Insurance Policy

Today I came across some insurance policy which my mom and my grandmother bought for us. What I first saw is a collections of number. Unlimited numbers line by line something like the code of matrix. Then when my mom starts to explain.. things get simpler... I look throught my sis and little bro`s policy.. My bro have the most expensive insurance of all... It stated that if my bro life the 65 and he pass away, his decendent will inherit more than 1 million.. prety cool right..

Physics today was totaly terrible and horrible. I have never come across such a tough paper. Maybe it`s because I have been pampered by the simple trials paper when it`s really easy. I still hope that I can pull it an A1 this time... keep my fingers cross..hahaha.... Seems that bad luck happen to me quite often.. especially helath wise... I`m sick one the very first day of SPM and now I`m sick again... Sore throat, fever, flu, cough.. u name it.... such a terribble state to go through in the most important exam even... hope that lady luck will shine on me when the results comes..Nth much to blog today.. must rest early so I can have strength to keep up for the rest of the exams.


Anonymous 3:59 AM  

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