Trials is over.. SPM is HERE!!!! well not

" SPM is not around the corner anymore. It`s already in the corner" one of my english teacher in the school bark at the students. Sigh. .some how this words do have some impact on me. You see.. spm is just another 2 weeks..and here I am, online and online nonstop.. didn`t bother to study. Hmm... if you think that i`m going to die when SPM arrive... You are totaly wrong.. I`m dead already!! Hahahaha...

It`s been like pretty long since I blog.. I just not like one of my friend Marcus, that can blog constantly.. Hmm almost everyday!! Admire his will power..hahaha... Nevertheless.. no one really cares if I blogs or not.. No one read this anyway.. kekeke... I think i should put a poll to see how many people actually visited this site.. The last time I did a webpage.. I have 100 visitorss with 87 of them is actually my self visiting the site.. That`s so dissapointing.

So, what had really happen this couple of weeks.. Umm.. nothing much really... I got back most of my papers.. How sad.. got like super low for this time trials... but at least it`s better than my first semester which is totaly horrible.. I still didn`t achieve my target of my straight 12 As. I guess my chances of getting 12A1 for this SPM will be like 0.000000000001%. Let`s reflect on my mistake. I got like 11As and 1B3 this exam. 8A1 and 3 A2 to be exact. I really have to improve on my bio!! It`s so freaking hard!!!! and also BM. I think this 2 subject will probably be the reason I won`t score an A.. Besides that.. chemistry is also extremly dificult. I just don`t understand how Aqtar can score 94% for that.. arrhh. that freak!!!.. He got 14 A1 this term.. I so hate him!!!!!!!!

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