follow them.. Slept at 4 am this morning... and woke up at 9 something to go back to church.. Have to help out a christmas play and a wedding.... super tiring.. and as if that`s not enough.. JOn and Kl ask me to play badminton.. and there goes.. spend my afternoon playing badminton... I`m not half dead.. but yet..still online.. blogging....

Another mid valley trip

Woke up around 9.30. Seriously, it`s a little early for me.. I`m struggling to get up. Went to ktm at 11 sharp to meet up with my ex classmates to go kai kai, watch movie. Everyone arrive later as usual.. with some late for 3 hours and some ffk. We left as soon as grace and pig arrive, and left the rest of the guys who`s bz playing dotA in the cafe.... without me!!

Reach there and queue up for movie tickets. Lines were long as usual. The best thing about going anywhere on Hari Raya is that there is no malays.. That supose to mean half the population are gone. but i don`t see in any way that there is any less people at the cinema. :) After hours (figure of speech) of waiting, I finally bought 14 tickets for corpse bride. Then the girls decide to go shopping... Knew that would happened.. I ran and hide in mph to avoid shopping witht them... suprisingly, Hui Hsien followed... hmmm.. looks like I do not need to hide alone.. Found a few books for dummies in mph... look around novels.... something i never did b4.. I usually just read the magazine or comic section :P

Then at 3 join back the rest of the gang and the late comers finally arrive.. went to watch movie together after that... Movie was ok.. not giving any reviews here... Then left after that... it`s another average mid valley trip..... unti next time...

Happy Halloween, Deepavali, and Hari Raya

You know.. I could really find something in common with this 3 celebration.. They all makes no difference to me. It`s like they don`t really exist... It`s a very very individual stament. First of all, non of my friends celebrate halloween, I don`t have much indian friends, and most of the Malays are bz balik kampung which I never see them around for Hari Raya for as long as I remember.So you see, these celebrration contribute nothing to me except for the extra traffic jam around town (as if kajang is not jam enough). It`s a really havoc.. congestion from sun rise till sun down..

On the other hand, my taman have been really quiet nowadays. It`s so different from 10 years ago. No more childrens playing around, no more open house where people from all over the place park their cars by the road and go house to house.... everyone have grown and left.. every children are now adults. I pity some of the remaining kids. They are not able to go out and play every evening. There are no one around. Only lories and busses passing through the deserted neighbourhood.

What will this place become? will I still get to see children`s playing galah panjang? will I still get to see children trying to cycle for the first time. All this memories, of me 10 years ago... I wish the next generation will still able to live the life I`ve enjoyed in my childhood :)

All the way :)

Hearing that Amran, QJ, and Kelvin going back to malacca to draft for magic (a tranding card game), I join in the club and follow them back. Went back to the gang I belong.. It`s kinda weird though.. I don`t really fit in that well but yet I feel quite happy. I mean, they are all a few years older than me and different courses and stuff...Probably it`s the game that bring us together.

I have other reasons though to come back. Starting up my motor is quite my piority. Apparently, motorbike`s battery dies if you don`t start them for a couple of weeks or so. I have to start my motor by hook or by crook if I don`t wanna spend my limited energy pushing it to workshop on the first week of sem 2. Then another reason was of cuz to visit you know who...

Everything went pretty well except that my motor looks yellow instead of white blue. It was then I realised that I didn`t was my motor for the past 4 months.. amazing. Then things turn bad when my hand phone battery went off and I forget to bring charger. To top it all, my phone wasn`t a nokia!! so imagine, there is no one around who have that charger too... No means of communications at all!!! Gee.. this is probably the darkest period of my communication life (just exaggerating) No hp for 2 days!.. imagine... (grumbles.) ... I felt like living in a stone age......... arhh!!

I`m back to a place I don`t belong anymore.

I met back with my church friends whom I use to be very comfortable with them. All of a sudden, it seems that I don`t belong with them anymore. Their jokes are no more funny, their silly arguements are just pure irritating, their topic of discussion doesn`t suit me. One reason to be blame is that I`ve been away for so long and there is so many things I`m left behind. I dono what`s going, what changes that happen or what is their plans etc etc.

Besides, the sudden existance of another alex in our group is not helping. I knew Alex for sometime already but he was never very close with our group. Then all of a sudden, he replace my position with my friends. NOTE : I`m not pointing fingers and there is no hate nor jealousy factor in it. Everytime they mention alex, it would refer to him... I somehow felt uncomfortable with it.

Yesterday, they invite me to go to watch Bakat ASAYO, a competition of drama, choir and dance together. Well, I thought it`s time to catch up with them but it seems that I`ve been rather out of place. So as soon as I reach there, I take the oppoturnity to leave them and find my other friends. (yes, I do have other friends for kl and etc etc). Felt much much happier there. Things sure have change after I was gone for 3 months. I wonder what`s next......

Pangkor Pangkor :)

Finally back to civilization. I was on a vacation to Pangkor Island for the pass few days. What a blast.. It was one nice vacation :) at a very cheap pricec too :) Anyway, this entry I`ll dedicate entirely on the vacation. Here`s the chronology on the trip ;

Day 1 (day of departure) - Friday / 14-10-05

1200 - Woke up feeling lazy but yet excited. Pack up all the important items such as charger and cammera and etc

1500 - Adelene came by and pick Jon, Aaron, Wei Chein and Me to tesco to buy snacks. We all bought Rm70 worths of snacks including pringles, cottage friends, jack and jills. Yum Yum

1700 - Realised that some of us haven`t taken lunch. Went to kfc to eat lunch-cum- dinner. We`re practically used to screwed up meal time.

1900 - Departure time. Went to Melaka Sentral by taxi. Wait for everyone to arrive there. At 9 pm the bus came and we head off for lumut.

2300 - Bus stop at Seremban. Damm it. It`s not a direct bus. Waited there for some time

Day 2 - Saturday / 15-10-05

0030 - Stop in USJ. Was puzzling why we stop in the middle of a bus junk yard. We were then told to get down and change bus. Ughh.. and the new bus sux.

0200 - Stop at dono what the hell place is that... Bought a burger and it sux too. Wasted 3 bucks

0300 - Arrive at Ipoh. To tired to go down, continue sleeping in bus

0400 - Finally we reach Lumut. It`s so dark and empty. And it`s rainning!!! Feeling cold and tired because of the long journey.

0500 - Sahur ( the meal before puasa) at a shop. That stupid shop doesn`t know how to take orders. Every roti we ordered came in weird pairs such as roti telur and roti planta in one plate where we order only one of them. Everyone had to eat double as the person is too dumb to reorder.

0700 - Took a boat from Lumut to pangkor. Saw the sunrise. It`s beautiful. (and May got seasick.. pity)

0800 - Reach our destination after a nearly 12 hours of travel. Pangkor Island. We head for our place to stay which is Coral Bay Resort. It`s a pretty neat apartment hotel. Slept for the rest of the morning.

1200 - Went out to have lunch with our nearly rented vehicle. 2 cars and 2 motor (obviously, I had to take the motor.. sigh). Then went back and slept again. Everyone was dead tired.

1500 - Went to town for a while and head off the Nipah bay. Every vehicle was seperated and 3 of them took the wrong way. I took one of the longest rood and went to the other side of pangkor instead.

1600 - Arrive nipah bay. Jon already got drench with sea water. Kites are up and mat are ready. The beach was very nice and empty. :) The whole beach is our!! The interesting element of this beach is that the way are really high :) about 1 meter - 2 meter. It`s really cool.

1800 - Decided to go home. Aaron lost his bike keys. Have to wait for the man to bring extra keys. Adelene and me decidied to accompany them while the rest took their cars and go home to take bath first to avoid waiting later. The man who brought the key lost his keys also and ended up taking every single key he got and try start the motor. Strangely, it work. One of another motor keys manage to start up the motor... hmmmmmm.. talk about security eh.

1900 - Aaron finally get his keys. Adelene and me found that another side of the beach have cross wawe. And the water actualy seperates when the tide is low. Cool right :)

2000- Took our bath and went for a seafood cruisine. Got crap, prawn, sotong, fish.. yum yum....

2300 - Reach home after that long long dinner. Nothing much to do at night. Drank some volka and slept around 12 something.. zzzzzzz

Day 3 - Sunday / 16-10-05

9000 - Jon and Yi Chong pulled my blanket away and force me to wake up. Everyone is ready to go snorkling. Rush the the beach nearby and the boat is there waiting for us :)

1000 - The boat took us to a few place to see rock that resembles turtle, seal, whale and other sea creatures. Then he took us to a snorkling spot. The snorkling spot is not that nice compare to Redang but on well. :) they have lots of fish though :) heehehe :)

1100 - The boat drop us off at monkey beach. That beach at first seems to have more dogs than monkeys. We never get it why it was called monkey beach until later, monkey try to steal our food and the dog are chasing them away while trying to take our food too. Hehehe.. it really reflects on the police and robber situation. The police protect us from the robbers but at the same time we have to pay them.

1400 - The boat pick us back. Head back to hotel. Didn`t went out to lunch because everyone was tired. Had maggee mee instead and dozed off after bath.

1900 - Woke up and it`s night already. Went to dinner at some stalls. Ate lots and lots of food.

2200 - Watch smallvile. Lol...

2300 - Went aroumd to scout for alcohol. Bought some bears... yuck.. I hate beers.. Only like wine.

0000 - Went to bed again... zzzzz

Day 4 / Monday 17-10-05

0900 - Woke up and brush up. So sad cuz have to leave today

1100 - Went to town and do some shopping. Bought some really silly cloths for my family and loads of sotongs.

1200 - Check out the hotel and headed back to Jeti

1300 - I ran back to town cuz forget to buy shirt for my parents....

1400 - Left pangkor :(

1500 - Arrive at lumut.. The next train to Malacca is at 1100 pm. Scary.. Took a bus to Ipoh instead

1700 - The bus droped us at a petrol station in Ipoh. Have no idea what to do next. And it`s raining.. grrr

1800 - A bus drop by at the station and offer us seats to wheerever we wanna go. A few of us decided to drop at Pudu while the rest head back to malacca.

1900 - Had dinner at Tapah rest house. It`s a very very nice rest house. The best i`ve since so far. Even the toilet`s have fan. Cool :) Nice scenary. Have lots of food stores, and even francais outlets like baskin robins and dunkin donuts.

2100 - Arrive at Pudu. Took a train home back to Kajang.

2300 - The trip finally ends. I arrive safetly at kajang.. Phew :)

With this, my pangkor trip ended.. Really hope that I`ll have another trip like this next sem..

House cleaning

One could never imagine how messy and dirty my apartment is until he/she start cleaning it . Aaron, Adelene and I decided to do a 'little' house cleaning before we leave for pangkor tomorrow. We started of with the dishes. It seems that my macroni which I cooked a few weeks ago (refer to my blog entries for precise date) it still on the table. I wouldn`t call it a macaroni anymore. It doesn`t like it both physicaly and chemically. It turned totaly black with a little orange powder on top of it. I somehow think that there were maggots but it seems that they`ve rotten too.... hmmmm... oh well. Still couldn`t figure out what it was but I sure don`t dare to touch it. Aaron did the dished in the end. I went around and pick up old box, rubbishes and papers scattered all over the house. Everytime I pick up a piece of paper or a book from the table, I saw fungus growing all over the other side of the paper and book. At the very least this fungus look like fungus.. It`s green instead of black. Meanwhile, Adelene iron all my cloths pile up for the past 1 month. Phew after an hour, the house looks neat once again. How I wish mom was here, hehe.. she`ll definetly mop for the whole house without me asking. hee

The real work begins

Sigma working week officially ended. But yet, none of my articles have been completed. Thank god everything is finalised and now, the real work starts. Countless of sleepless night everything have been real tiring. I didn`t went home for 4 days... sleeping on chairs being put together. It`s so uncomfortable and not to mention super cold under the freezing air con. My sleeping and eating habit have been totaly screwed up. Before this, I never manage to have breaksfast cuz when I woke up it`s already lunch. Now, I couldn`t even eat lunch cuz the time I woke up is way pass time. I actually sahur with the Malays around 4am... Pretty new experience in a way... I really long for the day where my book will be publish.. omg.. until then... I`m so stressed~!!!!

Sigma working week

It`s the holidays and I`m back in malacca. It seems that our uni`s year book is falling behind schedule. Hence, sigma working week (the year book is called sigma). It happens every year, and the good thing is, it`s tradition that the Editor in Chief to treat the rest US pizza. yum yum. Lots of work to be done but yet, don`t know who`s going to do it. Most of my members are missing and the work load requires a lot of information that we`re are still lacking of. Hope in this week, we can complete our goals and the year book will be publish on time this year... or not I`m so dead....

Holiday season

Exam`s over, no studies, no work, no stress..... Life become totaly still. This is how I would describe the holidays. Everytime I come back home, I couldn`t find anything to do. The only thing I do most of the time is eat. Eat eat and eat. Due to that extravagant intake of food, I was rewarded with a stomach ache. Ouch. I don`t know whether the stomach ache is cause by to much food or eating something unclean. Anyway, I really wish I`m back in Malacca. I`m too bored here. The current computer at home is too stupid to do anything. It can`t play any game, and not mention it was spoiled. Have to take it to shop and repair it. Sigh, I some how hate the holidays......

(p;s : maybe harry potter ain`t the only one who hate the holidays)

Pasta fiesta

Cooking can be messy, especially when you don`t know how. Lene and me was planning to cook spagetti today. She came early in the morning. Around 11.30 to be exact. Here are the problem arises during the cooking process

1) doesn`t have the indgredient - at first we wanna go jusco and buy, but luckly, the mini mart below my apartment sell every of the ingredient needed to make a spagetti. HOwever, we decided to cook macaroni instead... and we over bought.... turns out the portion we bought is enough for 5 people.

2) forget to buy garlic and onions- we realised that after we boiled the macaroni. Ran downstairs and bought onions.. Didn`t buy garlic though cuz it comes in bulk.. and we only need 1.

3) No idea how to make the paste - we dump everything that looks red. Pasta sources, tomato paste, tomato sourcecs.

4) Main ingredient - yeap.. we prepared everything then we remembered.. the meat... that`s the main ingredient of the paste, and we forget to defrost it.. aiks.......

After very much delay, lunch was finally ready. Interestingly, it was edible.... in fact.. it taste quite nice... (probably due to hunger) or just to make myself happy... it`s a sucess hehehe :P one way or another, it was done and I`m proud to say that I can cook pasta.... hehehehe

Exam blues.

Once again, it`s exam season again. The fact that Malaysian`s education system is too exam oriented had never give a big impact on me until I came here. *here refers to MMU melaka, or practicly any college or university. Everytime after one week or two, it`s exam. Then another week of studying, it`s exam again. What`s with so many exam??????? I`m a person who hate studying and don`t study. The only problem is when everyone else start to study, I feel guilty. Besides, there is one person who`ll constantly wish me bad luck if I don`t study... sigh... as a result, I have no choice but to go through the tortures process of reading and answering questions.

My exam schedule is pretty tight. While a lot of other students will have 5 subjects spread out in two weeks time, I had mine in one week. Which only means I`ll have to sit for exam everyday. On Monday, I`ll have english, Tuesday computer applications, Wednesday, human development, Thursday, Physics and Saturday Pre-calculus.

I`m particularly worried about english. I already had an A- for my mid term. It`s pretty hard for me to get back to A. I alway thought of the happy days where language subjects will stop hurting my academic achievement. This will be the last year I hope... please let me score an A... I don`t know where is my mistake. Is my grammar that terrible? or I`m not gifted with the ability to write? or maybe for the simple reason that my handwritting is horrible. Thousands and one reasons but no solutions. Some one please help me.. I don`t wanna score A- or B for my english!!

Then it`s physics. Everyone who knew me knows I adored physics. I love physics and anything related to it. THe only quiz I love to participate is quizes related to physics... and proudly I would say I`m pretty good at it last time.. winning quiz that brought me to national level.... But some how, college physics sucks. I dono whether it`s due to the fact that I have sucky lecturer or because I just suck. I never had problem in physics in my sec. school thanks to two great teachers of mine. With them, books are no longer necessary. Frankly, I did any exercise for physics in my sec. school years and I still manage to score one of the highest in school. Now, I couldn`t understand the question even if I refer to the book. One reason is because I never refer to the book before for physics. All of a sudden, I have to use it... it`s like a total stranger to me.. providing little or no help at all... I need a tutor.... and it better be good.

Enough of whinning, it`s back to studying... before that some one wish me bad luck for my exams.... (and for this exam... I need all the luck I can get)

A game of risk

A game of risk. A game I never played and never want to play because it involve too much of verbal cooperation and alliance. Everything you do, you`ll either help someone and piss someone off. And I`ve been very lucky to have been avoiding that game...until today. I was feeling pretty bored and just see a game with a group of spb`ians as a watcher. I just watch. Then one of the player felt lame and quit and the rest asked me to play. So I play, involunteerly. I don`t really know how to play and what` the strategy involve. I just attack with whatever I have. And a player which I attack is making a very big fuss about why I attack him and keep grumbling that I attack him and blame that the whole game is ruin because of me attacking him. I got so fed up I quit... after only 1 round of playing. I only move one fu******* time and all the fuss. I don`t see a point of playing anymore and I walk off the game. I see him smiling after me leaving but I don`t care. I`m blogging this while they still playing.. and walah.. another comotion appear blaming who didn`t attack and who attack....

P:s I still think risk is a very interactive and nice game... however it just suck when the people playing it sucks.

When the moon looks like a cake.

I never understand what mooncake festival is all about. Probably I never will. Every year around these time, there is some nice and sweet cakes call mooncake and cute little lanterns. Well, hiprocrasy or not, I still celebrate mooncake festival even though I don`t know what it really meant. (extra food and mooncake doesn`t kill). Yesterday, Lene and me went to Malacca High School to attend their mooncake celebration.

It`s not as grand as I`ve expected however it was fun. Had some little silly games that brings back memories of childhood. Then of course, we had food. That`s always the best part of any celebration. For RM 2, I would say they serve superb delicasy. Really. Imagine, fried mee, fried mee hoon, sausages, curry chicken, jelly, watermelon, drinks and even mooncake too.. All for RM2 :)

Then, Adelene bug her friend to go to satay celup... food again. Gosh, she can eat.. she ate more than 3 persons food... Scary...... It was a wonderful night. Wish can have another outing like that. :)

Hmm... a world of silence

Well, this morning I woke up at 1.... feeling pretty giddy. Suddenly I felt a little uneasy on my right side of my ear. I have problem with my right ear for quite some time. Probably since last year. At high amplitude my right ear get jammed, high pictch sounds actually hurt my ear drum and recently, it just get block all the time. It`s like it`s being air block by a buble. And as of today, it`s pretty bad. My ear is completely air block and I`m feeling the pressure.

Let me tell you what`s the effect of it. First of all, I couldn`t hear anything with my right ear, which therefore make me half deaf. I can`t listen to a normal conversation unless it`s on my left side of the ear. I can`t listen to people if they wisper. However, that`s not the only problem. Due the unbalance pressure in both of my ear drums, I`m feeling giddy all the time and I get serious motion sickness ie; when i play cs, or travelling.

I really do hope all this effect i temporary. Haha. or not I`ll be completely deaf and can`t hear music anymore.. but beethovant compose music when he`s deaf.. hmmm.. maybe it`s not a bad thing after all.... I wonder.....

How to manage your expenses

This is the title for one of my essays given to me as a trial for the coming english test... Language subject is currently one of my weakeast subject. Since this title is very much related to my life, I shall blog this up (and as my homework) Killing two birds with one stone :P

If the planets revolve around the sun, then the world revolve around money. No doubt that the big M word plays a major part in our life. Money is never the root of all evil, only lack of it. Therefore, it`s very essential for everyone to know how to spend and manage their expenses wisely. It`s actually rather simple. All it takes is just 3 simple and pratical moves; save, plan and minimize.

A very wise choice in financial planning is to save at least 10% of one`s total income or allowance. This is of course flexible depending on situation. For example, if there is a particular month that requires higher expenditure, then one can save less and vice versa. 10% may not seem a lot but when the time comes where there is a sudden emergency that needs a lump sum of cash, that total of 10% acumalated might just be a life saver.

Next, would be planing. Always list down the item of what to buy or what to spend. Do so especially for expenses like water and electricity bills, household items, food and lounging. Be a little extra hardworking and jotted down what item to buy before shopping. This will avoid unessassary spending by buying unessassary items.

Apart from those two, one should minimize the expenses. This doesn`nt not mean that one have to be a cheapscake or avaricious. Minimize in the sense of don`t spend extra money when it`s not really needed. Simples things like making breakfast at home instead of having it outside can cut down one`s expenses. There are lots of other examples like car pooling to save petrol (and the environment too), wash own cloths instead of sending it to the laundry, and read news online rather than buying newspapers.

As a conclusion, it only takes a little sacrifice to save money, a little time to plan and a little effort minimize expenditure make a enjoy a good financial security. Managing one`s expenses wisely could just be a factor to one`s sucess as financial financial would no longer be a burden anymore and one could concentrate on their life achievement.

Aiks.. I guess the essay sux.. of cuz it does cuz it couldn`t even convincec me to do any of those.. haahha.bother la.. it`s just a stupid acca

It`s my birthday :P :P :P

Yeap, another year have pass and I`m one year older. I`m officially 18.. yipee.. It means that I can get a credit card. :P :P :P Oh well.. It`s been the best birthday I ever had... Let write the cronology of the event :

11.59pm (4th of September) - Kian Liang sms me to wish me birthday- 1 minute too early :P
0000 am (5th Sept) - Adelene sms and gave a miss call and my battery died soon after than...
0100 - Check my phone and discover tonnes of birthday smses.
0130 - Joanne called to wish me happy birthday... soon after Claired called.
0200 - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
0745 - Woke up ( early for the first time on monday)
0800 - Arrive class on time.... nearly never happened before except for the first day of uni.
1000- Receive a few more smses during class and went to plaza siswa to buy breakfast even though it`s lecture hours
12.00- Went to check my Pre-calculus marks... I drop 0.11% compare to the last test... damm.
1215 - Met up with Adelene and had lunch with my classmates.
1300 - Did english homework for the first time since form 3. (thought of being good on my birthday and Lene gave be my birthday present.. I don`t know what is it :P )
1400 - English classes started and have trial run for our speaking test. It`s damm hard.
1600- Came back to spr and lepak around
1700 - Watch phantom of the opera with Adelene
1900 - Adelene treated me dinner in secret recipe. Lamb Stew and Lazania is super delicious
2000- Walk around tesco and bought a boaster.. hehehe
2100 - Went back to my apartment and took my bath
21.15- Finish my bath and went back to my room.. it`s all dark... then I saw candles, It`s a birthday cake!!! how the hell did it get there???????
2200 - Went to spr to share the cakes.. finish in less than 15 minutes.. damm.. secret recipe`s blueberry chees cake is highly sought after I guess :
2359 - My birthday is finaaly ending... thank god for giving me such a wonderful day :)

HAha.. another movie again

Yeap.. it`s my third movie since last saturday..... This time it`s dark waters... A english horror movie dupped from the original version (japanese). It`s not really scary but it`s has a nice story plot and it`s pretty good too..

Today I woke up pretty late. 11.30 to be exact. I changed my cloth and went to meet up with the rest of my friend in the ktm station at 12.30. Then arrive in mid valley and had sushi. Their green tea is the best. Drank 7 cups.. hehehe as usual.. :P

Nth much else happen today, it`s been nice though to talk with my ex-secondary school friends. They`re just not replaceable no matter how many new friends I have in my university.... Miss them so much...

Home again!

Yea.. it seems that I`m coming back pretty often this month.. I`m got use that the fact that there won`t be a smooth journey back to kajang.. And today is no exception. To avoid the risk of all the tickets being sold out, Aaron and I bought the tickets a day earlier.... However due to certain circumstances we`re late for the bus and we misses it by a mere minutes.. We saw the bus left right in front of our eyes. Talk about agony. So we went back in the station to buy ticket for the next bus. Guess what? ticket is sold out. Arrhhh..

We manage to find our way back by tumpang-ing a friends car but troubled he and his mom a lot. He`s send us all the way from his house in kesuma lake (beranang, negeri sembilan) Thank god for such a kind soul.. or not I`m probably stuck at Malacca *which of cuz is not really a bad thing because I heard my friends there are going Pantai Kundur...

Anyway.... since my parents wants me home.. I guess I couldn`t do say much... I`m back home and I rest my case.

Home again!

Yea.. it seems that I`m coming back pretty often this month.. I`m got use that the fact that there won`t be a smooth journey back to kajang.. And today is no exception. To avoid the risk of all the tickets being sold out, Aaron and I bought the tickets a day earlier.... However due to certain circumstances we`re late for the bus and we misses it by a mere minutes.. We saw the bus left right in front of our eyes. Talk about agony. So we went back in the station to buy ticket for the next bus. Guess what? ticket is sold out. Arrhhh..

We manage to find our way back by tumpang-ing a friends car but troubled he and his mom a lot. He`s send us all the way from his house in kesuma lake (beranang, negeri sembilan) Thank god for such a kind soul.. or not I`m probably stuck at Malacca *which of cuz is not really a bad thing because I heard my friends there are going Pantai Kundur...

Anyway.... since my parents wants me home.. I guess I couldn`t do say much... I`m back home and I rest my case.


yea.... independents day,This year, I have the lamest countdown.. it wasn`t even a countdown to be exact... Frankly I don`t really care.. I`m not that patriotic. Went to a concert call cries for independant organized by MMUmusic... It`s a total failure.. The event was delayed 1 and a half hour, even thing was sucky, last minutes... arrhh... it sux. There is only a few good bands that made keeps me from thinking I just made the biggest mistake in my life spending my merdeka eve in the main hall...

I`m assigned to be the photographer this time.. and of all the time, the camera`s battery holder broke while some one trying to change the battery.. sigh.. It`s all my fault, shouldn`t let anyone touch the cam.. I`m dead.. what am I going to do.. it`s SPB`s only cam.. without it.. the club is dead.. oh no!!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Yeap, I watch another movie.. again... It`s much a nicer movie compare to yesterday. Seriously. Super funny... Trust me, you won`t regret watching :) So another day at mid valley and I have to head back to malacca. Took me another 5 hours to arrive cuz some stupid bus got delayed... (not to mention they hype up the price like mad cuz there were no more tickets around)

So back in malacca, everything goes on normally.. me playing dota, sleeping in class.. but today, as of monday, quite a few things happened.... Woke up late as usual, went to precalculus class half an hour late... interestingly, pre-cal class ended early for the first time... all thanks to a faulty projector. The physics lab was a nightmare... we get unexpected results but who cares.. don`t really care. It`s bullshit anyway... Experimental results are crap.. they are never accurate... they are the values we want them to be.. ... just plain crap...

Went home afterwards.. Skip english class cuz it`s too tired.... slept till about 4 then go back to school to pass up my assignment. Night time, my eic say wanna talk to me... so he brought me to an isolated place and start speaking. He mentioned that the publisher and the secretary have kept an eye over me and adelene and are getting really annoyed cuz we were being to intimate in meetings and working hours... I nodded but the truth is, I`m damm annoyed with that statement.. For one thing, I and adelene are not in the same department, how in the world we can be together in meeting... and besides... can`t really don anything with ppl around... there are like 5-6 other couples in the room and I don`t think I`m doing anything worst than them. Then he mention another news. I was promoted to become head of content.. honestly... I`m not really looking forward to it.(partially because I have no mood today). Oh well.. since I`m already commited to this club.. might as well take it and do my best...

Yea... one reason why my mood is screwed up today is because of 2 academic subject.. One is physics lab and the other in english.. It seems that our physics lab report doesn`t have sufficient information and the teacher didn`t tell us about it... All he say is you report is complete.. so fast up.. but his defination of complete is passing marks.. which is 50%. I don`t want that damm 50%... I want at least 80%!! Stupid lecturer.. I would have put in extra information if he says it`s needed to score well... Next stupid subject, english. I scored an A- for it. A- may seems not bad but for the simple paper, I never expect I could get a -. It didn`t even contain an essay... Imagine finals..... I`m going to screwed up.. they goes my dream of getting 4 flat...

sigh... looks like academic goals are not impossible.. might as well relax and enjoy.... don`t want to study anymore...... life sux.

The maid

Went out with my ex school classmates.. It`s been so long since we went out together... pretty nice to catch up with them what`s going on.. especially from Aqtar.. He has so much to tell... about his college, about all his smart ass ppl.. (not suprising cuz his college mainly consist of scholarship students.) Judging by his standard, I find that my english is not up to par. Well, have to admit that I`m not that good with languages.... I`m constantly using improper gramer in my speech and essay especially... not to mention tonnes of spelling mistake.. how I wish there is spell check on my test paper.

Anyway, back to our outing. Went to mid valley and watch the maid. Pretty interesting story. I appreciatte movies with proper story line rather than plain spooky. Hate movies that leave the audience wondering what the hell happened. I`m not revealing any spoiler. Overrall it`s quite a good movie to watch, considering there is no better movies around this time.

Everything was fine up until now. Things become so crop up that I don`t feel like explaining. Arrhh.. just feels like whinning. Wish I could have someone to talk too......

Dota frenzy

Yesterday and today, I`m been dotaing... spend 15 bucks on cafe just on dota.. spooky.... but it`s been really nice though :) hehehe. Apart from dotaing, I`m actually sick.. in fact, half the ppl I know is sick... I could hardly count!!! I dono what happen, maybe there is some super virus spreading around. One by one is getting sick with flu, fever, sore throat etc etc...

Pls pls : may everybody heal fast.. I got exam next week.. sob sob


It`s finally here. Malacca`s o2jam first gathering.... and since I`m studying at Malacca, no way I`m missing it out.... the only problem is I dono where the hell is the location... It` s located in some place called Jalan Semabuk. According to sources, Semabuk is a very kampung place... and it`s quite a distant. Lene came over and brought her car along. I drove there with her to Semabuk. Super kampung type of place... bricks building are like rare!!! And after 15 minutes finding in Semabuk, I can`t find one Cyber Cafe... hmmmmm..

So we decided to go on Jalan Semabuk hoping we`ll come across the cafe somewhere somehow. After 15 minutes drive, we nearly reach town center and realised that we`re still in Jalan Semabuk.... damm freaking long road!! From a kampung to town... the same road all the way.. and right before Jalan Semabuk ends, walah!! the cafe appears..

Had a pathetic lunch of lo mai kai and a few siew mai... cuz there were no food stall along.. Thankfullly in the fiesta, there is loads of nice karipaps :) yum yum. I played all the songs which I have play b4 because on that gathering, organizers allow us to play all the songs for free.. cool :)

Hmmm..good news or bad..

Upon stepping in SPR, (a room which I usually hang out in school) I was super realieve.. Yes.. the aircon is back. Finallly!! after 2 weeks... half a month without aircon.. However, my pc network is still down.... damm. So after a major testing and fixing... the 'technician' ( ppl around spr) concluded that my pc card screwed up. So I boought a new pc card and install it.. but upon installing, another friends said, eh I think I know what`s ur old problem, and he fix it in a few clicks.... after 1 week!!!!! and I wasted my new pc card... arrhhH!!!!!

A happy and sad day.

Yes it is. It`s been long since I blog and finally I`m able to do so. Tuesday been a great day and Wednesday have been the totaly opposite. Tuesday I manage to study in the morning. An one hour physics.. First time since ever!! Physics!!! Then lene secretly buy me secret recipe chesscake.... something that supirse me cuz she herself hate cheesecake. After sigma meeting at night, I went dota until 2 am :) It`s been rewarding cuz I coach 10 ppl at one time.. not really coaching but giving pointers. I`m happy even though my team lost cuz my oppenant team manage work together as a team.

As of wednesday, everything doesnt went the way it use to be. I started of my day waking up at 7.30 where I`ve already decided to skip that 8 o clock class.. but since I can`t get back to sleep even though I`m dead tired cuz I slept at 3am, I decided to go :) To my suprise, I reach to school and found out that class was postpond because my teacher is sick. !! arh... I`m not even suppose to be there. The next tradegy that happen to me was during the voices trainning. I offer myself to go on a debate for some reasons that I can`t figure out. As a result, I screwed up pretty badly cuz my heart doesn`t personally support the motion. I`m out of words and being nervous without me realising it. Wei Chein then ask me to go for supper. I initially decline it because I want to revise my physics, but at the same time I`m dead thirsty. So if they are going to 'surau' , a store with excelent fruit juice, I`ll sacrifice my studies and go. And coincidentally, they decided to go there. However I ordered my drink and it didn`t came for 1 hour despite my complains for a few time. Arhhh... I quickly go home and sleep to cool myself down...

Week 8 of academic year

Week 8 already.. so fast. Teacher announce the percentage of abseentess. Standard ruling for most uni and colleges are if you miss more than 25% of the total academic hours, you`re barred from exam. In other words, you mustr achieve a minimum of 75% attendance. I`m suprise that there is some one who actually miss 75 % of the class.. hahahahaha... super barred!!.... oh well.. not too late.. if they start attending every single class from now onwards.. they can still make it for the exam.

Mid term paper for english sucks. After that paper on saturday, I rushed to kl to attend o2 gathering at Caveline`s house in bukit permai. Super nice house. Not relatively big but it`s really nice. Had bbq and steamboat. Ofcuz the food is nth compare to the all-you-can-eat steamboat which I had on friday night (which cost me rm16..cry..cry), but the company of friends is nice. Met a lot of new friends. Guild members which I haven`t met before.

Went to yamcha with them after the bbq. Finally decided to go home at 3am. Mom was suprise that I came knocking at the door so early in the morning. Hahaha.. i never told them I`m coming home. :P :P. Oh well... suprise suprise :)

Convo Nite 05

MMU convocation year 05 ends on Sunday night. Highlight of the event? Convo night. I would say that today is one happy day that I never enjoyed for a very very long time. Everything went well, everthing is done, it`s just perfect :)

The day started of with me waking up around 9.30. Prepare to go to church but went to Uni first and met Lene there. Then later on went to church till 12 pm then head back to uni and help a little in my school`s year book sales (again). Then went for lunch at Shakeys. Never ate pizza for so long. Yum Yum.. Nice :) Spend the afternoon with Lene then night time went to convo night after a superb dinner at wind mill. Tasted ostrict meat for the first time. :P

Convo nite was so-so but it was enjoyable since I get to spend the night with Lene. :) duh!! Then after I wrote a report for the convo night because the reporter covering the event didn`t show up. So I`ve to take over. Took me one over hour to write and I think the report sucks.. oh well.. I`m a lousy writer anyway......... (but yet.. ppl still read my blog.. wakakakaka)

Malacca is so much fun

Went back malacca on Thursday, with a stupid bus from seremban. I took me 9 hours to get back to kajang and another 4 hour to get back to malacca which by right kajang-malacca is just 1 hour journey.. damm I hate public transport. Met up with Ann, Adelene and Dae Ren upon arriving. They pick me up in the bus station... so good :) I just can`t stand going on another bus ride. Went to mp next met up with loads of Adelene`s friend. Then we went ahead and watch Stealth. Hmmm the movie was so-so. Story line was better than expected but the movie still quite average. Some how I become very picky in movies nowadays. Just found that nice movie is hard to find :)

The next day, I help out in my Uni year book sale.. (manage to sell up to rm 2700). Still below my personal expectation. Though can reach 5k.. haahha.. maybe that`s too much. Compare to today, it`s heaven because this morning, another team only manage to sell rm 135.. Well, not to blame them, there is some sad factors involve because most of the ppl are in convo session in Dewan Seri Negeri and today`s crowd are all from Cyber. Nothing to do with Malacca`s year book. :(

Hope tomorrow sales will be better.. still got 100+ more books to sell :(

A worthwhile trip back to Kajang

For once, I`m thankful that I came back to Kajang for such a long time. Not so much as I miss my family (hey, I miss them ok, but just a little :P ) But there is a lot of things to do. I have to help my mother to clear up a room for her busuiness. She`s planning to open some sort of chain store for liqua health company. I never trust her ability and luck in business... but since she so eager to try, I might as well support her. She`s been pretty unlucky with her carreer... maybe things will change.. (for the better). My sis is curently bugging me for money for he stupid jogathan.. sigh.. 10 bucks!! no money d :( super poor... Some mroe I bought wires for my house for the telephone lines since my mom wanna use the computer. So I have to relocate my pc from my room and pull another line to my new location for my streamyx modem. Phew.. tiring. Good at least I settle everything before I leave. Everything is done.. I`m free to leave. malacca.. here i come!

Kajang, my loving home town.

I`m officially back in kajang. I met up with a lot of my friends back here especially during Soo Ann`s farewell party. (she leaving to Canada). One thing I can`t stop notice is everyone guy have become more matured looking and the girls have become prettier.. ( I finally understand why older relatives always say u look prettier/handsome everytime they sees you)

One thing I also notice, most of my friends have already have a partner :P (luckly I`m not left out.. hahaha). Oh well, there is still one or two not taken... The prettiest girl in my sec class haven`t even had one bf b4... weird eh :P Life been pretty funny though....

A whole week in kajang. I wonder what I`m going to do.. Let me see, assignments, go subang visit friends.. hmmm.. practically that`s all... sigh... And oh ya, I`ve to meet up with leen (don`t get confused with lene, I know it sounds a like :P ) cuz I`ve promised her a long long time ago. Seems that her birthday coming soon.. too bad cna`t celebrate with her.. got to go back to malacca.... I miss malaca :P (actually more like miss someone in malaca) hahahaha.....

Hols, hols!! it`s holidays

Well well... the end of the first mid term of Sem 1. A few exam has pass. Screwed up most of it. It`s relieving to know that we have a one week break from the hectic 8-4 classes. However, given the fact that I`ve loads of assignment to do and I won`t get to see Lene for more than 1 week, some how holidays just doesn`t sounds nice.

To make things worst, I`m sick today. Sore throat, fever. flu, cough... and also terrible stomach ache.. dono why.. Currently stuck in Malacca Sentral`s cybercafe cuz all the bus ticket has sold out.. the nearest time is 8 pm.. so I`ve to wait for 3 hours.. sob sob.... not really that long. but still dislike waiting alone... Can`t wait to sleep on my bed at home!!. yipee :P

Mid sem break coming soon.

Had my Human development and Pre-calculus has pass.. I didn`t get full marks for pre-cal.. had 14.63/15.00 sigh.. must have done a mistake somewhere... Computer application exam is this wednesday.. Suprisingly, I`m not tense up... I still can go to mp and watch movie, go to beach and take a nice walk.... life is nice actually

Dota and O2 jam have beginning to popularize in the room I`m working in.. hahaha.. super cool... most of them are new to this game, so I`m spending time teaching them.. Become si fu d.. I wonder how`s everyone back there.... I miss playing dota with all my old friends... And this weekend will be my mid sem break.. going to have 1 week.. hehehe.. Watch out kajang!! alex`s back :P

What is an hour to you.

This is quite a touching story which I found on friendster.. sometimes, we take time for granted that we don`t really appreciate it. Here goes the story ;

A man came home from work late, tired and irritated, to find his 5-year old son waiting for him at the door.
SON : "Daddy, may I ask you a question ?
DAD : "Yeah sure, what is it ?" replied the man.
SON : "Daddy, how much do you make an hour ?"
DAD : "That's none of your business. Why do you ask such a thing ?" the man said angrily.
SON : "I just want to know. Please tell me, how much do you make an hour ?"
DAD : "If you must know, I make Rs.100 an hour.""Oh," the little boy replied, with his head down. Looking up, he said, "Daddy, may I please borrow Rs.50 ?"

The father was furious, "If the only reason you asked that is so you can borrow some money to buy a silly toy or some other nonsense, then you march yourself straight to your room and go to bed. Think about why you are being so selfish. I work hard everyday for such this childish behavior."The little boy quietly went to his room and shut the door.The man sat down and started to get even angrier about the little boy's questions. How dare he ask such questions only to get some money ?After about an hour or so, the man had calmed down, and started to think :Maybe there was something he really needed to buy with that Rs.50 and he really didn't ask for money very often. The man went to the door of the little boy's room and opened the door. "Are you asleep, son ?" he asked."No daddy, I'm awake," replied the boy."I've been thinking, maybe I was too hard on you earlier," said the man."It's been a long day and I took out my aggravation on you. Here's the Rs.50 you asked for." The little boy sat straight up, smiling. "Oh, thank you daddy !" he yelled.Then, reaching under his pillow he pulled out some crumpled up bills. The man, seeing that the boy already had money, started to get angry again.The little boy slowly counted out his money, and then looked up at his father."Why do you want more money if you already have some ?" the father grumbled."Because I didn't have enough, but now I do," the little boy replied."Daddy, I have Rs.100 now. Can I buy an hour of your time ? Please come home early tomorrow. I would like to have dinner with you."

Share thisis story with someone you like....But even better, share Rs.100 worth of time with someone you love. It's just a short reminder to all of you working so hard in life. We should not let time slip through our fingers without having spent some time with those who really matter to us, those close to our hearts.If we die tomorrow, the company that we are working for could easily replace usin a matter of days. But the family & friends we leave behind will feel the loss for the rest of their lives. And come to think of it, we pour ourselves more into work (or studies or games) than to our family.

Things that I like and dislike :P

I know this seems to be a lame topic.. but somehow, loads of event happening everyday and I can`t seems to find the time to blog every events that had happened to me... Anyway, it seems pretty good to sit down and think what I like and dislike as of the end of July 2005

I like ais-cream.
I like chicken and any food that is associate with it :p
I like herbal tea (any kind of it)
I like western food
I like o2 jam
I like DotA
I like someone, (yes i do and I`m not telling who)
I like my computer. (duh.. anyone doesn`t noes that?)
I like my new bunch of friends.
I like to online
I like piano
I like singing
I like acting like a child
I like phylosophies
I like theories
I like world issues
I like sleeping like a pig
I like cold weather
I like beautiful things
I like soft toys or anything that is soft :P
I like speeding and do crazy stunts
I like smiling and laughing
I like sitting at the first row in every lecture
I like God very much
I like watching malcom in the middle
I like animes too :P
and I really like what I like.... hahahaha

I dislike cold water
I dislike waking up in the morning
I dislike getting injured by crashing my bike
I dislike people who get in the middle of someone`s argument and calling ppl to shut up without reason.
I dislike language classes.
I dislike when activities clashes.
I dislike one of my leader in the one of the clubs I`ve joined
I dislike people who boss around
I dislike having few sens in my pocket and have to survive my day with it.
I dislike writing.
I dislike lecturer who always makes simple thing complicated and confuses the people and at the end confused themself.
I dislike the world and how I couldn`t do much about it yet.
I dislike the fact that I`m lacking in so many factors.
and of course, I really dislike the stuff I dislike. :P


Kinda weird having exams only 6 week after we started our first classes. It`s like we barely learn anything. I`m not really in a studying mood yet... oh well.. pray hard that I`ll survive. This weekend.

There is quite a lot of activitiesn going on around MMU this weekend. One of them, tech time.(a kind of pc fair that held in MMU). Pretty grand though even though it`s not a large scale event. And suprisingly, the price are fairly compatitive in relatif to those in low yat. I`ve finally gotten myself a digital camera. It cost around 400 bucks. Pretty cheap though for a cam that have 6.3 mp, sd memory sloth abd also video recording function. But the best part of it, it`s super slim.. love it so much

In study terms, I`ve burden my self with loads of work. Assignments, presentations, lab reports, and I haven`t finish any tutorials.... someone help me!!

Once in a blue moon.

You know what family day meant? To me, it meant 8 years of waiting and I`ve finally had a enjoyable family day since 1997. My family decided to visit me here in Malacca. One of the reasons is because they`re worried that I might still be injured due to that freak accident. Secondly, they wanted to bring my little brother to zoo.. poor guy.. never step into the zoo b4... hehe.. killing two birds in one stone.

Since I`m considered local (been here for like a month), I brought them to eat what I consider the famous food in Malacca. In the afternoon, we had our lunch in the famous chicken rice shop where they serve fantastic chicken rice.. yummy... Then, it rained. Shucks... gone were the zoo trip. So they returned to my apartment and my mom doesn some cleaning and laundry for me.. hehehe.. how fortunate.

After an hour or so, the rain stop and we confidently head to the zoo until it rained again.. damm... However, despite the rain, my family (for the first time) brave agaisnt the odds and went into the zoo. It`s kinda fun looking at animals that I`ve never seen b4 such as weird lemurs that looks like a hybrid of monkey and racoon.

As for dinner, I took them to eat Satay Celup. The dinner was quite satisfying :) It wasn`t exactly exelent but at least it`s something new for them to try... And I`m sure all of them enjoyed it.. *i certainly do :P

Slow internet conection. :(

Another week has past.... more homeworks but completed none. :P I seems to enjoy a lot here. Staying in the students publications room... doing press stuff.. pretty cool you know... you get to interview ppl who is running for the elections (MMU elections). Before I proceed futher, let me explain what the election is all about. Well, in MMU, there is one organization called the Student Representative Counsil. It`s like a students government thingy. Every year, an election will be held and representative gets chosen. It`s very similiar to the real elections. Candidates do their promotions and students vote on the voting day. And just like the real government,candidates makes empty promises and SRC is basically a hopeless organization that sucks MMU`s allowance of 40k a year. The only way a complain will be heard by the Big Guy up there, is when the press complains. That`s one reason why I`m in the Publication Board. (and the management hates us because our complains HAVE to be attended)

Anyway, I would like to know how often that you heard of a motor clashes head on with another motor. Well that what happens to me. On tuesday night, I was riding home happilly and when I almost reach my home, I knock into another motor from the opposite site. I`m not going to explain how it happened but it cost me 3oo bucks to get my motor repaired!! Wanna cry d... Now I have to live will 150 ringgit for the rest of the month.. How am I going to survive? Anybody can provide donation????

Points to ponder upon.

Which one will you choose?

A group of children were playing near two railway
tracks, one still in use while the other disused.
Only one child played on the disused track, the
rest on the operational track.

The train came, and you were just beside the track
interchange. You could make the train change its
course to the disused track and saved most of the

However, that would also mean the lone child
playing by the disused track would be sacrificed.
Or would you rather let the train go its way?

Let's take a pause to think what kind of decision
we could make.............

How do you decide?












Most people might choose to divert the course of
the train,and sacrifice only one child.
To save most of the children at the expense of only
one child was rational decision most people would
make, morally and emotionally.

But, have you ever thought that the child choosing
to play on the disused track had in fact made the
right decision to play at a safe place?

Nevertheless, he had to be sacrificed because of
his ignorant friends who chose to play where the
danger was.

This kind of dilemma happens around us everyday.
In the office, community, in politics and especially
in a democratic society, the minority is often
sacrificed for the interest of the majority, no matter
how foolish or ignorant the majority are, and how
farsighted and knowledgeable the minority are.

The child who chose not to play with the rest on
the operational track was sidelined. And in the
case he was sacrificed, no one would shed a tear
for him.

The friend who forwarded me the story said he
would not try to change the course of the train
because he believed that the kids playing on the
operational track should have known very well that
track was still in use and that they should have run
away if they heard the train's sirens.

If the train was diverted, that lone child would
definitely die because he never thought the train
could come over to that track!

Moreover, that track was not in use probably
because it was not safe. If the train was diverted to
the track, we could put the lives of all passengers
on board at stake! And in your attempt to save a
few kids by sacrificing one child, you might end up
sacrificing hundreds of people to save these few

While we are all aware that life is full of tough
decisions that need to be made,we may not
realize that hasty decisions may not always be the
right one.

"Remember that what's right isn't always popular...
and what's popular isn't always right."

Everybody makes mistakes; that's why they put
erasers on pencils.


Don`t take the word literaly. DICE stands for Dive into your Imagination of Creative Entertainment. It`s a group under the english society which so call promotes the use of english using creative games.. But the truth is, dice is just a clubs for having pure fun... It only uses the `english` excuse to get the approval to exist. ONe of the main games are magic the gathering. A very long establish trading card game which existed aproximately one decade ago or more. So once again, I`m under the spell of Trading Card Game addiction. Last time it was pokemom... sigh*

Another one week of my academic semester pass. Most of my subjects have finish at least 1 chapther. Pre-cal finished 3 already. And despite everythimg, I`m still not studying, nor revising nor did my homework. I slept in class, in fact, not one class I haven`t slept :P. I wonder how will this affect my study.. hmmmm.. hopefully I still can catch up when the examination comes... I`m a last minute guy anyway :P

Alright, let`s see what interesting events that happened this week;

1) Woke up at 9am on teusday morning and realised that class started at 8. oops... went to class anyway.. teacher didn`t realised... did my work quietly and quicly and manage to finish it in time.. no penalty :P
2) I woke up on wednesday morning and found that I didn`t close my window. It rained heavily the night before and my computer, switch box and plugs are all located by the window... Everyhting there is drech with water including my lcd and monitor. Thanksfully my pc is still functioning.
3) Robotics agm on thursday night was better than my expectation. We are called to build a boat out of limited resources and the boat will have to support differents level of weight. My boat drowned the fisrt :( Reason ; 2 stuck up member in my team doesn`t want to follow to my idea...

More to come... to be continued

God will make a way :)

song ; "God will make a way,
where there seems to be no way,
He works in way we cannot see,
He will make a way for me,
He will be my guide,
Hold me closely to His side......

A very old beautiful song that I use to sing so often but yet don`t really appreciatte it. That was until a few days ago where I knew that He is guilding me every second of the day. On Saturday, I woke up and was in a dilemma whether to accept the invitation from nick to go mid-valley tp watch moviet. I would usually agree but then he`s going with his gf and I don`t want to be a light bulb. However, for some strage reasons I went to ktm, and how luckly.. I found 2 of my ex-classmates going to watch movie also. You see... things did turn out well :).

Then at night, I got a sudden invitation to go to my cousin birthday party. Again I`m in a state of confusion because I thought of going out to play DotA with my friends.. I did`nt manage to reject the invitation as my friends already reach at my door step to pick me up. Without thinking much, I went with them. Closed to 9 at the party, one of my friends have to go home because he have to attend his uncle`s party, and I manage to tumpang his car home... and the nigtht went out well with me playihng dota with my friends and then went to Kian Liangs house to play pool.

The next morning, I went to church, taking the lord for everything and had a nice breakfast with my family. Then came another problem, how am I going to go back to Malacca. Hmmmmmm.... I have 3 options. Take a bus to pudu and from there take a bus to malacca. Or, take a train to seremban. Walk from the train station to bus terminal and take a bus to Malacca. Or last option, go wait by the bangi told and my friend from kl will pick me up on the way to malacca.

Hmmm... while thinking, I actually fell asleep. Then I was awakaen by a call. My friends call me to join them to go to an orchard in mantin to eat durians. Since Mantin is relatively near to Seremban, I agreed. My initial plan was to take a bus from mantin to seremban then from seremban to malacca. However, it was quite late when everything ends and my friend mom decided to send me there instead. No need take bus :P

However, I arrive at seremban 15 minutes too late.. the last bus had left at 7.30 pm.. ouch... but yet I knew everything will turn out well :) I went around and a counter called up to confirm for an extra bus service.. and luckly enough, the bus came. I arrive at malaccca late.. but still safe and sound... God will make a way.... lala~

I`m back!!!

Aloha everyone.. I`m back in Kajang.. not for long.. The only reason that I travel 180 km all the way from malacca to kajang is because my parents force me too.. They say I forget about home and etc etc etc.. sigh* so no choice.. I`ve to sacrifice my malacca tour (which I`ve already paid) and also my sketch practice. Anyway, I rather skip this and come back this week than come back next week because I have meeting next week which is way important than a tour. What to do :(

Anyway, since I`m at home d, I finally resolve the problem that have been running in my mind for the pass few days. I`ve decided to stay in MMU... hooray.. reason? loads of them. Lazy to name them all.. besides.. I love MMU-malacca.. it`s feels like home there. Enjoying a lot there.. Enjoy until no time to blog. hahahaha.. Probably this blog one day will come to an end.......

Happiness doesn`t last forever.

It`s been half a month since I`ve been to Malacca.. Life here is superb and fantastic.. I met a lot of new people.. attended tranning camps.. taking up responsibility.. bonding friendships in groups... hanging out a round malacca.. watching movies... praying together.... everything have just been great.. In fact.. I was so bz enjoying I don`t even have time to blog.. notice that I haven`t blog in a while...

Met great friends.. also found so not so friendly friends... all kind of ppl... humble and conceited... Learn a lot of things and experience a lot here... Felt like that is so much more to offer here in MMU... Then all of a sudden, a phone called from my family.. They told me that I`ve been accepted in UTM.. one of the leading technology uni in Malaysia.. Now I`m totally in dillemma.. Am I going to let go everything here? how can I possibly do that.. what should I do??

Yipee!! class starts..

After 7 long months of totaly classless environment, it`s back to school once again. I was quite excited at first but somehow, today was quite dissapointing. Woke up at 7.15 am and it was raining. Gosh, it was so nice to go back to sleep (which i did :P ). 7.24 am (9 minutes after cuz my alarm rang again.. rings every 9 minutes if i snoop it) , woke up and it was still raining. Went back to sleep and alarm rang for the 3rd time.. no choice but to wake up... It`s still raining. I quickly put on my windbreaker and walk out to campus cuz class starting at 8.

First class of the day, pre-calculus for engineering. We had one of the best teachers for pre-cal. Lessons were quite interesting even though it`s on a boring chapter where it explains what is whole number, rational numbers and so on.. Next, physics lab 1. Went to class.. got a terrible physics teacher.. ( don`t know how I`m going to survive thorougout this year) and he told us for physics lab there won`t be classes for the next 2 weeks. and he let us ooff after that.. class suppose to end at 1 pm but he lets us go at 11am.. I don`t know it`s a good thing or bad. The good side is I get to skip a boring lesson. The bad part is that we`re paying few hundreds bucks for nothing.

Then we have english class where it was another boring class. We elected our class represensitf who nick name is botak... lol.. funny guy and class ended in one hour (which is suppose to last for 2 hours). Proof that MMU teachers are all lazy and money making.... hmmmm... we`ll see how it goes later.

Orientation :)

Orientation was pretty fun and boring at the same time.. I mean during the speechs were quite boring but the activities was fun.. The peak of the orientation is the orientation night.. It was a blast seriously... teams cheering, defending and attacking other teams... it was a war of voices... everyone in the main hall were filled with fire as performers from each group (yellow, red, blue and green) give it their best shot with their teams showing off thier group cheer. The orientation night ended at 12.00 am but the students wouldn`t want to go home. It was until 12.30 am the orientation commitee (OC) plead the students to go home and the party ended.

Tonight I went to the beach in Malacca to have dinner with the seniors... One whole group went. Had a superd dinner and we went walking by the beach. Evryone was nicely chating until the seniors become crazy and start bullying each other. First they hide Marks slipers and burried under the sand. But the problem is.. they don`t know where they burried it and requested for everyone to find that missing sliper.. hahahaha.... Eventually I found it and start throwing the slipers to other seniors... Then a few of us start grabing some `not so big size` seniors to the sea.. lol..... I`m the only first year that is crazy enough to join the seniors to play along... it was until then when i heard the seniors says let`s throw the alpha student (first years) to the sea and i began to run away.. lol....

Anyway.. We head back to our home at around midnight. I reach my apartment and found out my phone is missing.. shit!! I might have left it on the beach when playing like crazy just now.... I made more than 10 calls to my phone but no one pick it up.. was worried sick... However, I manage to get the seniors number and he check his car and found it there... what a relieve.. can sleep in peace :)

Aloha Malacca!! Alex is here!!

After a long wait.. I`m finally here at malaca... It`s been 3 days since I last get to online... Loads of things happens.. I`ll start from Saturday, which was the day before I leave for my Uni.
I woke up at 7 am and went to market to get the food for the class reunion party that night. Grace joined me and we shop at 3 places. Kajang market, CCK and sg chua`s market. After that I went home and manage to online for like 15 minutes b4 I went for time square. I went there with Jamie and her sis and her sis`s friends (cuz that`s the only means of transport). Anyway.. went to ts and we were like 1 hour late. However upon reaching there.. only Tyng was early.. He reach there at 11.45 while we reach at 1 pm and our `leader` reach at 2.30 pm.. badly hell.. anyway.. we just walk around TS, Sg wang, and low yat plaza and then I`ve to get back to Kajang to organize the class reunion party. The party went smoothly with most of the active member in the class present. It was a nice reunion.. classmates catching up which each other... It was sad though that many of those quiet ones couldn`t make it for some reasons. After the class party, I went to Inferno witht the rest of the ppl to play Dota. And I`m suppose to meet leen cuz she`ve to pass me something. I was like waiting for her to call me and I didn`t hear my ring tone.. then at 12 am I wanted to call her and when I try to take out my phone from pockect but it wasn`t there. I ran back to my car and found my phone here with 21 miss call from her.. OMG damm.. she was there but she didn`t go in and find me cuz her parents don`t allow i think.. So she waitied for me outside for like 30 minutes and she went back. Gosh.. felt so guilty... I should have waited outside the cafe for her....

That was a very bad ending for the last day in Kajang. So on Sunday morning, I went to church at met up with the rest of my church friends.. say good bye and off to MMU for registration. I arrive there pretty late... There were no queue and only one facilatator left. Hahaha.. the whole uni looks so empty.. I think I`m one of the last few who register that day. I met up with Aaron there and after that we head on to our apartment. We got a unit located at the 7th floor. cooling and not facing the sun :) However when we first open the door.. the room was filthy. My mom quickly mop the apartment and clean it while I set up my pc (hahahaha.. obviously). I couldn`t connect to the internet cuz haven`t register with the main server. And god knows how I survive the day without internet.

Anyway, I was still alive as of Monday. I slept to the max as there is nth I can do. I woke up at 12 pm. Then cook maggee mee and eat. After that I settle my connection and manage to get online but the firewalled my O2jam game.. So I spend the rest of the day complaining to the main server comittee b4 going to MMU at 3pm for my orientation program.. Orientation sux to the max and it was so bored.. what a waste of time.. Hope it will be better tomorrow.... At night.. the last member of my aparment arrive.. We have 6 in total... and all from different states. I`m from Selangor, Aaron from Sarawak, Chin from Penang, David from Pahang, kin ho from Johor, and Kevin from err I forget.. hehehehehe... Cheers for the new life in MMU (food suxs.)

Been a bz week :)

These few days have been extremly bz. Having problem dividing my time between spending time with my family, friends, packing up, getting my new pc, organize my class reunion and helping my sis to be independant enough to handle simple operations on the pc. On wednesday, I went out with my church friends including Father Julian to watch Madagascar... quite funny la.. but not my type of movie.. hehehe

On thursday, I spend the whole day at home doing nth... but manage to pack my cloths and went to pub at night with my father and my uncle who came back from singapore. Played pool with my father for the first time... he was the champion in brother`s pub back in the 2001 and was the runners-up for the cheras competition.

I can only win him if he give me handicap by playing one hand.. hahaha. so funny.... well. i`ll train hard and make sure I win him after I come back from Malacca.. then go and take over his throne of pool champion.. wakkakakaka (day dreaming).

Anyway.. as of friday, I went to my aunts place at sj to eat lunch. Then drop my uncle at sentral, say bye bye and then off to low yat to get my new pc!.. have a few problem crop up there which I`m too lazy to elaborate.. let`s just say it`s all fine in the end even though it took us 4 hours to settle it.. Phews.. been a bz week.. but yet it`s been great :)

I have decided!!

Today I travel all the way to Malacca to find a place where I`ll live for a very very long time... (hehe.. 5 years is extremely long to me). This time, I drove a van there as my family is coming alone so need a big vehicle. I meet up with Aaron at the Restaurant Jejantas located at Ayer Keroh. Then both of us proceed to the Emeral Park a.k.a Pangsapuri Bukit Beruang which is located opposite MMU. The only room left is a triple sharing where one apartment have 4 of those room. The apartments there has no living hall, no kitchen and 12 person staying in that stupid confined place. The only pros are the room is quite big and it`s extremly near to the university. However, the place is stuffy and freaking hot.

Next stop, we went to University Apartment which is a 10 minutes walk from MMU (to me 10 mintues is freaking far!!!!!!) The apartment has a decent living room and kitchen, less occupancy (6 person) lower density, better facilities, swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, pool and snooker (yes!!!) and also have a very nice design. The cons are, the room is super small and the distant is pretty far. And I`ve to pay the eletricity and water bill myself. The rental cost are the same as Emeral Park which cost about 180 bucks.

But after weighing the pros and cons, my family and I have come to a conclusion which is to stay at the University Apartment. Hopefully it will be a right choice.... (and i know it will be cuz there is a pool table there!! and u can play for free!! heheheheheheehe.. so happy so happy)

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