Half the nightmare is gone!!!

Phew... it`s been so tiring sitting for my trial. Suffered for 3 weeks dude. Really don`t feel like sitting spm anymore!!! Today`s i just finish my last paper which is accounts. Was slightly easier than i expected but on the other hand.. i seems to wrong a lot of every easy subjects!! I got really sad marks for 2 of my trials paper. Coincidentally, both of those papers drop exactly 7 marks from my first semester exam which is Maths drop from 94% to 87% while addmaths from 82%-75%. I hate myself. Just so damm careless making silly mistakes like 2x2=2 and putting the wrong number. How can i forgive myself :(

I think the only think that i improve is my game skills. Lol. I`ve been playing o2jam and gunbound (online games) like mad.. hahaha...even during the trials (hmmm got only myself to blame if my trials score badly). So now trials have over...what am i to do with my life. Sit here and rotted till SPM? So that`s why i`m bcak here again.. blog blog blog. yea.. so happy.. I must really learn how to blog again. Totaly forget. But who cares.. no one read my blog anyway.. i`m just keeping it to myself... hmm... can make a secret online diary huh.. hahaha... better not.. just in case some one hack into my account and #&$$%(%$(

Hmm..guess what. it`s 1 am. I need to go to school tomorrow!!! wonder what more disaster (papers) i will get tomorrow. Better pray hard today... just hope that not all the result will ended up dropping 7 marks.. i still aim to get my 12 A1!!! hahaha.. wish me luck!!

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