It`s over!! at last!!! SPM is finally over!!!!

"Merdeka!! merdeka!! merdeka!!" those are the last few words that i remembred before going my seperate ways with peoples that have been my classmates for years. It`s finally over and we gace like 3 cheers but too bad it wasn`t loud enough as there are only around 10 ppl shouting it. The clap was pretty loud as everybody clap hands at 3.35 pm where our exam have finally ended. I didn`t went out early as I would have normally do in other papers. I would like to listen the examiner say "masa menjawab sudah tamat" for the very last time.

After coming out from the exam hall.. Flours were thrown at each other and pictures taken.. It was probably the best last day school memory we have. Then I and my group of friends went to the cyber cafe and play warcraft for the next 3 hours until the sun goes down. Then I went back quickly change and eat and went out again. It was seriously a nice and tiring day. And tomorrow i`ll be going to time square... sigh..tired.. hahaha

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