Wow...the ketua pengawas skip school to go lepak!!!

It`s the last day Samuel, Marcus and Akmal is going to be here. And can you believe it, mr Ketua Pengawas from our school who never ever wanted to go even to a shopping mall actually skip school to accompany them to hang out around KL city. As for me, well.. i`ll skip school whenever i feel like it.. i don`t have a clean record anyway.. so who cares!! lol..

Well.. let`s see to day I and Aqtar left the train station at 7.30 am. Reach KL Sentral about 8am. Then Samuel changes his mind to meet at that time cuz got some breakfast that they have to eat so Aqtar and I have to wait at Sentral for them to come. After waited bout an hour.. finaly they finish their "supreme" breakfast and starting to leave their hotel. Hmmm... my biggest worry was that they took the wrong train and go to the oppostite track that will lead them to Titiwangsa instead of KL Sental (both of this station is the ending station for the monorail). Aqtar convince me that they won`t be that blur.. But after 20 minutes they still didn`t arrive and Aqtar became to worry himself. So.. i grab his phone and `ordered` him to call them. And to our suprise..they are in the 2nd last station already.. but on the oppsite direction!!!. sigh... now must wait for them to get out from the train and take the other trains..

Finally.. arrive at mid-valley at 10.30. exatly 3 hours since we left kajang. Wow... the longest time i took was 30 minutes. Well..once in a life time chance.. you don`t get to wait for you friend everyday right? lol... it`s been worth it in the end.. Enjoy so much at mid-valley espeacilly in the bowling arcade and putting spells on Aqtar cuz he seems to be getting all the spares!!!. arrhh... he won in the end.. such a bi**h

We rush back to their hotel by 2pm. It`s been twice i check out hotel in this 2 days but none of them is i stayed. Haha.. become their doorboy. Help them carry stuff out.. And without long. We made a last trip to Money River ( and then we parted by saying good bye while they leave with their taxi. Sad to leave them though.. but i hope i`ll be seeing them 1 day.


Andrew 12:58 PM  

Harlow. Nice blog-looks exactly like my old one. Hahaha. Fond memories. Cheers!

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