Rain rain and more rain!! hey the water`s entering my house!!! cool~

I went to school late this morning.. purposely.. lol.. I arrive school at 8 am cuz there is a talk about on IPTA (institusi pengajian tinggi awam) at sharp 8 also. Haahaha. The talk was kinda stupid. I can sumarize it in 2 sentences. *those who didn`t apply for matrix are dumb* *going to Uni after form 5 will only guarantee you a diploma*. Wasted my time.. should have slept longer.. Well, we play basketaball after that until i sweat from head to toe.

Luck doesn`t seems to shine on me today. I ordered a mee and the taste is so bad and they charge me for 4 ringgit.. Blood suckers. Then I play badminton for another 3 hours... in the dark!! The hall suddenly black out while I and my friends are playing half way. Told ya my luck is bad.. sigh. Then when I want to go back that time. It was already raining. And I`m stuck there alone and cold and hungry for another 3 hours b4 I finaly reach home.

I have a nice bath and dinner and I thought I finally can rest. Then I receive a warning from my friend. The river is over flowing. I never though this would really effect my family because the river`s overflow quite often but my house is still safe and sound. Only the town area and those resident stay near the river will have big time problem. But then.. while I was happyly smsing ppl.. My mom called me!! To my suprise.. my house had flooded.. I walk out of my house and realised that my area had flooded to knee deep length. For over 20 years my hamily had been here and it never flooded before!!. Now this is what i call cool. I have to pleasure to relocated my bike and able to see some dumb fellows who didn`t relocate their vehichles. 1 hour later, you can see the tow cars came and earn a fortune towing those spoild vehicles out of the water. Lol.

It`s now close to midnight. And guess what.. It`s still raining. It had rain for almost 10 hours!!! hmmm... never experience rain so long b4. However the water level went down a little. Inside my house is water-free once again. But other houses is still flooded.. pity them.. I wonder how those who stay in single storey house is going to sleep later. I manage to put all the important stuff up on my room. I hope there is no casualty this time. The last time it flooded here in Kajang (but my place was not affected) one poor guy died. The lost of property is unavoidable this time. I wonder how`s my town now. I just hope that the rain will stop soon and no more further damage is to be done...... ~the rain continues~

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