Merry Xmas everyone.

*mary`s boy child, Jesus Christ, was born on christmas day*

That was one of a few wonderful song we(the choir) sang during the christmas mid night mass.. we sang our hearts content.. it was fantastic.. i think we sang really well even thought some might not agree while some praise us till we reach for skies... I think all the hard work pays off.. the practices and stuff.....

We had lots and lots of practice.. and today`s the day we gave our best.. for christ... The mass was beautiful.. probably the second nicest mass i have apart from my confirmation mass (always the most touching moment of my life).

After the mass over.. we wish everyone merry christmas... and went out for supper.. I and nick then went to CC (cyber cafe) and played till about 5.30am.. After we went home. .he continue to play my computer.. crazy guyss.... I woke up at 12 and by that time.. A few of my friends have already arrive for my open house... yaiks!! and i`m still sleeping... hahaha..

I quickly get ready and as time pass. more and more ppl came.. I didn`t really invited much friends... cuz i really dono who to invite.. all of a sudden i felt that i can`t even find 10 friends who will really be there for me... anyway... back to the scene..

Practically all of them arrive around 1.30 and we have lunch together.. hmmmm..let`s see what`s on the menu.. Fried Chicken (as usual), curry chicken (too common), wild boar rendang (now that`s something speacial).. vegetables (good for health) and of cuz turkey (what`s christmas without turkey).

My whole afternoon was spent on friends then at night... i went off to a friends house. Was very much suprise to find my self to be one of the first person to be there... cuz i thought i was late.. :P Spend the rest of the night there... Basicallly it kinda out for me to be in that place cuz i`m like the only guy in that group of freinds.. so whatever they are talking.. hmm.. wrong channel... but at least the food was nice.. and got so much!!!! Her mom was very kind and keep on offering food but i`m too bloated to eat.... hope i don`t get a tooth decay... or not for the next christmas i have to sing *all i want for christmas is my two front tooth...... *

MAS aviation carrier talk.

I went to my aunts yesterday and spend the night there. It`s because i`ve to attend a talk held my MAS specially for the children of the MAS staff.. Neither my mom or my dad is one of the staff in MAS.. but my uncle does... since i always bug him so i can get some information on MAS.. he registered me for this talk....

I couldn`t sleep well the night before cuz my grandma keeps on snoring. and i`m very sensitif to noise... espeacilly at night.. even mosquito in my room can make me not able to sleep unless i`m very tired.. and also my mind was captured my one cute little robot which my cousin make from the book coleection real robots... (its a book where they give you some parts every episod and you have to collect all in order to make a robot)... It`s a called cybot.. very amazing.. it can follow lines, avoid/follow objects. and also find light.. and later. it can be upgraded to voice recognizition. remote control and can even interact with another cybot.. cool!!!

Ok.. back to the talk.... The talk is held in the MAS training centre (or is it the headquaters. i don`t really know) in kelana jaya,. It have to be worth it. cuz i sacrificed a church camp in order to attend this talk... But at the end of the day... it`s really worth it...let me explain briefly what i learn from the talk...

Basicly.. the MAS is one big family.. you can realy fell the warmth when the speaker speacks.... very fluent english and humerous... and it`s a very relax talk. nothing serious.. it shows you the wonders of being part of this family..... basically.. they are looking ppl to fill in particulaly 4 jobs, cabin crew, aircraft maintance engineering, pilot and customer services.. And alll of them doesn`t need a degree.. yeap including pilot and engineer.. but you have to undergo serious training with them.. and there is a bond of 10 years.. oops. scary...

As for me.. I`m quite interested in piloting and enginneering.. but that is on downside. Joinning MAS means i won`t have a chance to do my degree..i`ll straight away work.. hmmm.. can anyone help me out here.. i`m confuse what am i suppose to do..... sob sob

I`m dreaming of a white christmas*

Things are closer than it seems. It seems only yesterday that my i was going crazy with my exams.. and now.. it`s christmas.. and soon.. the end of the year. This year is going to be a very significant year for me.. not only because i`m leaving school this year (finnaly) but also because the things i went through. Since 2004 is about to apart from doing my last minute house cleaning and christmas shopping.. let me reflect on the things that i`ve been through this year in brief :

*the best new year ever celebrated at church (with disco and stuff!!! yea! in church!!)
*my first official bio lesson since i didn`t have a bio lesson in form 4. (and i got a lousy teacher)
*the most boring chinese new year (yea. it`s something to remember)
*felicia pass away because of heart failure ( and coinceidentally another friend of mine celebrated his 17th birthday)
*my `closed victory` to become a state chess player.. (just a matter of 1 seconds!)
*meeting all my new friends in new tuition centres (espeacially in miss lee class)
*crash my motorbike (and i`m still alive)
*pick up the habit of sleeping in class (yeap. only started this year. hahaha)
*getting the worst exam result in upper secondary(got b got c and also got d!!! imagine!!!)

*found that `someone` speacial.. (shhh..totaly secret)
*represented the state for science quiz held in Sarawak
*met some very nice `angles` from sarawak during the quiz
*won 3rd in state engineering and invention competition
*go out lepak with the head prefect of the school (yea.. he ponteng also.. mwahahha)
*celebrated my nicest birthday party ever (eve of actual date).... but have the worst day on my actual birthday.
*gotten a pretty nice 11A result for trials. (not straight A though.. there`s a `b`.)
*endure the nightmare of spm..
*and finaaly the joy of christmas season.. with carroling and choirs...

I wonder what will be install for me next year.. hmmmm
-queen sera, sera, what ever will be, will be......-

Phew... bz bz bz...

Think that i`ll rest after i come back from Langkawi.. think again.. i`m out the next day.. and the next day.. and the day after next day... To make it simple.. I`m out every single day!!! In a week.. i went to mid-valley 4 times and pwtc 3 times.. There are lot`s of fairs going around.. and i`m not missing it... On the whole.. there are 2 fair that i really enjoyed.. One is the edu fair and one more is the pc fair..

This edu fair is held at mid valley and it`s different from the last edu fair at pwtc. This one is held by nipei and there are much much more better consultant then the pwtc edu fair.. I like one of the consultant`s phrase. It sounds like this * if you work ur ass up.. you can definetly score well*. hahaha.. pretty true.. only my ass a little bit heavy and i`m too lazy to move.. hahaha.... well i guess tertiery study will be quite challenging to me base on my lazineesss... I`m deeply deeply confuse on the choice i have... I think i need a sign from god!! hello?? some sign pls!!! i`m cracking my head here now... well.. guess i`ll wait till my spm result comes out before i make any decisions....

Pc fairs was pretty nice.. The price was really really low compared to the normal shops... I regretted didn`t bring enough cash to shop there... the crowd there was extreamly large.. you hardly get to walk.. espeacilly those places where there are nice bargains... I join an o2jam mini competition and i got 3rd. hahaha.. didn`t expect that to happen... pretty happy cuz it`s the first time i`m playing computer game one stage... last time i`ve been the spotlight on stage was during my yo-yo competition years ago....

It`s been a bz week so far as christmas is coming real soon.. I`m have to attend christmas choir practice.. clean up my house.., go for christmas shopping.. put up my christmas trees and also practice some christmas song on my guitar cuz i was selected to play the guitar for a gathering.. sigh.... it`s been bz bz bz.. hope i can`t still survivie when christmas day really comes......

All about langkawi....

Aloha!! lot`s of ppl say my blog is like `out date`.. ok.. I`ll now spend sometime to tell what have I been up too for the last 10 days..... Let start with langkawi!!! It was a suprise for most of the people when they saw me at the school with my bags cuz I`m not suppose to follow on this trip.. however.. one of the participant go sick and i replace her instead.. yahoo.. I get to go Langkawi....

It`s was a nightmare without sleeping on the way to that island... I didn`t get to sleep the whole night... probably just a fourty winks or so... when all of us finally reach kuala perlis.. all looks like half dead even thought it`s just the first day of the trip.... i slept throughtout the whole ferri trip to langkawi from kuala perlis... so i dono what happen during that period. Upon arrival.. the guys have to do the `donkey`s work to carry the girls bag.. well.. not of all the guys.. but too bad i`m one of the `donkey`.. sigh. sad case...

We stayed the first 2 days of this trip in the beach resort at chenang. The beach is pretty nice.. with nice sand and clear water.. however... don`t think clear water no crocodile (taken from a bm translation for air tenang jangan di sangka tiada buaya).. Ok.. i`m just exaggarating.. there isn`t any crocodile. but there are lots and lots of jellyfish... i got more than 10 bites all over.. and so do all my friends.. i`m not so sure whether those are jellyfish bites.. but it sure hurts....

We then all gave up on swimming and ty kayaking instead.. we kayak twice.. one of day one and the second one on day two.. Day one was a terrible experience as I partnered up with a wong.. That guy doesn`t lend a helping hand in kayaking.... and worst of all. he doen`t even sit properly.. he was sitting at the edge of the kayak with his legs out on the water.. and coincidentally.. nick`s kayak knock into us.. and walah.. the he fell.. but that`s not all.. he pulled the boat along... and cause both me and the kayak to tumble along... Sigh.. then as we try to climb back on the kayak. he suddenly got leg cramp and he pulled the kayak all the way to the bottom of the sea.. luckly it wasnt`t that deep.. we still manage to save the kayak with the help of the worker there.. sigh... what a terrible incident...

On day 2... the kayak was pretty fun as 7 kayaks race to the island that is about a few kilometres off the shore... and best of all.. i change my partner.. even thought this time my partner is a gal.. i think she put in more effort than my first partner... there is only one pityful guy that had a gal partner that really gave a headache.. she can`t paddle properly and as a result the guy rather paddle all by himself... pity him... but at least.. he doesn`t fell off the kayak as i do.. * ^_^`*

After the kayaking.. we played sand instead.. we burry a guy with sand. That seems to be a pretty normal thing to do at beach right... but then.. we began to add additional grafic.. hahaha.. real body shape.. with all the ahem ahem parts... and to make things merrier.. one tourist pass by and took the picture.. hahahaha.. that was so so funny...

Nothing much happen on the 3rd day.. just went shopping around.. clubbing at night.. and played pool.. I guess the whole langkawi trip is only enjoyable at the beach... the bus broke down on the way home.. one of it`s tyre puncture.... reach home at almost 12. what a tiring trip.. and a sms buzz through my ears.. *tomorrow meet at ktm station at 10 am to go to mid valley*.. arrh.. aren`t i tired enough...........

Damm.. i`m busy and tired...

Phew.. since my exam over.. i barely have enough time to sleep.... today, I went to an edu fair organized by FACON (which i dono what it stands for). There are really lots of options which until now.. i`m in a state of confusion. I mean, I get a 100% scholarship for nilai because i score 11 As for my trials.. and I also got other scholarship offers.. but i might declined all of them and go to form 6.. and SOME ONE PLS TELL ME WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!

To make the day more merrier. I just receive and invitation about an hour ago to go to langkawi which i`m suppose to leave in another 30 minutes.. damm... OMG I HAVE`t PACK YET... what the hell am i doing blogging.. i`m mad... gtg now.!

It`s over!! at last!!! SPM is finally over!!!!

"Merdeka!! merdeka!! merdeka!!" those are the last few words that i remembred before going my seperate ways with peoples that have been my classmates for years. It`s finally over and we gace like 3 cheers but too bad it wasn`t loud enough as there are only around 10 ppl shouting it. The clap was pretty loud as everybody clap hands at 3.35 pm where our exam have finally ended. I didn`t went out early as I would have normally do in other papers. I would like to listen the examiner say "masa menjawab sudah tamat" for the very last time.

After coming out from the exam hall.. Flours were thrown at each other and pictures taken.. It was probably the best last day school memory we have. Then I and my group of friends went to the cyber cafe and play warcraft for the next 3 hours until the sun goes down. Then I went back quickly change and eat and went out again. It was seriously a nice and tiring day. And tomorrow i`ll be going to time square... sigh..tired.. hahaha

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