Insurance Policy

Today I came across some insurance policy which my mom and my grandmother bought for us. What I first saw is a collections of number. Unlimited numbers line by line something like the code of matrix. Then when my mom starts to explain.. things get simpler... I look throught my sis and little bro`s policy.. My bro have the most expensive insurance of all... It stated that if my bro life the 65 and he pass away, his decendent will inherit more than 1 million.. prety cool right..

Physics today was totaly terrible and horrible. I have never come across such a tough paper. Maybe it`s because I have been pampered by the simple trials paper when it`s really easy. I still hope that I can pull it an A1 this time... keep my fingers cross..hahaha.... Seems that bad luck happen to me quite often.. especially helath wise... I`m sick one the very first day of SPM and now I`m sick again... Sore throat, fever, flu, cough.. u name it.... such a terribble state to go through in the most important exam even... hope that lady luck will shine on me when the results comes..Nth much to blog today.. must rest early so I can have strength to keep up for the rest of the exams.

KLCC is cool and second phrase of SPM commencing

I woke up in the morning due to a call. It was almost 11 at that time... Who in the world wake me up that early!! I thought I wanna sleep to 12 pm.. Turn out to be some one asking me for some physics questions... ARRHH!! what a bad way to start a `beautiful` and `wonderful` morning... Anyways... today will be a wonderful day. It must be... It is because my family is going to watch movie together in KLCC... something that we haven`t done since 1997 which is about 8 years ago. We watch the incredibles because it is my little bro birthday and we have to watch a show that at least suits him.

I would seriously recommend everybody (young, old, aldult...) to watch that show if you plan to laugh ur lungs out... It`s pretty funny and also quite thrilling as well.. Luckly for us we book the tickets b4 hand because most of the shows sold out hours before it started... And I also figure out that KLCC`s park is really comfortable and relaxing.... all the laughter from the children and family give you a feeling of tranquillty that words can`t explain.

However, relaxing is one thing.. meanwhile the second part of spm is soon to come. There are 7 subjects left and the thing that i find exasperating is that accounts, chem and bio is put together one day after another without breaks.. Which simply means that I won`t be able to make last minutes studies!!! And to make the matter worst... theses 3 subjects one my weakest!!! Really feels like punching the fellow who planned the spm time table!!!.. btw..where I put my time table..?? hmm.. i wonder... :P

Bored, bored, bored!! I`m so BORED!!

Save Raya Day (direct translation from selamat hari raya). This holiday is one of the rare occasions where two celebration fell closed together. It`s call kongsi raya where by Hari Raya and Deepavali are just 3 days apart. Yet!! this is the poorest Raya I`ve ever known. Noramlly I get bout 10 ringgit for both of this celebrations respectively... BUT THIS YEAR NONE!!! can you believe it? double celebrations but none.. Hmmm. no wonder I`m so broke. hehehe..

To make the matter worst.. i`m stuck in my house. I can`t go out cuz all my friends is either studying at home or working.. Arhh.. what a boring holiday.. shouldn`t have given us a break. Should finish the spm as soon as possible... Staying at home makes me founded out one formula.. bored= blog ... hahaha.. it seems only when i`m bored and nothing else to turn too.. then only i`ll blog.. hahaha... Well.. but the problem is i`m running out of words to blog.. I just wanna ask anyone who have any tips on bio, chem and acc pls tell me ok? I`m very weak in those subs. thank you all very much
arigota goziamas..

Phew.. half way to Merdeka.

Finally.. 5 down.. 7 more to go.. Waa!! still got 7 papers and that includes bio and chemistry.. The past week seems to be enjoyable. that was until I got my spm papers.. I didn`t study much and as a consequences... The papers were horrible.. Imagine that.. I forget how to do a rumusan and I didn`t have time to finish my ENGLISH ESSAY!!!!! I always seems to screw up last minute.. I remembered during my pmr.. I did an essay and half way through I didn`t notice that there is a title and I`m required to write something different.. But thank God that time I still able to finish it.. But this time.. sigh..

Let`s elaborate futher.. First mistake.. I spent the first 20 minutes thinking what to write as a title for the part A.. Damm... it`s so freaking hard to write and to think of one suitable title.. And after 20 minutes I wrote the title that I first made up within 1 minute. Then I choose the wrong title.. I wrote a story that suppose to be funny but it didn`t turn up to be such a laughable story.. Damm.. I hate language subjects...

But hell with eng. Sejarah paper 2 was after that. I try to finish it as soon as possible cuz I got to make a rush to Uncle Lim`s place ( Genting Higlands). Turn out to be the most boring trip ever (what can you expect if you are going out with family). Didn`t play much until my family went back and I insisted that I`ll find a way home myself. It`s because the taxi can only fetch 4 person and there are 5 of us. We went up with 2 cars. My aunt stayed back with me too. Only then we start to have fun. ( note : my age gap with my aunt is only 12 while my mom with my aunt is 17. lol). We went to snow world then we went to mid valley.. reach mid valley at 9 pm and play arcade.. We finally took a cab home (her place) and reach about 12 am.. So exhausted.. But I enjoyed a little (better mid valley than genting) BUt then.. spm is still on.. :(

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