It`s over.. I`m a free man again!!

Now the last of my worries is over. My test have over ( i seriously don`t want to know the results). I`m free again. actually not really that free cuz spm haven`t over yet. But without and project and quiz. Life`s definetly more peaceful. Today is the one saturday that i didn`t have for a very very long time. I woke up at 10.. so happy. everyday i have to wake up early. Then i on my pc and start blogging.

The month of july have definetly been the busiet month in my life. But nevertheless.. i enjoyed it. All the quiz and competition have been a good teacher to me. I gain lots of experience and some really pretty cool friends. Now all that`s over. I guess i have to adapt back to my old peaceful life together with my dear PC. Can`t live without my comp. It`s been long since i can play games for 10 hours a day, go to mamak until the wee hours and go "yan cha" whenever i want. I`m going to get all this back, but maybe after spm. My trial on sept 7. Have to start preparing from now d. I don`t want to regret later. I hope the Lord will really give me strenght to study without getting bored and maybe limit me from playing to much games..hehehe..


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