National invention and engineering competition!

Ok.. now physics quiz is over. I`m bz with my stupid project again. The project is still far far away from completion and i have to finish it in 2 days time. I didn`t sleep on last day. I do my project the whole night, then in the school, then in the car and finally reach kl (where the project competition is going to be held) i`m still doing!! I just finish the minute the judges comes near. but it screwed up. Sigh.. all my effort and it screws up last minute. However. when the judge come. i began to crap. I`m proud to say that i do have the ablility to cover even a massive disaster with my to convince the judges about how "impressive" is my project..hahaha. And guess what!! they didn`t even realised that my project has gone wrong a bit!!

Finaly the judging is over. I can sleep in peace. I reach home at 5.30. Took my bath and slept until the next morning which is 7.30am. I didn`t eat my dinner and worst of all!! i miss out my choir practice! Oh no!! Suppose to have a session on drum tonight. What a waste. i put the blame on my stupid alarm clock.Never been able to wake me up even though i swtich on 2 alarm clock in my room. And my mom insisting that i should sleep cuz i didn`t sleep at all yesterday!! I`m so upset when i woke up tomorrow morning. But at least i have a long sleep. Slept for an amazing 13 hours!! Cool!!

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