National invention and engineering competition! part 2.. lol

Today, the result were announce. I got 3rd. hahaha.. pretty cool. The first place did a reserach on the Kenaf plant that can be use to assorb oil. The second place did a flying dish. Pretty impresive also until i learned that he bought the whole thing and only did the dish himself. (sigh.. and he got 2nd), Well.. that`s life. The rest of the project are pretty sad to say "stupid" One team brough a aqurium, cd player and a machine then can give out the aroma of pandan. They claim that by lookink at the aquarium, listening to songs and the nice smell can reduce stress.. sigh.. i think i get extra stress living in that condition. lol.. The next team did something even more stupid. They build a desk that can be readjustable to your height. Come on man. This is an engineering project, do something that`s up to standard. sigh. Then the next did a "tudung salji" with a light bulb inside to keep the food warm. Well.. how useful is that. u judge it. Then got one more team do on a experiment to find out the concentration of ammonium in the enviroment. Looks pretty boring. they just distile the drain water and get the result. And the last team do a what they claim to be " a engineering project". He keep insisting that his`s a engineering project and all the rest is a science project. He did a pam. But when i ask him how did he do the pump. He told me he bought it. Sigh..that`s so embrassing.. He boast so much but all crap.

All the constestant were getting really bored. There`s really nothing today except for the results. Since every school have brought a laptop, you can see everybody is playing the space cadet pin ball.. I took my laptop and went to another`s team table. Then we played the game together. a tournament. I`m proud to say again (ahem ahem) that i`m pretty ok in that game. use to play that game last time. So i beat him almost 10 times the score. Soon after, everybody`s like watching (cuz they were all bored and now there is something "cool" going on..hahaha. Then, the boaster, (the guy who keep on boasting) came and say he can beat my score. Well.. i do believe that ppl can beat my score anytime, but however since i`m the standing champion there... i challenge him for a game, He accepted it and we start playing. He boast so much but ended losing more than 10 times the score..hahaha..even worst tan the past players. And everybody`s watching.. I think he really got a big disgrace mark on his face. We didn`t talk to each other then..hehehe.

Yeah.. now the project`s over. I`m free to study.. Finally!! My test is right after the next day. i`m not so free after all. I try to do some last minute studys. Went online for a while only. I didn`t online for the past 2 days.. OMG.. never never in my life did i stayed at home and didn`t online. if you don`t believe. ask marcus!! he`s always online i`m sure he sees me online everytime except this 2 days. However. the test`s tomorrow. (ahh.i`m freaking out again) This is the least preparation i have made for a test/exam. All thanks to my project which took up loads of my time. least i got 3rd.. kinda worth it also. But the test tomorrow!!!!

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