KLCC is cool and second phrase of SPM commencing

I woke up in the morning due to a call. It was almost 11 at that time... Who in the world wake me up that early!! I thought I wanna sleep to 12 pm.. Turn out to be some one asking me for some physics questions... ARRHH!! what a bad way to start a `beautiful` and `wonderful` morning... Anyways... today will be a wonderful day. It must be... It is because my family is going to watch movie together in KLCC... something that we haven`t done since 1997 which is about 8 years ago. We watch the incredibles because it is my little bro birthday and we have to watch a show that at least suits him.

I would seriously recommend everybody (young, old, aldult...) to watch that show if you plan to laugh ur lungs out... It`s pretty funny and also quite thrilling as well.. Luckly for us we book the tickets b4 hand because most of the shows sold out hours before it started... And I also figure out that KLCC`s park is really comfortable and relaxing.... all the laughter from the children and family give you a feeling of tranquillty that words can`t explain.

However, relaxing is one thing.. meanwhile the second part of spm is soon to come. There are 7 subjects left and the thing that i find exasperating is that accounts, chem and bio is put together one day after another without breaks.. Which simply means that I won`t be able to make last minutes studies!!! And to make the matter worst... theses 3 subjects one my weakest!!! Really feels like punching the fellow who planned the spm time table!!!.. btw..where I put my time table..?? hmm.. i wonder... :P

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