Damm.. i`m busy and tired...

Phew.. since my exam over.. i barely have enough time to sleep.... today, I went to an edu fair organized by FACON (which i dono what it stands for). There are really lots of options which until now.. i`m in a state of confusion. I mean, I get a 100% scholarship for nilai because i score 11 As for my trials.. and I also got other scholarship offers.. but i might declined all of them and go to form 6.. and SOME ONE PLS TELL ME WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!

To make the day more merrier. I just receive and invitation about an hour ago to go to langkawi which i`m suppose to leave in another 30 minutes.. damm... OMG I HAVE`t PACK YET... what the hell am i doing blogging.. i`m mad... gtg now.!


Tracie 3:43 PM  

I think you should go with the scholarship!;)

you know you love me,

Sparks 10:16 AM  

I know this is rather late but it's all up to you.If you'll like to step into the adult world faster,take up the offer.Ppl say school is the best time of our years.

By the way, sorry if I did anything stupid to you lately and a merry christmas to you.:)

Anonymous 7:00 AM  

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