Lot`s and lot`s of good news!!!

Today happens to be a sunshine after quite sometime of being miserable. I went to school just in time even though i woke up like 30 minutes late. It`s suppose to be our Hari Mengenang Jasa for those for contribute to the school in any kind. We started of with the usual boring assembly. Our school song is sang badly as usual and out national anthem lyrics have been change to make the song more "pathetic". Then they start giving the certs for the chairman of the clubs. I represented 2 clubs (as chairman of course) and receive the certificates for the behalf of my clubs. And i got like 100+ stacks of certifactes at last (plus all my competition certificates) and 75% doesnt belong to me. Receive so many trophies that i can actually start a lelong to sell them off... I spend the rest of my school day finding the people that owns the certificates i received during the assembly.

Then another happy news is that I actually gotten an A for my history!!! Not that i didn`t get before.. this time i got 85%. I`m just so happy cuz i didn`t expected this. I told the whole world bout it. So if you read this.. you are probably the hundreth person to know..hahahaha...
Then what`s more happy!! My friends that i met from Sarawak during the national science quiz semi-finals is coming over for the finals. The finals is held tomorrow. I didn`t see them since the last time we parted (obviously) . I`m hoping hard that they will win. Maybe they will buy some presents for us if they get a free holiday there.. Haahaha... Hmmm... I wonder if we can kidnap them and take their place for the quiz tomorrow.. hmm.. naa.. bad idea.... rather rob their tickets after they win... that`ll be simpler..hahahaha..... the plot continues.....

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