Phew.. half way to Merdeka.

Finally.. 5 down.. 7 more to go.. Waa!! still got 7 papers and that includes bio and chemistry.. The past week seems to be enjoyable. that was until I got my spm papers.. I didn`t study much and as a consequences... The papers were horrible.. Imagine that.. I forget how to do a rumusan and I didn`t have time to finish my ENGLISH ESSAY!!!!! I always seems to screw up last minute.. I remembered during my pmr.. I did an essay and half way through I didn`t notice that there is a title and I`m required to write something different.. But thank God that time I still able to finish it.. But this time.. sigh..

Let`s elaborate futher.. First mistake.. I spent the first 20 minutes thinking what to write as a title for the part A.. Damm... it`s so freaking hard to write and to think of one suitable title.. And after 20 minutes I wrote the title that I first made up within 1 minute. Then I choose the wrong title.. I wrote a story that suppose to be funny but it didn`t turn up to be such a laughable story.. Damm.. I hate language subjects...

But hell with eng. Sejarah paper 2 was after that. I try to finish it as soon as possible cuz I got to make a rush to Uncle Lim`s place ( Genting Higlands). Turn out to be the most boring trip ever (what can you expect if you are going out with family). Didn`t play much until my family went back and I insisted that I`ll find a way home myself. It`s because the taxi can only fetch 4 person and there are 5 of us. We went up with 2 cars. My aunt stayed back with me too. Only then we start to have fun. ( note : my age gap with my aunt is only 12 while my mom with my aunt is 17. lol). We went to snow world then we went to mid valley.. reach mid valley at 9 pm and play arcade.. We finally took a cab home (her place) and reach about 12 am.. So exhausted.. But I enjoyed a little (better mid valley than genting) BUt then.. spm is still on.. :(


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