I`m dreaming of a white christmas*

Things are closer than it seems. It seems only yesterday that my i was going crazy with my exams.. and now.. it`s christmas.. and soon.. the end of the year. This year is going to be a very significant year for me.. not only because i`m leaving school this year (finnaly) but also because the things i went through. Since 2004 is about to end..so apart from doing my last minute house cleaning and christmas shopping.. let me reflect on the things that i`ve been through this year in brief :

*the best new year ever celebrated at church (with disco and stuff!!! yea! in church!!)
*my first official bio lesson since i didn`t have a bio lesson in form 4. (and i got a lousy teacher)
*the most boring chinese new year (yea. it`s something to remember)
*felicia pass away because of heart failure ( and coinceidentally another friend of mine celebrated his 17th birthday)
*my `closed victory` to become a state chess player.. (just a matter of 1 seconds!)
*meeting all my new friends in new tuition centres (espeacially in miss lee class)
*crash my motorbike (and i`m still alive)
*pick up the habit of sleeping in class (yeap. only started this year. hahaha)
*getting the worst exam result in upper secondary(got b got c and also got d!!! imagine!!!)

*found that `someone` speacial.. (shhh..totaly secret)
*represented the state for science quiz held in Sarawak
*met some very nice `angles` from sarawak during the quiz
*won 3rd in state engineering and invention competition
*go out lepak with the head prefect of the school (yea.. he ponteng also.. mwahahha)
*celebrated my nicest birthday party ever (eve of actual date).... but have the worst day on my actual birthday.
*gotten a pretty nice 11A result for trials. (not straight A though.. there`s a `b`.)
*endure the nightmare of spm..
*and finaaly the joy of christmas season.. with carroling and choirs...

I wonder what will be install for me next year.. hmmmm
-queen sera, sera, what ever will be, will be......-


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