The physics quiz!

Phew, finally,almost everythings over. The physics quiz..sigh, it`s a waste of time. It`s so freaking hard i think no one in the country can get 70% of the question. As for me... haha.. if i get more than 20 question right.. i`ll be super grateful. The paper consist of 70 question and the quiz time is 2 and a half hours. It starts at 9.00 am. I was doing until question number 50 and i realise that it`s already 11. Yaiks. 30 more minutes to go and i still got more 1/3 of the paper to go. Anyway..i rush through all the question and now.. it`s in god`s hand. Later on that day. i spent like 35 ringgit fixing my hp. Sigh. spoiled d, and also got cheated with a chicken chop. They just place the chicken on a sizziling plate and charge me rm 3 extra compare to a normal chicken chop which they place on a plate. sigh. Why i always get cheated on food!!

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