Preparation for SPM.

So, after 12 years of education, finally...I have reach the height of my journey so far.. the SPM week is finally here. 2 days left to go..... And my preparation? hahaha.. a lot of people ask me that question.... it really hit me because I myself couldn`t find an answer.. I mean how can I answer it, No one can... how could one say that he`s prepared! how would one know if he/she`s prepared.. Thousand and one questions but no answer.

Ok... let`s see what have I done so far.. First subject.. Bible Knowledge.. I read the 2 text book that i`m suppose to read and I`m now going to do some questions.. I hope with God`s help, it would be sufficient to score an A. Next would be addmath.,. Well today I did some addmaths questions.. I normally revise addmaths the day before.. but since it`s spm.. i guess better start early. hehehe.... I`m really worried bout my science subjects cuz those are the one that are hardest to score.. May God really help me.... I plan to start studying after I put down my pen for History paper 2.

Well.. crap a lot.. can`t find a reason to study... I`m just pure lazy.. It would be a miracle if I can obtain my maximum A1..Can only pray..Some of my friends are having mental breakdown due to the pressure.. I`m glad i`m not one of them.. hahaha.. but as friend.. I`m kind enough to offer service as counselor.. hahaha.. Alright.. i`ll stop blogging here I can only hope for the best for the exam....

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