Omg!! i still got one more paper to go!!

Maybe i celebrated my "merdeka" too early. I relised that i still have bible exam. I woke up 7.30 am and prepare to leave to kl. The examination is held in the church of Fatimah located in Briekfields. Hmmm... We thought of going there by train, however, Nick`s mom offered me and my friends a lift to the place. Wasn`t a good news actully. KL as usual, is jam and i suffer a disease which i call "car sick" whereby i can`t really sit a car without feeling dizzy or wanting to vomit. Have mercy on me.. :(

Reach there aproximately 9.00 am. I arrive there same time as a girl from my church (the only girl from my church who took bible class... and apparently the only chinese girl that took bible knowledge in the whole exam hall!!) Then. while everybody was bz getting their last minute studies.. i decided to go to the mamak to have breakfast. mad huh??? I`m suppose to be the one that need last minute studies. Started my bible exam at 10.00am.. Opps i seems to get confuse about the story Jesus heals a blind man. I first put the story of blind. then change to lame man.. then change to the leoprasy and finally back to the lame man.. only to discover in the end.. the answer is the blind man!! Oh gosh..that`s like so lame.... :P I`m the first one to finish the exam.. then my whole church members pass up... then followed by other churches.. the examiner was like so impress that we can finish so early.. I`m pretty sure they will be "impressed" when they see our marks!!! sigh..

Later on... went to mid-valley.. was pretty cool.. play bowling, eat bugger king (which you get free refill on drinks. Nick and me mix all the drinks together and we get a drink which taste worst than air bandung..yucks.. nearly got stomach ache). By the time i reach home. i just grab my cloths, when off to Nick`s house and take bath there. And without long... zoom. we went to school to celebrate the mooncake festival held by the chinese club society. Got lot`s of things to eat though.. Let`s see..hmmm. Fried rice, mee (seems every party must have this 2 items), salad, bbq chicken, bbq lamb, bbq fish, hotdogs, corn and blah blah. Then they have those classic chinese puzzle (teng mi) whereby they give an un`understandable question and the audience reply an un`understandable answer. Lol.. well.can`t blame me.. i don`t know how to read chinese.. how to solve the puzzle!!

Reach home dead tired.. Slept at 2 somethign that night. I think i slept like a log all along can`t really remember why i`m home when i woke up the next day. Lol..

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