Merry Xmas everyone.

*mary`s boy child, Jesus Christ, was born on christmas day*

That was one of a few wonderful song we(the choir) sang during the christmas mid night mass.. we sang our hearts content.. it was fantastic.. i think we sang really well even thought some might not agree while some praise us till we reach for skies... I think all the hard work pays off.. the practices and stuff.....

We had lots and lots of practice.. and today`s the day we gave our best.. for christ... The mass was beautiful.. probably the second nicest mass i have apart from my confirmation mass (always the most touching moment of my life).

After the mass over.. we wish everyone merry christmas... and went out for supper.. I and nick then went to CC (cyber cafe) and played till about 5.30am.. After we went home. .he continue to play my computer.. crazy guyss.... I woke up at 12 and by that time.. A few of my friends have already arrive for my open house... yaiks!! and i`m still sleeping... hahaha..

I quickly get ready and as time pass. more and more ppl came.. I didn`t really invited much friends... cuz i really dono who to invite.. all of a sudden i felt that i can`t even find 10 friends who will really be there for me... anyway... back to the scene..

Practically all of them arrive around 1.30 and we have lunch together.. hmmmm..let`s see what`s on the menu.. Fried Chicken (as usual), curry chicken (too common), wild boar rendang (now that`s something speacial).. vegetables (good for health) and of cuz turkey (what`s christmas without turkey).

My whole afternoon was spent on friends then at night... i went off to a friends house. Was very much suprise to find my self to be one of the first person to be there... cuz i thought i was late.. :P Spend the rest of the night there... Basicallly it kinda out for me to be in that place cuz i`m like the only guy in that group of freinds.. so whatever they are talking.. hmm.. wrong channel... but at least the food was nice.. and got so much!!!! Her mom was very kind and keep on offering food but i`m too bloated to eat.... hope i don`t get a tooth decay... or not for the next christmas i have to sing *all i want for christmas is my two front tooth...... *


Steph C 1:43 PM  

Haha...Don't worry, you won't get a tooth decay... ;) Although it seemed like someone was the thorn among the roses, didn't we have fun...eating? Haha Anyway, thanks so much for coming!! :)

Alex 2:40 AM  

haha.. should be i`m the one that suppose to say thanks... :)

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