MAS aviation carrier talk.

I went to my aunts yesterday and spend the night there. It`s because i`ve to attend a talk held my MAS specially for the children of the MAS staff.. Neither my mom or my dad is one of the staff in MAS.. but my uncle does... since i always bug him so i can get some information on MAS.. he registered me for this talk....

I couldn`t sleep well the night before cuz my grandma keeps on snoring. and i`m very sensitif to noise... espeacilly at night.. even mosquito in my room can make me not able to sleep unless i`m very tired.. and also my mind was captured my one cute little robot which my cousin make from the book coleection real robots... (its a book where they give you some parts every episod and you have to collect all in order to make a robot)... It`s a called cybot.. very amazing.. it can follow lines, avoid/follow objects. and also find light.. and later. it can be upgraded to voice recognizition. remote control and can even interact with another cybot.. cool!!!

Ok.. back to the talk.... The talk is held in the MAS training centre (or is it the headquaters. i don`t really know) in kelana jaya,. It have to be worth it. cuz i sacrificed a church camp in order to attend this talk... But at the end of the day... it`s really worth it...let me explain briefly what i learn from the talk...

Basicly.. the MAS is one big family.. you can realy fell the warmth when the speaker speacks.... very fluent english and humerous... and it`s a very relax talk. nothing serious.. it shows you the wonders of being part of this family..... basically.. they are looking ppl to fill in particulaly 4 jobs, cabin crew, aircraft maintance engineering, pilot and customer services.. And alll of them doesn`t need a degree.. yeap including pilot and engineer.. but you have to undergo serious training with them.. and there is a bond of 10 years.. oops. scary...

As for me.. I`m quite interested in piloting and enginneering.. but that is on downside. Joinning MAS means i won`t have a chance to do my degree..i`ll straight away work.. hmmm.. can anyone help me out here.. i`m confuse what am i suppose to do..... sob sob


GLamOrouS DeNiSe 12:40 AM  

Hey there! I'm Den, female, 15 and from Philippines:)
i dunno how i got to your blog..
just wanted to say hello:)
uhm... can i ask you something?
do play the piano?:) just asking...
i'm gonna wait for your reply:)
God bless!!! oh, and advance Merry Christmas

tracie x-yin 1:01 AM  

Wow Alex!how does she know that you play the piano? and extremely well too!:P

Alex 1:28 AM  

err.. hi den.. i can`t seems to find ur blog.. so i hope you`ll be able to find replies here... i`m still wondering how in the world you get to find my blog.. lol... and for ur question.. i do play the piano... for 13 years as of today...learned my self for the last 5 years.. :)

GLamOrouS DeNiSe 1:29 AM  

Hi! it's me again:) i just created my blog.. you could visit it:)
there! i'm still gonna wait for your reply:)
here's my yahoo:
Take Care:) God Bless!!

Alex 1:41 AM  

wow... you refresh my blog? i didn`t really expect you to reply so soon.. hahaha... anyway. you have a very nice blog... i guess i have to `renovate` mine too.. i never really thought anyone would have read my blog. so i don`t really bother... hahha

GLamOrouS DeNiSe 11:42 PM  

heheh:) i was just browsing this whole blogger thing then the next thing i knew i was in your page! well, i play the piano too (for 10 long years! haha!) i started when i was 5 yrs old:) nice knowing you Alex:) you're really kind... hope you'll reply again ;p

Alex 12:31 AM  

so sorry i did`nt reply... fell asleep as it was late... nice knowing you too...

GLamOrouS DeNiSe 12:45 AM  

okie:) are you okay? you must be exhausted... ur msg has 'tired' written all over it. juz kiddin'
btw, i added u in my friendster.. hope that's okay with u...

Andrew 10:20 PM  

Oh, man. I so WANNA go for that talk! You are such a lucky guy. I wanted to become a pilot too. Lol. We can go together. Lol. ANyhot chicks at the MAS academy?

Alex 9:15 PM  

Hi denise.. glad that u add me@ friendster... i think i can cope up with the bzness for these few days.. still young and healthy.. ahem ahem. :P

And for you andrew... there isn`t any chicks in the pilot and engineering department.. but got loads of them as air steward.. go check it out :P

tracie x-yin 10:54 PM  

Happy Christmas Alex..:)

Andrew 12:05 AM  

Hey Alex.
I meant hot stewardesses. :P MAS academy at Kelana Jaya should be CRAWLING with em. Lucky dude. Wanna be a pilot? :P So do I.

nick koh wen kim 8:07 AM  

oi. me le. hi glamourous'd u hook up wif alex's blog??? haha. real coincident.anyway, im nick... i think i added u in frenster or something... coz ur name is sooooooooo glamourous tat i remembered it from somewhere... hmmmm...nice meeting u all. hey alex... dun mind me being kepoh ah.haha.juz kiddin.nice blog man. but i think u better renovate it anyway.(hehe)

GLamOrouS DeNiSe 6:58 PM  

Hey alex! heheh:) sorry, i couldn't reply that much coz i'm pretty much busy these days... Belated Merry Christmas! I really missed talking to you here! hehe:)
well, i'll wait for your reply anytime! Take care:)

GLamOrouS DeNiSe 6:58 PM  

hi nick:) my real name is Denise but u can call me Den:)
what's your e-mail add? i'll add u at my friendster:)
i dunno how i got to alex's blog heheh:) hope to hear from you soon:) God Bless:)

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