The physics quiz!

Phew, finally,almost everythings over. The physics quiz..sigh, it`s a waste of time. It`s so freaking hard i think no one in the country can get 70% of the question. As for me... haha.. if i get more than 20 question right.. i`ll be super grateful. The paper consist of 70 question and the quiz time is 2 and a half hours. It starts at 9.00 am. I was doing until question number 50 and i realise that it`s already 11. Yaiks. 30 more minutes to go and i still got more 1/3 of the paper to go. Anyway..i rush through all the question and now.. it`s in god`s hand. Later on that day. i spent like 35 ringgit fixing my hp. Sigh. spoiled d, and also got cheated with a chicken chop. They just place the chicken on a sizziling plate and charge me rm 3 extra compare to a normal chicken chop which they place on a plate. sigh. Why i always get cheated on food!!

I want to enter physics quiz!!!!


     I went to the school, hmm... just in time i guess. And there was a assembly as usual (every single day.. stupid school!!) I just park my bike and i heard the annocement.. " diminta Alexander Loh" sila berjumpa dengan Puan Tan Choy Year selepas perhimpunan" ... sigh.. come come school already being wanted.. Then.. i got a small brifing for my next week`s National inventing and engineering competition. So damm lazy to do my project.. been like doing for ages.. and still haven`t finish doing it. Just came back from Sarawak and have to ready for another competition...

      And then.. i bugged my teacher to inquire about the national physics quiz. It`s so unfair..every single school in the country entering and my school is not.. I ask the teacher and she say she didn`t receive the letter.. I went to see my physics teacher, then my ketua panitia sains and my ketua bidang sains.. turn their heads upside down and demand that i want to enter.. mwahaha.. they have to give face cuz we actually represented Selangor for science quiz..
I hope the teacher will really be able to get a place for us in the quiz.. but the chances are 0.0001%.. cuz the closing date have gone way long ago and the setting already all done.. the competition is on saturday... sigh.but I STILL WANT TO ENTER THE QUIZ!!!!!!!!

the game`s over!!

Well... finally, the end of my journey in my science quiz.. it`s kinda sad cuz i was really enjoying this quiz and we are like 1 more round to go and we will get to sweeden.. aww..what a waste.. but it was just fated... we can`t even press a damm buzzer for christ sake.. the st joseph school are way to fast... (wonder did they bewitch the buzzers??) ..anyway.... they are pretty cool and well prepare.. they really deservo to win for all the reasons in the world. For one thing..they actually studied for sometime while we were laying flat on our bed watching some kinda stupid show.

Anyway... i seriously enjoy the whole trip there (except for the quiz it self... cuz we lost!!! ) .. we ended up second place... we would have been likely to be champion if we were in other zons.. their score seems to be pretty weak... and we would definetly score way higher if the st joseph`s boys hands were not that fast..sigh.. well..but on the other hand.. i was thankful to be in this zone for i meet the nicest person you can find on earth... it`s the st joseph boys.. Marcus Lee and Samuel Tsan.. you guys are cool (and of course smart too) .. hahaha... i`ll really look forward to another pool game..hahahaha

So what do i think about this whole national science quiz thing. Well.. from the very starting.. it`s seems to be a dream to get to this far.. oh come on man.. one stupid school from kajang which nobody on earth have ever heard on it get to the first round of national lvl.. We are the best in Selangor.. I`m seriously proud of that.. i owe all my thanks to my teammates.. Aqtar and Saha.. without them.. i`m in nowhere. So my finals standing of the end of our journey? believe it or not.. we enjoyed the damm thing. (even though we lost) ..hahaha

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