Merry Xmas everyone.

*mary`s boy child, Jesus Christ, was born on christmas day*

That was one of a few wonderful song we(the choir) sang during the christmas mid night mass.. we sang our hearts content.. it was fantastic.. i think we sang really well even thought some might not agree while some praise us till we reach for skies... I think all the hard work pays off.. the practices and stuff.....

We had lots and lots of practice.. and today`s the day we gave our best.. for christ... The mass was beautiful.. probably the second nicest mass i have apart from my confirmation mass (always the most touching moment of my life).

After the mass over.. we wish everyone merry christmas... and went out for supper.. I and nick then went to CC (cyber cafe) and played till about 5.30am.. After we went home. .he continue to play my computer.. crazy guyss.... I woke up at 12 and by that time.. A few of my friends have already arrive for my open house... yaiks!! and i`m still sleeping... hahaha..

I quickly get ready and as time pass. more and more ppl came.. I didn`t really invited much friends... cuz i really dono who to invite.. all of a sudden i felt that i can`t even find 10 friends who will really be there for me... anyway... back to the scene..

Practically all of them arrive around 1.30 and we have lunch together.. hmmmm..let`s see what`s on the menu.. Fried Chicken (as usual), curry chicken (too common), wild boar rendang (now that`s something speacial).. vegetables (good for health) and of cuz turkey (what`s christmas without turkey).

My whole afternoon was spent on friends then at night... i went off to a friends house. Was very much suprise to find my self to be one of the first person to be there... cuz i thought i was late.. :P Spend the rest of the night there... Basicallly it kinda out for me to be in that place cuz i`m like the only guy in that group of freinds.. so whatever they are talking.. hmm.. wrong channel... but at least the food was nice.. and got so much!!!! Her mom was very kind and keep on offering food but i`m too bloated to eat.... hope i don`t get a tooth decay... or not for the next christmas i have to sing *all i want for christmas is my two front tooth...... *

MAS aviation carrier talk.

I went to my aunts yesterday and spend the night there. It`s because i`ve to attend a talk held my MAS specially for the children of the MAS staff.. Neither my mom or my dad is one of the staff in MAS.. but my uncle does... since i always bug him so i can get some information on MAS.. he registered me for this talk....

I couldn`t sleep well the night before cuz my grandma keeps on snoring. and i`m very sensitif to noise... espeacilly at night.. even mosquito in my room can make me not able to sleep unless i`m very tired.. and also my mind was captured my one cute little robot which my cousin make from the book coleection real robots... (its a book where they give you some parts every episod and you have to collect all in order to make a robot)... It`s a called cybot.. very amazing.. it can follow lines, avoid/follow objects. and also find light.. and later. it can be upgraded to voice recognizition. remote control and can even interact with another cybot.. cool!!!

Ok.. back to the talk.... The talk is held in the MAS training centre (or is it the headquaters. i don`t really know) in kelana jaya,. It have to be worth it. cuz i sacrificed a church camp in order to attend this talk... But at the end of the day... it`s really worth it...let me explain briefly what i learn from the talk...

Basicly.. the MAS is one big family.. you can realy fell the warmth when the speaker speacks.... very fluent english and humerous... and it`s a very relax talk. nothing serious.. it shows you the wonders of being part of this family..... basically.. they are looking ppl to fill in particulaly 4 jobs, cabin crew, aircraft maintance engineering, pilot and customer services.. And alll of them doesn`t need a degree.. yeap including pilot and engineer.. but you have to undergo serious training with them.. and there is a bond of 10 years.. oops. scary...

As for me.. I`m quite interested in piloting and enginneering.. but that is on downside. Joinning MAS means i won`t have a chance to do my degree..i`ll straight away work.. hmmm.. can anyone help me out here.. i`m confuse what am i suppose to do..... sob sob

I`m dreaming of a white christmas*

Things are closer than it seems. It seems only yesterday that my i was going crazy with my exams.. and now.. it`s christmas.. and soon.. the end of the year. This year is going to be a very significant year for me.. not only because i`m leaving school this year (finnaly) but also because the things i went through. Since 2004 is about to apart from doing my last minute house cleaning and christmas shopping.. let me reflect on the things that i`ve been through this year in brief :

*the best new year ever celebrated at church (with disco and stuff!!! yea! in church!!)
*my first official bio lesson since i didn`t have a bio lesson in form 4. (and i got a lousy teacher)
*the most boring chinese new year (yea. it`s something to remember)
*felicia pass away because of heart failure ( and coinceidentally another friend of mine celebrated his 17th birthday)
*my `closed victory` to become a state chess player.. (just a matter of 1 seconds!)
*meeting all my new friends in new tuition centres (espeacially in miss lee class)
*crash my motorbike (and i`m still alive)
*pick up the habit of sleeping in class (yeap. only started this year. hahaha)
*getting the worst exam result in upper secondary(got b got c and also got d!!! imagine!!!)

*found that `someone` speacial.. (shhh..totaly secret)
*represented the state for science quiz held in Sarawak
*met some very nice `angles` from sarawak during the quiz
*won 3rd in state engineering and invention competition
*go out lepak with the head prefect of the school (yea.. he ponteng also.. mwahahha)
*celebrated my nicest birthday party ever (eve of actual date).... but have the worst day on my actual birthday.
*gotten a pretty nice 11A result for trials. (not straight A though.. there`s a `b`.)
*endure the nightmare of spm..
*and finaaly the joy of christmas season.. with carroling and choirs...

I wonder what will be install for me next year.. hmmmm
-queen sera, sera, what ever will be, will be......-

Phew... bz bz bz...

Think that i`ll rest after i come back from Langkawi.. think again.. i`m out the next day.. and the next day.. and the day after next day... To make it simple.. I`m out every single day!!! In a week.. i went to mid-valley 4 times and pwtc 3 times.. There are lot`s of fairs going around.. and i`m not missing it... On the whole.. there are 2 fair that i really enjoyed.. One is the edu fair and one more is the pc fair..

This edu fair is held at mid valley and it`s different from the last edu fair at pwtc. This one is held by nipei and there are much much more better consultant then the pwtc edu fair.. I like one of the consultant`s phrase. It sounds like this * if you work ur ass up.. you can definetly score well*. hahaha.. pretty true.. only my ass a little bit heavy and i`m too lazy to move.. hahaha.... well i guess tertiery study will be quite challenging to me base on my lazineesss... I`m deeply deeply confuse on the choice i have... I think i need a sign from god!! hello?? some sign pls!!! i`m cracking my head here now... well.. guess i`ll wait till my spm result comes out before i make any decisions....

Pc fairs was pretty nice.. The price was really really low compared to the normal shops... I regretted didn`t bring enough cash to shop there... the crowd there was extreamly large.. you hardly get to walk.. espeacilly those places where there are nice bargains... I join an o2jam mini competition and i got 3rd. hahaha.. didn`t expect that to happen... pretty happy cuz it`s the first time i`m playing computer game one stage... last time i`ve been the spotlight on stage was during my yo-yo competition years ago....

It`s been a bz week so far as christmas is coming real soon.. I`m have to attend christmas choir practice.. clean up my house.., go for christmas shopping.. put up my christmas trees and also practice some christmas song on my guitar cuz i was selected to play the guitar for a gathering.. sigh.... it`s been bz bz bz.. hope i can`t still survivie when christmas day really comes......

All about langkawi....

Aloha!! lot`s of ppl say my blog is like `out date`.. ok.. I`ll now spend sometime to tell what have I been up too for the last 10 days..... Let start with langkawi!!! It was a suprise for most of the people when they saw me at the school with my bags cuz I`m not suppose to follow on this trip.. however.. one of the participant go sick and i replace her instead.. yahoo.. I get to go Langkawi....

It`s was a nightmare without sleeping on the way to that island... I didn`t get to sleep the whole night... probably just a fourty winks or so... when all of us finally reach kuala perlis.. all looks like half dead even thought it`s just the first day of the trip.... i slept throughtout the whole ferri trip to langkawi from kuala perlis... so i dono what happen during that period. Upon arrival.. the guys have to do the `donkey`s work to carry the girls bag.. well.. not of all the guys.. but too bad i`m one of the `donkey`.. sigh. sad case...

We stayed the first 2 days of this trip in the beach resort at chenang. The beach is pretty nice.. with nice sand and clear water.. however... don`t think clear water no crocodile (taken from a bm translation for air tenang jangan di sangka tiada buaya).. Ok.. i`m just exaggarating.. there isn`t any crocodile. but there are lots and lots of jellyfish... i got more than 10 bites all over.. and so do all my friends.. i`m not so sure whether those are jellyfish bites.. but it sure hurts....

We then all gave up on swimming and ty kayaking instead.. we kayak twice.. one of day one and the second one on day two.. Day one was a terrible experience as I partnered up with a wong.. That guy doesn`t lend a helping hand in kayaking.... and worst of all. he doen`t even sit properly.. he was sitting at the edge of the kayak with his legs out on the water.. and coincidentally.. nick`s kayak knock into us.. and walah.. the he fell.. but that`s not all.. he pulled the boat along... and cause both me and the kayak to tumble along... Sigh.. then as we try to climb back on the kayak. he suddenly got leg cramp and he pulled the kayak all the way to the bottom of the sea.. luckly it wasnt`t that deep.. we still manage to save the kayak with the help of the worker there.. sigh... what a terrible incident...

On day 2... the kayak was pretty fun as 7 kayaks race to the island that is about a few kilometres off the shore... and best of all.. i change my partner.. even thought this time my partner is a gal.. i think she put in more effort than my first partner... there is only one pityful guy that had a gal partner that really gave a headache.. she can`t paddle properly and as a result the guy rather paddle all by himself... pity him... but at least.. he doesn`t fell off the kayak as i do.. * ^_^`*

After the kayaking.. we played sand instead.. we burry a guy with sand. That seems to be a pretty normal thing to do at beach right... but then.. we began to add additional grafic.. hahaha.. real body shape.. with all the ahem ahem parts... and to make things merrier.. one tourist pass by and took the picture.. hahahaha.. that was so so funny...

Nothing much happen on the 3rd day.. just went shopping around.. clubbing at night.. and played pool.. I guess the whole langkawi trip is only enjoyable at the beach... the bus broke down on the way home.. one of it`s tyre puncture.... reach home at almost 12. what a tiring trip.. and a sms buzz through my ears.. *tomorrow meet at ktm station at 10 am to go to mid valley*.. arrh.. aren`t i tired enough...........

Damm.. i`m busy and tired...

Phew.. since my exam over.. i barely have enough time to sleep.... today, I went to an edu fair organized by FACON (which i dono what it stands for). There are really lots of options which until now.. i`m in a state of confusion. I mean, I get a 100% scholarship for nilai because i score 11 As for my trials.. and I also got other scholarship offers.. but i might declined all of them and go to form 6.. and SOME ONE PLS TELL ME WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!

To make the day more merrier. I just receive and invitation about an hour ago to go to langkawi which i`m suppose to leave in another 30 minutes.. damm... OMG I HAVE`t PACK YET... what the hell am i doing blogging.. i`m mad... gtg now.!

It`s over!! at last!!! SPM is finally over!!!!

"Merdeka!! merdeka!! merdeka!!" those are the last few words that i remembred before going my seperate ways with peoples that have been my classmates for years. It`s finally over and we gace like 3 cheers but too bad it wasn`t loud enough as there are only around 10 ppl shouting it. The clap was pretty loud as everybody clap hands at 3.35 pm where our exam have finally ended. I didn`t went out early as I would have normally do in other papers. I would like to listen the examiner say "masa menjawab sudah tamat" for the very last time.

After coming out from the exam hall.. Flours were thrown at each other and pictures taken.. It was probably the best last day school memory we have. Then I and my group of friends went to the cyber cafe and play warcraft for the next 3 hours until the sun goes down. Then I went back quickly change and eat and went out again. It was seriously a nice and tiring day. And tomorrow i`ll be going to time square... sigh..tired.. hahaha

Insurance Policy

Today I came across some insurance policy which my mom and my grandmother bought for us. What I first saw is a collections of number. Unlimited numbers line by line something like the code of matrix. Then when my mom starts to explain.. things get simpler... I look throught my sis and little bro`s policy.. My bro have the most expensive insurance of all... It stated that if my bro life the 65 and he pass away, his decendent will inherit more than 1 million.. prety cool right..

Physics today was totaly terrible and horrible. I have never come across such a tough paper. Maybe it`s because I have been pampered by the simple trials paper when it`s really easy. I still hope that I can pull it an A1 this time... keep my fingers cross..hahaha.... Seems that bad luck happen to me quite often.. especially helath wise... I`m sick one the very first day of SPM and now I`m sick again... Sore throat, fever, flu, cough.. u name it.... such a terribble state to go through in the most important exam even... hope that lady luck will shine on me when the results comes..Nth much to blog today.. must rest early so I can have strength to keep up for the rest of the exams.

KLCC is cool and second phrase of SPM commencing

I woke up in the morning due to a call. It was almost 11 at that time... Who in the world wake me up that early!! I thought I wanna sleep to 12 pm.. Turn out to be some one asking me for some physics questions... ARRHH!! what a bad way to start a `beautiful` and `wonderful` morning... Anyways... today will be a wonderful day. It must be... It is because my family is going to watch movie together in KLCC... something that we haven`t done since 1997 which is about 8 years ago. We watch the incredibles because it is my little bro birthday and we have to watch a show that at least suits him.

I would seriously recommend everybody (young, old, aldult...) to watch that show if you plan to laugh ur lungs out... It`s pretty funny and also quite thrilling as well.. Luckly for us we book the tickets b4 hand because most of the shows sold out hours before it started... And I also figure out that KLCC`s park is really comfortable and relaxing.... all the laughter from the children and family give you a feeling of tranquillty that words can`t explain.

However, relaxing is one thing.. meanwhile the second part of spm is soon to come. There are 7 subjects left and the thing that i find exasperating is that accounts, chem and bio is put together one day after another without breaks.. Which simply means that I won`t be able to make last minutes studies!!! And to make the matter worst... theses 3 subjects one my weakest!!! Really feels like punching the fellow who planned the spm time table!!!.. btw..where I put my time table..?? hmm.. i wonder... :P

Bored, bored, bored!! I`m so BORED!!

Save Raya Day (direct translation from selamat hari raya). This holiday is one of the rare occasions where two celebration fell closed together. It`s call kongsi raya where by Hari Raya and Deepavali are just 3 days apart. Yet!! this is the poorest Raya I`ve ever known. Noramlly I get bout 10 ringgit for both of this celebrations respectively... BUT THIS YEAR NONE!!! can you believe it? double celebrations but none.. Hmmm. no wonder I`m so broke. hehehe..

To make the matter worst.. i`m stuck in my house. I can`t go out cuz all my friends is either studying at home or working.. Arhh.. what a boring holiday.. shouldn`t have given us a break. Should finish the spm as soon as possible... Staying at home makes me founded out one formula.. bored= blog ... hahaha.. it seems only when i`m bored and nothing else to turn too.. then only i`ll blog.. hahaha... Well.. but the problem is i`m running out of words to blog.. I just wanna ask anyone who have any tips on bio, chem and acc pls tell me ok? I`m very weak in those subs. thank you all very much
arigota goziamas..

Phew.. half way to Merdeka.

Finally.. 5 down.. 7 more to go.. Waa!! still got 7 papers and that includes bio and chemistry.. The past week seems to be enjoyable. that was until I got my spm papers.. I didn`t study much and as a consequences... The papers were horrible.. Imagine that.. I forget how to do a rumusan and I didn`t have time to finish my ENGLISH ESSAY!!!!! I always seems to screw up last minute.. I remembered during my pmr.. I did an essay and half way through I didn`t notice that there is a title and I`m required to write something different.. But thank God that time I still able to finish it.. But this time.. sigh..

Let`s elaborate futher.. First mistake.. I spent the first 20 minutes thinking what to write as a title for the part A.. Damm... it`s so freaking hard to write and to think of one suitable title.. And after 20 minutes I wrote the title that I first made up within 1 minute. Then I choose the wrong title.. I wrote a story that suppose to be funny but it didn`t turn up to be such a laughable story.. Damm.. I hate language subjects...

But hell with eng. Sejarah paper 2 was after that. I try to finish it as soon as possible cuz I got to make a rush to Uncle Lim`s place ( Genting Higlands). Turn out to be the most boring trip ever (what can you expect if you are going out with family). Didn`t play much until my family went back and I insisted that I`ll find a way home myself. It`s because the taxi can only fetch 4 person and there are 5 of us. We went up with 2 cars. My aunt stayed back with me too. Only then we start to have fun. ( note : my age gap with my aunt is only 12 while my mom with my aunt is 17. lol). We went to snow world then we went to mid valley.. reach mid valley at 9 pm and play arcade.. We finally took a cab home (her place) and reach about 12 am.. So exhausted.. But I enjoyed a little (better mid valley than genting) BUt then.. spm is still on.. :(

Preparation for SPM.

So, after 12 years of education, finally...I have reach the height of my journey so far.. the SPM week is finally here. 2 days left to go..... And my preparation? hahaha.. a lot of people ask me that question.... it really hit me because I myself couldn`t find an answer.. I mean how can I answer it, No one can... how could one say that he`s prepared! how would one know if he/she`s prepared.. Thousand and one questions but no answer.

Ok... let`s see what have I done so far.. First subject.. Bible Knowledge.. I read the 2 text book that i`m suppose to read and I`m now going to do some questions.. I hope with God`s help, it would be sufficient to score an A. Next would be addmath.,. Well today I did some addmaths questions.. I normally revise addmaths the day before.. but since it`s spm.. i guess better start early. hehehe.... I`m really worried bout my science subjects cuz those are the one that are hardest to score.. May God really help me.... I plan to start studying after I put down my pen for History paper 2.

Well.. crap a lot.. can`t find a reason to study... I`m just pure lazy.. It would be a miracle if I can obtain my maximum A1..Can only pray..Some of my friends are having mental breakdown due to the pressure.. I`m glad i`m not one of them.. hahaha.. but as friend.. I`m kind enough to offer service as counselor.. hahaha.. Alright.. i`ll stop blogging here I can only hope for the best for the exam....

Last day at school.. Bye bye SMKJB

Today I went to school as normal. Everyone form 5 is force to come because they have to arrange the tables and chairs for our big day... sigh.. SPM is just next week. My first paper will be bible knowledge (GOD PLS HELP ME). Ok back to the story. So I reach school at about 7.30 and walah!! My school looks like a school for the first time in months.. They are people everywhere.. noises.. more like an open day if you ask me.. the feeling of the first day of school is there.. except that today is our last.

But somehow I dono that today is the last day of school until the teacher tells us during the assembly. There is another surprise.. SPOT CHECK!!.. are they mad.. it`s like the last day of school and the diciplinary board still want to held a spot check.. That why I said.. MY SCHOOL SUCKS!!! Anyway.. most of us got the news of spot check before hand.. so no worries.. only certain pityful ppl who didn`t had any news... they got their hand phones and walkman.. etc consficated..

I spent the rest of the time in school arraging tables and playing basketball.. I think i grew a little bit taller and darker at the same time cuz I`ve been playing basketball everyday (yes I skipped class) since err... after trials.. Lol.. . but some how I never improve... sigh.. (probably becuase i`m too short) how sad..

Then everybody seems to be hugging each other as if the end of the world... and the amazing thing is.. the one who does the hugging the most is the indian gang in school which normaly give punches more than hand shakes... Hmmm.. it`s a weird weird world.. But finally they did something that even I have to thank them.. they lighted fireworks everywhere.. That is what I`ll say celebration.. The teachers are all going crazy.. YEAH!!! revenge.. hahaha.. and the place where the most explotion is near the office... hahaha.. that so cool..

Lot`s of student lined up to get their PMR Certs.. I on the other hand tore my slip cuz I didn`t get an Straigt A for it... Then i was told that without my cert I can`t get into Uni.,.. damm.. I hate my life... least something happy.. I got a Silver Cert for the National Physics Quiz (the one which i pester all the teacher in my school to let me enter..-pls refer to my past blogs about the quiz-) . The Silver Cert is like the highest in my school.. how honoured..hahaha... Finally.. a good news in the midst of darkness... and *bang* -another fire craker exploded-

Rain rain and more rain!! hey the water`s entering my house!!! cool~

I went to school late this morning.. purposely.. lol.. I arrive school at 8 am cuz there is a talk about on IPTA (institusi pengajian tinggi awam) at sharp 8 also. Haahaha. The talk was kinda stupid. I can sumarize it in 2 sentences. *those who didn`t apply for matrix are dumb* *going to Uni after form 5 will only guarantee you a diploma*. Wasted my time.. should have slept longer.. Well, we play basketaball after that until i sweat from head to toe.

Luck doesn`t seems to shine on me today. I ordered a mee and the taste is so bad and they charge me for 4 ringgit.. Blood suckers. Then I play badminton for another 3 hours... in the dark!! The hall suddenly black out while I and my friends are playing half way. Told ya my luck is bad.. sigh. Then when I want to go back that time. It was already raining. And I`m stuck there alone and cold and hungry for another 3 hours b4 I finaly reach home.

I have a nice bath and dinner and I thought I finally can rest. Then I receive a warning from my friend. The river is over flowing. I never though this would really effect my family because the river`s overflow quite often but my house is still safe and sound. Only the town area and those resident stay near the river will have big time problem. But then.. while I was happyly smsing ppl.. My mom called me!! To my suprise.. my house had flooded.. I walk out of my house and realised that my area had flooded to knee deep length. For over 20 years my hamily had been here and it never flooded before!!. Now this is what i call cool. I have to pleasure to relocated my bike and able to see some dumb fellows who didn`t relocate their vehichles. 1 hour later, you can see the tow cars came and earn a fortune towing those spoild vehicles out of the water. Lol.

It`s now close to midnight. And guess what.. It`s still raining. It had rain for almost 10 hours!!! hmmm... never experience rain so long b4. However the water level went down a little. Inside my house is water-free once again. But other houses is still flooded.. pity them.. I wonder how those who stay in single storey house is going to sleep later. I manage to put all the important stuff up on my room. I hope there is no casualty this time. The last time it flooded here in Kajang (but my place was not affected) one poor guy died. The lost of property is unavoidable this time. I wonder how`s my town now. I just hope that the rain will stop soon and no more further damage is to be done...... ~the rain continues~

Trials is over.. SPM is HERE!!!! well not

" SPM is not around the corner anymore. It`s already in the corner" one of my english teacher in the school bark at the students. Sigh. .some how this words do have some impact on me. You see.. spm is just another 2 weeks..and here I am, online and online nonstop.. didn`t bother to study. Hmm... if you think that i`m going to die when SPM arrive... You are totaly wrong.. I`m dead already!! Hahahaha...

It`s been like pretty long since I blog.. I just not like one of my friend Marcus, that can blog constantly.. Hmm almost everyday!! Admire his will power..hahaha... Nevertheless.. no one really cares if I blogs or not.. No one read this anyway.. kekeke... I think i should put a poll to see how many people actually visited this site.. The last time I did a webpage.. I have 100 visitorss with 87 of them is actually my self visiting the site.. That`s so dissapointing.

So, what had really happen this couple of weeks.. Umm.. nothing much really... I got back most of my papers.. How sad.. got like super low for this time trials... but at least it`s better than my first semester which is totaly horrible.. I still didn`t achieve my target of my straight 12 As. I guess my chances of getting 12A1 for this SPM will be like 0.000000000001%. Let`s reflect on my mistake. I got like 11As and 1B3 this exam. 8A1 and 3 A2 to be exact. I really have to improve on my bio!! It`s so freaking hard!!!! and also BM. I think this 2 subject will probably be the reason I won`t score an A.. Besides that.. chemistry is also extremly dificult. I just don`t understand how Aqtar can score 94% for that.. arrhh. that freak!!!.. He got 14 A1 this term.. I so hate him!!!!!!!!

Wow...the ketua pengawas skip school to go lepak!!!

It`s the last day Samuel, Marcus and Akmal is going to be here. And can you believe it, mr Ketua Pengawas from our school who never ever wanted to go even to a shopping mall actually skip school to accompany them to hang out around KL city. As for me, well.. i`ll skip school whenever i feel like it.. i don`t have a clean record anyway.. so who cares!! lol..

Well.. let`s see to day I and Aqtar left the train station at 7.30 am. Reach KL Sentral about 8am. Then Samuel changes his mind to meet at that time cuz got some breakfast that they have to eat so Aqtar and I have to wait at Sentral for them to come. After waited bout an hour.. finaly they finish their "supreme" breakfast and starting to leave their hotel. Hmmm... my biggest worry was that they took the wrong train and go to the oppostite track that will lead them to Titiwangsa instead of KL Sental (both of this station is the ending station for the monorail). Aqtar convince me that they won`t be that blur.. But after 20 minutes they still didn`t arrive and Aqtar became to worry himself. So.. i grab his phone and `ordered` him to call them. And to our suprise..they are in the 2nd last station already.. but on the oppsite direction!!!. sigh... now must wait for them to get out from the train and take the other trains..

Finally.. arrive at mid-valley at 10.30. exatly 3 hours since we left kajang. Wow... the longest time i took was 30 minutes. Well..once in a life time chance.. you don`t get to wait for you friend everyday right? lol... it`s been worth it in the end.. Enjoy so much at mid-valley espeacilly in the bowling arcade and putting spells on Aqtar cuz he seems to be getting all the spares!!!. arrhh... he won in the end.. such a bi**h

We rush back to their hotel by 2pm. It`s been twice i check out hotel in this 2 days but none of them is i stayed. Haha.. become their doorboy. Help them carry stuff out.. And without long. We made a last trip to Money River ( and then we parted by saying good bye while they leave with their taxi. Sad to leave them though.. but i hope i`ll be seeing them 1 day.

National Science Quiz Finals!!

I woke up as early as 5.30am this morning. Can`t remember the last time that i actually woke up that early before. ( but i remembered going to bed at that Today will be the big day from my Sarawaks friends, Samuel, Marcus and Akmal. I and Aqtar rush to the ktm station but Aqtar came just on time to miss our train. If he had just come 2 minutes earlier then we would have gotten up that train. After 18 stations, we finally reach Chow Kit road. Now.. I have seriously no idea where the hotel is located at. they are 3 junction to choose from. I ask a man and he said that it is located at the left junction.. i ran halfway and saw a building high up written Brisgale hotel located at the direct opposite junction.. then i rush back again to the opposite. It`s already 7.35 am that time. And I and Aqtar suppose to be there by 7.30am of not the bus will leave us behind. Oh no... we ran as fast as we could and finally reach the hotel only to find out that Samuel and gang are still in their rooms. Sigh. Wasted the effort of running like mad cows.

We were like so 'sesat' there. All of them gave us a kind of look where you know that they would like to ask, "who the hell are you??" Well we are proudly to say that we are one of the particapants (or more precisely, ex-particapant) for this quiz. Everyone though that we were one of the Sarawaks schoolmate.. hmmm..i wonder who will come all the way from Sarawak to support. The ticket would cuz ur life. The competition started and you can see that they are very nervous. The results are very bad compare to the previous level. It`s was a close fight though. The marks were all very near with anyone answer 1 more question and the results will be changes. Sadly to say, Perak won. They seems to play it safe and only go for question that they are really sure. Hmmm..kinda smart huh. Well..i still think that St Joseph school from Sarawak are the best. However i think our school might stands a chance if we are able to get to this round. Aqtar basically manage to answer more than 50% of the question. but i know he`ll have the buzzer trouble. Happened to us back in semi-finals. He knows the answer but dono how to press the buzzer in time.. What a waste...

Well..what`s done is done. neither they nor us can regret anymore. It`s God`s will.. So we decided to go have fun around KL later in the afternoon. We realy have a whale of time. We enjoy so much in the arcade, playing a shooting game whereby were played the role of a soldier (pity the country who have us cuz we make such a terrible soldier) .then we have like a few games of car racing game. I always get push around to the side and walah!! a big bang follows up and my car ended up to be an upside-down tortise. Akmal made a silly mistake by putting the coins. started the engin, chose the track and realised that the machine he is using have no stering wheels just before the race started..hahaha...i have no idea how he actually made 1 lap i think... lol.. no steering wheel!!!!

Nearly laugh to death being with them. Espeacilly back in the hotel where we purposely kacau the next door which is use by the Kedah convents girld and then blame Marcus for it.. Hahaha.. just because he ahem ahem.. .well..naa.. it`s private..interested in can ask me privately. Marcus will kill me if i tell the whole world here..hahahahaha.... (a very speacial thanks to Tsan who inspired me all this ideas). HAahahah....i better stop now..hahaha..cuz can`t stop laugggghhhiing.. wahahahaha... bye..hahahahahahhaa

Lot`s and lot`s of good news!!!

Today happens to be a sunshine after quite sometime of being miserable. I went to school just in time even though i woke up like 30 minutes late. It`s suppose to be our Hari Mengenang Jasa for those for contribute to the school in any kind. We started of with the usual boring assembly. Our school song is sang badly as usual and out national anthem lyrics have been change to make the song more "pathetic". Then they start giving the certs for the chairman of the clubs. I represented 2 clubs (as chairman of course) and receive the certificates for the behalf of my clubs. And i got like 100+ stacks of certifactes at last (plus all my competition certificates) and 75% doesnt belong to me. Receive so many trophies that i can actually start a lelong to sell them off... I spend the rest of my school day finding the people that owns the certificates i received during the assembly.

Then another happy news is that I actually gotten an A for my history!!! Not that i didn`t get before.. this time i got 85%. I`m just so happy cuz i didn`t expected this. I told the whole world bout it. So if you read this.. you are probably the hundreth person to know..hahahaha...
Then what`s more happy!! My friends that i met from Sarawak during the national science quiz semi-finals is coming over for the finals. The finals is held tomorrow. I didn`t see them since the last time we parted (obviously) . I`m hoping hard that they will win. Maybe they will buy some presents for us if they get a free holiday there.. Haahaha... Hmmm... I wonder if we can kidnap them and take their place for the quiz tomorrow.. hmm.. naa.. bad idea.... rather rob their tickets after they win... that`ll be simpler..hahahaha..... the plot continues.....

Omg!! i still got one more paper to go!!

Maybe i celebrated my "merdeka" too early. I relised that i still have bible exam. I woke up 7.30 am and prepare to leave to kl. The examination is held in the church of Fatimah located in Briekfields. Hmmm... We thought of going there by train, however, Nick`s mom offered me and my friends a lift to the place. Wasn`t a good news actully. KL as usual, is jam and i suffer a disease which i call "car sick" whereby i can`t really sit a car without feeling dizzy or wanting to vomit. Have mercy on me.. :(

Reach there aproximately 9.00 am. I arrive there same time as a girl from my church (the only girl from my church who took bible class... and apparently the only chinese girl that took bible knowledge in the whole exam hall!!) Then. while everybody was bz getting their last minute studies.. i decided to go to the mamak to have breakfast. mad huh??? I`m suppose to be the one that need last minute studies. Started my bible exam at 10.00am.. Opps i seems to get confuse about the story Jesus heals a blind man. I first put the story of blind. then change to lame man.. then change to the leoprasy and finally back to the lame man.. only to discover in the end.. the answer is the blind man!! Oh gosh..that`s like so lame.... :P I`m the first one to finish the exam.. then my whole church members pass up... then followed by other churches.. the examiner was like so impress that we can finish so early.. I`m pretty sure they will be "impressed" when they see our marks!!! sigh..

Later on... went to mid-valley.. was pretty cool.. play bowling, eat bugger king (which you get free refill on drinks. Nick and me mix all the drinks together and we get a drink which taste worst than air bandung..yucks.. nearly got stomach ache). By the time i reach home. i just grab my cloths, when off to Nick`s house and take bath there. And without long... zoom. we went to school to celebrate the mooncake festival held by the chinese club society. Got lot`s of things to eat though.. Let`s see..hmmm. Fried rice, mee (seems every party must have this 2 items), salad, bbq chicken, bbq lamb, bbq fish, hotdogs, corn and blah blah. Then they have those classic chinese puzzle (teng mi) whereby they give an un`understandable question and the audience reply an un`understandable answer. Lol.. well.can`t blame me.. i don`t know how to read chinese.. how to solve the puzzle!!

Reach home dead tired.. Slept at 2 somethign that night. I think i slept like a log all along can`t really remember why i`m home when i woke up the next day. Lol..

Half the nightmare is gone!!!

Phew... it`s been so tiring sitting for my trial. Suffered for 3 weeks dude. Really don`t feel like sitting spm anymore!!! Today`s i just finish my last paper which is accounts. Was slightly easier than i expected but on the other hand.. i seems to wrong a lot of every easy subjects!! I got really sad marks for 2 of my trials paper. Coincidentally, both of those papers drop exactly 7 marks from my first semester exam which is Maths drop from 94% to 87% while addmaths from 82%-75%. I hate myself. Just so damm careless making silly mistakes like 2x2=2 and putting the wrong number. How can i forgive myself :(

I think the only think that i improve is my game skills. Lol. I`ve been playing o2jam and gunbound (online games) like mad.. hahaha...even during the trials (hmmm got only myself to blame if my trials score badly). So now trials have over...what am i to do with my life. Sit here and rotted till SPM? So that`s why i`m bcak here again.. blog blog blog. yea.. so happy.. I must really learn how to blog again. Totaly forget. But who cares.. no one read my blog anyway.. i`m just keeping it to myself... hmm... can make a secret online diary huh.. hahaha... better not.. just in case some one hack into my account and #&$$%(%$(

Hmm..guess what. it`s 1 am. I need to go to school tomorrow!!! wonder what more disaster (papers) i will get tomorrow. Better pray hard today... just hope that not all the result will ended up dropping 7 marks.. i still aim to get my 12 A1!!! hahaha.. wish me luck!!

It`s over.. I`m a free man again!!

Now the last of my worries is over. My test have over ( i seriously don`t want to know the results). I`m free again. actually not really that free cuz spm haven`t over yet. But without and project and quiz. Life`s definetly more peaceful. Today is the one saturday that i didn`t have for a very very long time. I woke up at 10.. so happy. everyday i have to wake up early. Then i on my pc and start blogging.

The month of july have definetly been the busiet month in my life. But nevertheless.. i enjoyed it. All the quiz and competition have been a good teacher to me. I gain lots of experience and some really pretty cool friends. Now all that`s over. I guess i have to adapt back to my old peaceful life together with my dear PC. Can`t live without my comp. It`s been long since i can play games for 10 hours a day, go to mamak until the wee hours and go "yan cha" whenever i want. I`m going to get all this back, but maybe after spm. My trial on sept 7. Have to start preparing from now d. I don`t want to regret later. I hope the Lord will really give me strenght to study without getting bored and maybe limit me from playing to much games..hehehe..

National invention and engineering competition! part 2.. lol

Today, the result were announce. I got 3rd. hahaha.. pretty cool. The first place did a reserach on the Kenaf plant that can be use to assorb oil. The second place did a flying dish. Pretty impresive also until i learned that he bought the whole thing and only did the dish himself. (sigh.. and he got 2nd), Well.. that`s life. The rest of the project are pretty sad to say "stupid" One team brough a aqurium, cd player and a machine then can give out the aroma of pandan. They claim that by lookink at the aquarium, listening to songs and the nice smell can reduce stress.. sigh.. i think i get extra stress living in that condition. lol.. The next team did something even more stupid. They build a desk that can be readjustable to your height. Come on man. This is an engineering project, do something that`s up to standard. sigh. Then the next did a "tudung salji" with a light bulb inside to keep the food warm. Well.. how useful is that. u judge it. Then got one more team do on a experiment to find out the concentration of ammonium in the enviroment. Looks pretty boring. they just distile the drain water and get the result. And the last team do a what they claim to be " a engineering project". He keep insisting that his`s a engineering project and all the rest is a science project. He did a pam. But when i ask him how did he do the pump. He told me he bought it. Sigh..that`s so embrassing.. He boast so much but all crap.

All the constestant were getting really bored. There`s really nothing today except for the results. Since every school have brought a laptop, you can see everybody is playing the space cadet pin ball.. I took my laptop and went to another`s team table. Then we played the game together. a tournament. I`m proud to say again (ahem ahem) that i`m pretty ok in that game. use to play that game last time. So i beat him almost 10 times the score. Soon after, everybody`s like watching (cuz they were all bored and now there is something "cool" going on..hahaha. Then, the boaster, (the guy who keep on boasting) came and say he can beat my score. Well.. i do believe that ppl can beat my score anytime, but however since i`m the standing champion there... i challenge him for a game, He accepted it and we start playing. He boast so much but ended losing more than 10 times the score..hahaha..even worst tan the past players. And everybody`s watching.. I think he really got a big disgrace mark on his face. We didn`t talk to each other then..hehehe.

Yeah.. now the project`s over. I`m free to study.. Finally!! My test is right after the next day. i`m not so free after all. I try to do some last minute studys. Went online for a while only. I didn`t online for the past 2 days.. OMG.. never never in my life did i stayed at home and didn`t online. if you don`t believe. ask marcus!! he`s always online i`m sure he sees me online everytime except this 2 days. However. the test`s tomorrow. (ahh.i`m freaking out again) This is the least preparation i have made for a test/exam. All thanks to my project which took up loads of my time. least i got 3rd.. kinda worth it also. But the test tomorrow!!!!

National invention and engineering competition!

Ok.. now physics quiz is over. I`m bz with my stupid project again. The project is still far far away from completion and i have to finish it in 2 days time. I didn`t sleep on last day. I do my project the whole night, then in the school, then in the car and finally reach kl (where the project competition is going to be held) i`m still doing!! I just finish the minute the judges comes near. but it screwed up. Sigh.. all my effort and it screws up last minute. However. when the judge come. i began to crap. I`m proud to say that i do have the ablility to cover even a massive disaster with my to convince the judges about how "impressive" is my project..hahaha. And guess what!! they didn`t even realised that my project has gone wrong a bit!!

Finaly the judging is over. I can sleep in peace. I reach home at 5.30. Took my bath and slept until the next morning which is 7.30am. I didn`t eat my dinner and worst of all!! i miss out my choir practice! Oh no!! Suppose to have a session on drum tonight. What a waste. i put the blame on my stupid alarm clock.Never been able to wake me up even though i swtich on 2 alarm clock in my room. And my mom insisting that i should sleep cuz i didn`t sleep at all yesterday!! I`m so upset when i woke up tomorrow morning. But at least i have a long sleep. Slept for an amazing 13 hours!! Cool!!

The physics quiz!

Phew, finally,almost everythings over. The physics quiz..sigh, it`s a waste of time. It`s so freaking hard i think no one in the country can get 70% of the question. As for me... haha.. if i get more than 20 question right.. i`ll be super grateful. The paper consist of 70 question and the quiz time is 2 and a half hours. It starts at 9.00 am. I was doing until question number 50 and i realise that it`s already 11. Yaiks. 30 more minutes to go and i still got more 1/3 of the paper to go. Anyway..i rush through all the question and now.. it`s in god`s hand. Later on that day. i spent like 35 ringgit fixing my hp. Sigh. spoiled d, and also got cheated with a chicken chop. They just place the chicken on a sizziling plate and charge me rm 3 extra compare to a normal chicken chop which they place on a plate. sigh. Why i always get cheated on food!!

I want to enter physics quiz!!!!


     I went to the school, hmm... just in time i guess. And there was a assembly as usual (every single day.. stupid school!!) I just park my bike and i heard the annocement.. " diminta Alexander Loh" sila berjumpa dengan Puan Tan Choy Year selepas perhimpunan" ... sigh.. come come school already being wanted.. Then.. i got a small brifing for my next week`s National inventing and engineering competition. So damm lazy to do my project.. been like doing for ages.. and still haven`t finish doing it. Just came back from Sarawak and have to ready for another competition...

      And then.. i bugged my teacher to inquire about the national physics quiz. It`s so unfair..every single school in the country entering and my school is not.. I ask the teacher and she say she didn`t receive the letter.. I went to see my physics teacher, then my ketua panitia sains and my ketua bidang sains.. turn their heads upside down and demand that i want to enter.. mwahaha.. they have to give face cuz we actually represented Selangor for science quiz..
I hope the teacher will really be able to get a place for us in the quiz.. but the chances are 0.0001%.. cuz the closing date have gone way long ago and the setting already all done.. the competition is on saturday... sigh.but I STILL WANT TO ENTER THE QUIZ!!!!!!!!

the game`s over!!

Well... finally, the end of my journey in my science quiz.. it`s kinda sad cuz i was really enjoying this quiz and we are like 1 more round to go and we will get to sweeden.. aww..what a waste.. but it was just fated... we can`t even press a damm buzzer for christ sake.. the st joseph school are way to fast... (wonder did they bewitch the buzzers??) ..anyway.... they are pretty cool and well prepare.. they really deservo to win for all the reasons in the world. For one thing..they actually studied for sometime while we were laying flat on our bed watching some kinda stupid show.

Anyway... i seriously enjoy the whole trip there (except for the quiz it self... cuz we lost!!! ) .. we ended up second place... we would have been likely to be champion if we were in other zons.. their score seems to be pretty weak... and we would definetly score way higher if the st joseph`s boys hands were not that fast..sigh.. well..but on the other hand.. i was thankful to be in this zone for i meet the nicest person you can find on earth... it`s the st joseph boys.. Marcus Lee and Samuel Tsan.. you guys are cool (and of course smart too) .. hahaha... i`ll really look forward to another pool game..hahahaha

So what do i think about this whole national science quiz thing. Well.. from the very starting.. it`s seems to be a dream to get to this far.. oh come on man.. one stupid school from kajang which nobody on earth have ever heard on it get to the first round of national lvl.. We are the best in Selangor.. I`m seriously proud of that.. i owe all my thanks to my teammates.. Aqtar and Saha.. without them.. i`m in nowhere. So my finals standing of the end of our journey? believe it or not.. we enjoyed the damm thing. (even though we lost) ..hahaha

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