Wow...the ketua pengawas skip school to go lepak!!!

It`s the last day Samuel, Marcus and Akmal is going to be here. And can you believe it, mr Ketua Pengawas from our school who never ever wanted to go even to a shopping mall actually skip school to accompany them to hang out around KL city. As for me, well.. i`ll skip school whenever i feel like it.. i don`t have a clean record anyway.. so who cares!! lol..

Well.. let`s see to day I and Aqtar left the train station at 7.30 am. Reach KL Sentral about 8am. Then Samuel changes his mind to meet at that time cuz got some breakfast that they have to eat so Aqtar and I have to wait at Sentral for them to come. After waited bout an hour.. finaly they finish their "supreme" breakfast and starting to leave their hotel. Hmmm... my biggest worry was that they took the wrong train and go to the oppostite track that will lead them to Titiwangsa instead of KL Sental (both of this station is the ending station for the monorail). Aqtar convince me that they won`t be that blur.. But after 20 minutes they still didn`t arrive and Aqtar became to worry himself. So.. i grab his phone and `ordered` him to call them. And to our suprise..they are in the 2nd last station already.. but on the oppsite direction!!!. sigh... now must wait for them to get out from the train and take the other trains..

Finally.. arrive at mid-valley at 10.30. exatly 3 hours since we left kajang. Wow... the longest time i took was 30 minutes. Well..once in a life time chance.. you don`t get to wait for you friend everyday right? lol... it`s been worth it in the end.. Enjoy so much at mid-valley espeacilly in the bowling arcade and putting spells on Aqtar cuz he seems to be getting all the spares!!!. arrhh... he won in the end.. such a bi**h

We rush back to their hotel by 2pm. It`s been twice i check out hotel in this 2 days but none of them is i stayed. Haha.. become their doorboy. Help them carry stuff out.. And without long. We made a last trip to Money River ( and then we parted by saying good bye while they leave with their taxi. Sad to leave them though.. but i hope i`ll be seeing them 1 day.

National Science Quiz Finals!!

I woke up as early as 5.30am this morning. Can`t remember the last time that i actually woke up that early before. ( but i remembered going to bed at that Today will be the big day from my Sarawaks friends, Samuel, Marcus and Akmal. I and Aqtar rush to the ktm station but Aqtar came just on time to miss our train. If he had just come 2 minutes earlier then we would have gotten up that train. After 18 stations, we finally reach Chow Kit road. Now.. I have seriously no idea where the hotel is located at. they are 3 junction to choose from. I ask a man and he said that it is located at the left junction.. i ran halfway and saw a building high up written Brisgale hotel located at the direct opposite junction.. then i rush back again to the opposite. It`s already 7.35 am that time. And I and Aqtar suppose to be there by 7.30am of not the bus will leave us behind. Oh no... we ran as fast as we could and finally reach the hotel only to find out that Samuel and gang are still in their rooms. Sigh. Wasted the effort of running like mad cows.

We were like so 'sesat' there. All of them gave us a kind of look where you know that they would like to ask, "who the hell are you??" Well we are proudly to say that we are one of the particapants (or more precisely, ex-particapant) for this quiz. Everyone though that we were one of the Sarawaks schoolmate.. hmmm..i wonder who will come all the way from Sarawak to support. The ticket would cuz ur life. The competition started and you can see that they are very nervous. The results are very bad compare to the previous level. It`s was a close fight though. The marks were all very near with anyone answer 1 more question and the results will be changes. Sadly to say, Perak won. They seems to play it safe and only go for question that they are really sure. Hmmm..kinda smart huh. Well..i still think that St Joseph school from Sarawak are the best. However i think our school might stands a chance if we are able to get to this round. Aqtar basically manage to answer more than 50% of the question. but i know he`ll have the buzzer trouble. Happened to us back in semi-finals. He knows the answer but dono how to press the buzzer in time.. What a waste...

Well..what`s done is done. neither they nor us can regret anymore. It`s God`s will.. So we decided to go have fun around KL later in the afternoon. We realy have a whale of time. We enjoy so much in the arcade, playing a shooting game whereby were played the role of a soldier (pity the country who have us cuz we make such a terrible soldier) .then we have like a few games of car racing game. I always get push around to the side and walah!! a big bang follows up and my car ended up to be an upside-down tortise. Akmal made a silly mistake by putting the coins. started the engin, chose the track and realised that the machine he is using have no stering wheels just before the race started..hahaha...i have no idea how he actually made 1 lap i think... lol.. no steering wheel!!!!

Nearly laugh to death being with them. Espeacilly back in the hotel where we purposely kacau the next door which is use by the Kedah convents girld and then blame Marcus for it.. Hahaha.. just because he ahem ahem.. .well..naa.. it`s private..interested in can ask me privately. Marcus will kill me if i tell the whole world here..hahahahaha.... (a very speacial thanks to Tsan who inspired me all this ideas). HAahahah....i better stop now..hahaha..cuz can`t stop laugggghhhiing.. wahahahaha... bye..hahahahahahhaa

Lot`s and lot`s of good news!!!

Today happens to be a sunshine after quite sometime of being miserable. I went to school just in time even though i woke up like 30 minutes late. It`s suppose to be our Hari Mengenang Jasa for those for contribute to the school in any kind. We started of with the usual boring assembly. Our school song is sang badly as usual and out national anthem lyrics have been change to make the song more "pathetic". Then they start giving the certs for the chairman of the clubs. I represented 2 clubs (as chairman of course) and receive the certificates for the behalf of my clubs. And i got like 100+ stacks of certifactes at last (plus all my competition certificates) and 75% doesnt belong to me. Receive so many trophies that i can actually start a lelong to sell them off... I spend the rest of my school day finding the people that owns the certificates i received during the assembly.

Then another happy news is that I actually gotten an A for my history!!! Not that i didn`t get before.. this time i got 85%. I`m just so happy cuz i didn`t expected this. I told the whole world bout it. So if you read this.. you are probably the hundreth person to know..hahahaha...
Then what`s more happy!! My friends that i met from Sarawak during the national science quiz semi-finals is coming over for the finals. The finals is held tomorrow. I didn`t see them since the last time we parted (obviously) . I`m hoping hard that they will win. Maybe they will buy some presents for us if they get a free holiday there.. Haahaha... Hmmm... I wonder if we can kidnap them and take their place for the quiz tomorrow.. hmm.. naa.. bad idea.... rather rob their tickets after they win... that`ll be simpler..hahahaha..... the plot continues.....

Omg!! i still got one more paper to go!!

Maybe i celebrated my "merdeka" too early. I relised that i still have bible exam. I woke up 7.30 am and prepare to leave to kl. The examination is held in the church of Fatimah located in Briekfields. Hmmm... We thought of going there by train, however, Nick`s mom offered me and my friends a lift to the place. Wasn`t a good news actully. KL as usual, is jam and i suffer a disease which i call "car sick" whereby i can`t really sit a car without feeling dizzy or wanting to vomit. Have mercy on me.. :(

Reach there aproximately 9.00 am. I arrive there same time as a girl from my church (the only girl from my church who took bible class... and apparently the only chinese girl that took bible knowledge in the whole exam hall!!) Then. while everybody was bz getting their last minute studies.. i decided to go to the mamak to have breakfast. mad huh??? I`m suppose to be the one that need last minute studies. Started my bible exam at 10.00am.. Opps i seems to get confuse about the story Jesus heals a blind man. I first put the story of blind. then change to lame man.. then change to the leoprasy and finally back to the lame man.. only to discover in the end.. the answer is the blind man!! Oh gosh..that`s like so lame.... :P I`m the first one to finish the exam.. then my whole church members pass up... then followed by other churches.. the examiner was like so impress that we can finish so early.. I`m pretty sure they will be "impressed" when they see our marks!!! sigh..

Later on... went to mid-valley.. was pretty cool.. play bowling, eat bugger king (which you get free refill on drinks. Nick and me mix all the drinks together and we get a drink which taste worst than air bandung..yucks.. nearly got stomach ache). By the time i reach home. i just grab my cloths, when off to Nick`s house and take bath there. And without long... zoom. we went to school to celebrate the mooncake festival held by the chinese club society. Got lot`s of things to eat though.. Let`s see..hmmm. Fried rice, mee (seems every party must have this 2 items), salad, bbq chicken, bbq lamb, bbq fish, hotdogs, corn and blah blah. Then they have those classic chinese puzzle (teng mi) whereby they give an un`understandable question and the audience reply an un`understandable answer. Lol.. well.can`t blame me.. i don`t know how to read chinese.. how to solve the puzzle!!

Reach home dead tired.. Slept at 2 somethign that night. I think i slept like a log all along can`t really remember why i`m home when i woke up the next day. Lol..

Half the nightmare is gone!!!

Phew... it`s been so tiring sitting for my trial. Suffered for 3 weeks dude. Really don`t feel like sitting spm anymore!!! Today`s i just finish my last paper which is accounts. Was slightly easier than i expected but on the other hand.. i seems to wrong a lot of every easy subjects!! I got really sad marks for 2 of my trials paper. Coincidentally, both of those papers drop exactly 7 marks from my first semester exam which is Maths drop from 94% to 87% while addmaths from 82%-75%. I hate myself. Just so damm careless making silly mistakes like 2x2=2 and putting the wrong number. How can i forgive myself :(

I think the only think that i improve is my game skills. Lol. I`ve been playing o2jam and gunbound (online games) like mad.. hahaha...even during the trials (hmmm got only myself to blame if my trials score badly). So now trials have over...what am i to do with my life. Sit here and rotted till SPM? So that`s why i`m bcak here again.. blog blog blog. yea.. so happy.. I must really learn how to blog again. Totaly forget. But who cares.. no one read my blog anyway.. i`m just keeping it to myself... hmm... can make a secret online diary huh.. hahaha... better not.. just in case some one hack into my account and #&$$%(%$(

Hmm..guess what. it`s 1 am. I need to go to school tomorrow!!! wonder what more disaster (papers) i will get tomorrow. Better pray hard today... just hope that not all the result will ended up dropping 7 marks.. i still aim to get my 12 A1!!! hahaha.. wish me luck!!

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