I want to enter physics quiz!!!!


     I went to the school, hmm... just in time i guess. And there was a assembly as usual (every single day.. stupid school!!) I just park my bike and i heard the annocement.. " diminta Alexander Loh" sila berjumpa dengan Puan Tan Choy Year selepas perhimpunan" ... sigh.. come come school already being wanted.. Then.. i got a small brifing for my next week`s National inventing and engineering competition. So damm lazy to do my project.. been like doing for ages.. and still haven`t finish doing it. Just came back from Sarawak and have to ready for another competition...

      And then.. i bugged my teacher to inquire about the national physics quiz. It`s so unfair..every single school in the country entering and my school is not.. I ask the teacher and she say she didn`t receive the letter.. I went to see my physics teacher, then my ketua panitia sains and my ketua bidang sains.. turn their heads upside down and demand that i want to enter.. mwahaha.. they have to give face cuz we actually represented Selangor for science quiz..
I hope the teacher will really be able to get a place for us in the quiz.. but the chances are 0.0001%.. cuz the closing date have gone way long ago and the setting already all done.. the competition is on saturday... sigh.but I STILL WANT TO ENTER THE QUIZ!!!!!!!!

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