Bored, bored, bored!! I`m so BORED!!

Save Raya Day (direct translation from selamat hari raya). This holiday is one of the rare occasions where two celebration fell closed together. It`s call kongsi raya where by Hari Raya and Deepavali are just 3 days apart. Yet!! this is the poorest Raya I`ve ever known. Noramlly I get bout 10 ringgit for both of this celebrations respectively... BUT THIS YEAR NONE!!! can you believe it? double celebrations but none.. Hmmm. no wonder I`m so broke. hehehe..

To make the matter worst.. i`m stuck in my house. I can`t go out cuz all my friends is either studying at home or working.. Arhh.. what a boring holiday.. shouldn`t have given us a break. Should finish the spm as soon as possible... Staying at home makes me founded out one formula.. bored= blog ... hahaha.. it seems only when i`m bored and nothing else to turn too.. then only i`ll blog.. hahaha... Well.. but the problem is i`m running out of words to blog.. I just wanna ask anyone who have any tips on bio, chem and acc pls tell me ok? I`m very weak in those subs. thank you all very much
arigota goziamas..

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